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  1. Dallas says:

    Wanted to drop a link for my most recent.

    Obscuring the Gospel

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  2. I wonder if Branson Parler found out that the grocers in his town lied in their business if he would begin to grow his own food – or if he knew that oil companies lied would be ride a bike.

    He’s an idiot.

  3. Michael says:


    If you email it to me on Monday I’ll put it in the main article…

  4. Dallas says:

    Will do. Thanks again, Michael.

  5. I am on my 4th day of vacation – my mind must be clear as I look at the insanity of some of these articles and the theology brought up by the writers. To the article “Why Worship Leaders Should Stop Trying to be Cool.”

    1.) why is the song leader designated the worship leader – what is the role of the pastor? Is he teacher alone? If your pastor is not the worship leader, I think you have a serious issue with your liturgy (and yes you all have a liturgy.) as this refects that the teaching part of the service is not worship — otherwise it would be led by the singer.
    2.) the comment that stands out to me and is most telling of this kind of worship service is the lack of the presence of Jesus. He asks the question “if the Son of God stepped into our Sunday morning services…” What, no Jesus in the evangelical worship service??? What is this “if”? – If you have no Jesus you might as well go home. (which I would highly suggest.)

  6. Nonnie says:

    Really liked Steve Brown’s Prodigal article and the Worship Leader article.
    I couldn’t help but see my husband as the writer described the humble worship leader pointing others to Jesus. I also had to giggle at the part about a 65 year old guy with baggy pants. 😀

  7. Dallas says:

    If I could damn with faint praise for a second, the church bully article was one of the Thom Ranier posts that I have found myself criticizing the least.

  8. Steve Wright says:

    I think CC Ft. Lauderdale has made a smart, proactive decision given the new world we live in with certain homosexual activists deliberately looking for opportunities to sue in the name of discrimination. One also no doubt necessary given the size of this mega church.

    Florida has its own unique laws (different from CA for example) when it comes to licenses and the wedding

    Like the article says, if a homosexual couple wants to endure six sessions just to waive a three day waiting period (and save a few bucks on the license fee), then they won’t be denied that opportunity.

    Even without merit, if CCFTL just barred a prospective couple from such counseling, it could lead to a lawsuit that would be expensive to defend. Meanwhile, the church can continue to offer solid, Biblical instruction for prospective marriage applicants who seek them out.

  9. That Guy Over There says:

    Steve Wright just said everything I wanted to but probably a lot better than I would have

  10. Erunner says:

    #8…. Thanks for explaining this Steve. I have trouble keeping up with all of the things taking place in the country.

    So we’re still at the place where Christians can refuse to do weddings for homosexuals and people who are living together, etc.

    I have to think that that refusal will eventually come under attack if it hasn’t already.

  11. Erunner says:

    I think I could get by with the teachings of Alistair Begg and Steve Brown. Steve’s article on the prodigal son is excellent.

  12. David H says:

    Regarding Grudem, and any other Christian pundits.

    I’m too old to let so called experts influence me anymore.

    I spent a long time with my brain checked at the door whilst a member of a non-denominational denomination.

    I’m having such a refreshed life, thinking for myself again. I came to the realization, after a lot of reflection, that it’s all right to think for yourself and question the commonly held rules and regulations of certain versions of “Christianity.”

    I’m just annoyed that I lost a lot of years of thinking for myself.

    Rant over

  13. Steve Wright says:

    Imagine if a state government’s requirements somehow led to Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses being encouraged/required to attend six sessions on why their religions are false. Every Christian church with the resources would probably jump at the chance to host them.

  14. Protecting yourself from lawsuits is wise, but there will never be a time that it is dictated to churches who they must marry.

    Could you imagine the law telling a church they must conduct weddings to non Christian people? It will not happen.Marriage may be a civil right, but you have no right to where you can get married or by whom.

    I could just see the government trying to force an orthodox Jewish rabbi to marry 2 catholic people in his synagogue.

  15. brian says:

    I agree with Pastor Wright about the article and will go one further I am in full support of people who are gay being allowed to marry but balanced on that, that churches should not be forced to perform those ceremonies for the same reason MLD said, can you make a Rabbi marry two Catholics in a synagog etc. I really mean this question and just post a link to an article and dont what to disrupt the flow of the conversation. Pastor Wright said this

    “Meanwhile, the church can continue to offer solid, Biblical instruction for prospective marriage applicants who seek them out.” What is biblical instruction on marriage? I mean there is Genesis 2:22-24 as the basis of one man one woman, Some aspects of Proverbs in the marital relations and poetic views of love and in some illusion of Christ and the Church. Ephesians 5:22-33 discussing created order and the type of love for a spouse and the union in relation to the church and Christ. Matthew 19:4-6 about divorce and maybe the hardness of the religious leaders’ hearts as well. One might read that they were trying to trap Christ in that dialog.

