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  1. AA says:

    Great articles today, first!

  2. London says:

    Eugene Cho is kind of a hero of mine. His organization ODW is a brilliant concept executed well.
    Wish I could have 1/100th the pact he has had around the world.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you, AA…I though I’d run everyone off with another border article… 🙂

  4. erunner says:

    Here’s the rest of the Victoria Osteen video!!

  5. DavidM says:

    Regarding the Osteens: remember, Jesus said that false prophets, wolves, come in “sheep’s clothing”. I think the “niceness” of the Osteens is a perfect sheep costume. People are drawn to things that are positive, feel-good, nice. There really is no place for the subjects of sin and repentance and discipleship in that theological anomaly.

  6. papiaslogia says:

    That “Journal article on persecution in the early church”…was wonderful. Thank you!

    I may have to check that link more often.

  7. The lower court judge who ruled partially in BG’s favor died of an “aggressive form of cancer” the other day. He was diagnosed not long after seeming to take BG’s side in the matter. The case is in Appeals.

    I am sure this is just coincidence like Chuck Smith’s passing from an aggressive form of cancer after siding with BG and calling a curse down on me from the CCCM pulpit. I do not believe in the Doctrine of Divine Retribution like Chuck and BG and some in CC do…but BG’s right hand man nearly died of hypertension and I have a strange feeling someone close to him will die in the not too distant future if he doesn’t repent and come clean. I had the same feeling that I stated and accurately predicted when Chuck Smith called down the curse on me.

  8. God, if you are real and you are a personal God who intervenes in human lives you created…then you know the truth. You know BG is lying, you saw it all. Continue to bring your righteous judgment on him and those who side with him in this matter. Show yourself righteous and real. Instill holy fear in their hearts.

  9. Jean says:

    The rise of biblical counseling….

    This was a very informative article. The challenge to “sufficiency” of modern science is not limited to the field of counseling.

  10. May those who support BG take part in his judgment.

  11. DavidM says:

    Michael, you’re allowing this nonsense on here again? Really?
    Regarding the comments on “judgment”, I will quote from the article on Driscoll:
    A true narcissist is the kind of person who 1) doesn’t listen to anyone else when he believes in doing something and 2) has a precise vision of how things should be.

  12. alex,
    I think you’re going off the rez again, brother.
    we shouldn’t be praying or hoping for the death or illness of others.

  13. I don’t hope it, I hope he comes clean and confesses and repents…but I have a feeling he’ll continue to harden and I have a feeling those who around him will continue to reap some of what he sows. Just a feeling and probably wrong, probably as delusional as any Charismatic or any Christian or any preacher or prophet who has a “feeling” etc

    …but I wasn’t wrong about Chuck…and it’s rather ironic that another guy gets aggressive cancer right after being on the wrong side of the BG situation…and I have a feeling, I don’t hope for it, just that weird feeling I had about Chuck with regards to another close to BG…so I stated it publicly again. If it turns out I’m wrong, it was just a stupid feeling like many preachers have and are wrong about all the time, including many in CC.

    If it turns out I’m right, again, then I may start believing it’s not just a random feeling.

  14. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    Defenders of CC and the “good pastors” please tell me why you don’t do something about BG like Mars Hill seems to be doing with Driscoll. Stand up for something real for once.

  15. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    Call Evil evil.

  16. Michael says:

    This is not an appropriate thread for this discussion.


    There is nothing anyone outside of the board,elders, and congregation in Visalia that can be done.
    The CCA has no authority to do anything other than remove Greniers name from an online CC tracker.
    They can’t defrock him, they can’t take the name, or the dove.
    They are basically utterly irrelevant.

    Just as no one can remove Driscoll, the same is now true in CC.

    We are at a point where most of CC doesn’t care what the CCA does or does not do, as they are a toothless tiger.

    American free market religion will more and more demand accountability on the local level as organizations will dissolve due to litigation, doctrinal division, and other factors.

    Driscoll will survive as will Grenier…not because someone outside the church didn’t do something, but because the people inside it would not.

    That’s the cold, hard, reality.

  17. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    Why “free Saeed” if it just doesn’t matter?

  18. Michael says:

    The question makes no sense.
    I believe Saeed should be freed and I advocate for that, hoping that those in authority are taking every action to do so.

    It matters greatly to me that rogue pastors exist…however, I also need to understand that those in authority are now those in that local body except in traditional denominations.

  19. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    It does make since because it is the same. We talk about it and people hopefully notice. Maybe both causes will be noticed but I, like you, don’t have much faith that man will do anything to correct either situation.

    Hopefully Saees will go free and BG will repent.

  20. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    Nothing would have been done at MH if it stayed local.

  21. CC pastors are not obligated to do anything and they are powerless and meaningless anyway. If God is real, God will act. If God acts, my faith will be renewed.

  22. Thislittlelightofmine says:

    I know He is real and something will be done. Someday.

  23. Michael says:


    I don’t mean to break it to you, but nothing has been done at Mars Hill except that Mark got a vacation.

  24. Francisco Nunez says:

    Michael,thanks for the reminder on Saeed. I won’t forget to change my FB background tomorrow to remember him. Our brother Saeed, a true undershepherd of Jesus.

  25. I’m starting to believe that again. I want to believe God is real.

  26. Michael says:

    God doesn’t promise justice in this life.
    He almost tells us not to expect it, though we are to pursue it.
    The books will not be balanced until the end.

  27. “And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’….yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice”–Luke 18.

  28. “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.”

  29. Michael says:

    It’s a metaphor to encourage continuing in prayer.
    There are many references to indicate that God will delay his judgment of evil and His reward of the saints to the end.

  30. “it’s a metaphor”

    That’s what the rational agnostic side of me says…the bible is metaphor, not literal.

  31. Michael says:

    I’m not even going there.
    Parts of the word are metaphorical, some literal, some poetry, etc.
    My last word on this is that God may well intervene.
    If He doesn’t now, He will in the end.

  32. If he’s real he’ll intervene, my faith depends on it.

  33. Michael says:

    Then your faith may fail.
    If my faith depended on God taking actions I desired Him to take I would have been an unbeliever long ago.
    I don’t get to tell God what to do…and He often laughs at my suggestions.

  34. It’s not a desire, it’s about right and wrong and promises made in the bible. It’s not me wanting more money or me wanting a better job, etc. Those are trivial matters. This is about foundational right and wrong by a man proclaiming to be an emissary of God himself.

  35. I put my stake in the ground, I am wagering my eternity, if there is one.

  36. Michael says:

    I’m not saying that your case is not just.
    I’m saying that God may wait until the end to bring justice.

  37. I’m not convinced. Like the Apostle Thomas, show me the scars. God will show himself real or he won’t. That’s the last I’ll say about it on this thread.

  38. JonnyB says:

    Great posting today Michael!

    Alex and Bro; do not be discouraged. The rod of iron will prevail in the hands of Jesus Christ.

    As unpopular, and as upstream swimming as it seems, there are some who understand you and who are not against you but are truly for you.


    Michael is right; you really don’t have to take the platform here. The wheels of justice are in motion and need not your help.

    God does have His ways, the pain and all of the turmoil both of you have suffered