    1 Corinthians 7:1-16 Paul seems to instruct concerning why to marry and why to stay single in a response to a question I guess that was asked of him, of course, this also deals with attitudes concerning accepting one’s calling in life as well and trusting God. It is also dealing with divorce and believer / vs nonbeliever unions etc. Colossians 3:18-19 submission Hebrews 13:4-7the sanctity of marriage and also a comparison of Christ and the Church. Mark 10:6-9 a reiteration of what Jesus said about divorce etc.

    My question no one I know ever got married the way people in the bible got married, they met, dated, fell in love, and married and then they started a new family unit with most living in a different home. They were also economically independent of their parents for the most part. In the bible, there are a great deal of marriages arranged for illusions to being forced, concubines, multiple wives. Couples that are joined by direct Divine intervention like Joseph and Mary. They type of autonomous economically independent marriages we see today at least in the west are not anything like in the bible. The bible and marriage of that time also seemed to be more of a contractual family / tribe type application or the desire for an heir to a throne or land etc. The time of marriage that is practiced in the west seems to be a new phenomena in many ways much of it based on economics and modernization that tradition. If that makes sense.

  16. brian says:

    Michael I have a post in moderation due to the many bible quotes that are linked. thanks.

  17. Lutheran says:

    Can damn near smell the self-righteousness from the individual who won’t vote in November.

  18. Xenia says:

    Maybe it’s just plain righteousness.

  19. I agree with Lutheran. This guy is self centered – if his “Christian approved” never told a lie candidate isn’t avaiable well pick up stakes and go home.

    His point seems to be he cannot vote for a sinner.

  20. Em ... again says:

    deciding to vote or not to vote isn’t easy whether one is a Believer or not… i won’t accurately describe the one candidate as that got me in trouble – and the other one? i can’t accurately describe 🙂
    Divine discipline such as is placed on individuals can also fall on nations … i see the hand of God in this… some see the hand of Russia … same thing as God moves nations to do His will at times… does that make me a henny penny?

    lots to read again… these links are great again

    just sayin –

  21. Owen says:

    Very good reads, Christianity on the rise in China and Iran.

    One quote struck me, ““The greater the persecution, the greater the revival.”

    Makes me wonder if perhaps the Christianity of the western culture could use a little persecution.

    Maybe it’s coming…..

    Just sayin.

  22. Donna says:

    The article about Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale is a year and a half old. Curious if there is an update on their position.

  23. Dallas says:

    Owen, I had someone on Facebook today ask the question of what would happen if over the next few years laws went into place that banned the sermon from all public assemblies.

    I thought about it for a second, and I don’t think sermons are inherently bad, but I would wonder if that might not be one of the best things that could happen to the American church.

  24. Dallas says:

    I guess to reframe that for some of the pastors that post here, in what ways would your ministry change if getting up and preaching a public sermon was taken out of your toolbox?

  25. Em ... again says:

    #24-interesting question… isn’t the Bible, itself, a sermon? could there be any life in the Church without food? hmmm

  26. Dallas says:

    He was going from the angle that the Sunday sermon has propped up a lazy church. People bring their family members or friends to hear someone else preach the gospel rather than being equipped themselves. Banning public sermons would put pressure on equipping the saints for ministry. It is at least a decent thought experiment.

  27. Em ... again says:

    #26 – how could the saints be equipped without being taught and how could they be taught without gathering to be taught? when does teaching become preaching? just thinking on your observation, not contesting it…

  28. Dallas says:

    It wouldn’t take away the right to assemble, but it would either necessitate the need to assemble privately, or drastically change the nature of public gathering.

  29. This is a new form of fear mongering. Are rabbis going to be banned from preaching a sermon? The Dali Lama?

  30. Dallas says:

    MLD, it wasn’t anything real, it was just a hypothetical situation.

  31. Dallas, I know but it gets passed around. The government cannot restrict what is said from the pulpit so why even bring it up?
    Christians fearmonger more than any secular group.
    We have a 1st amendment which most other even Democratic countries do not have.

  32. Dallas says:

    I actually enjoyed entertaining it for that very reason. I’ve heard plenty of “the day will come when it will be illegal for me to say this”, and put in a different light it really doesn’t look that bad.

  33. David says:

    Wait, a guy from Jesus Culture — one of the trendiest bands in the worship industrial complex — is telling us to stop trying to be cool?

    Is Mark Driscoll going to lecture us about treating women with respect next?

  34. Owen says:

    MLD – I don’t think Dallas had any intention of spreading fear. Only opening up a discussion. It was only hypothetical. He didn’t say there is any movement in that direction.

    Dallas – I do think there are some comfort zones that need to be stretched. I just found it very telling that what was desctibed in the two links (Iran and China) was how fast Christianity was growing there, under persecution. Yet over on this side of the world it appears to be declining.
    I’m sure there are factors involved that I am.missing.

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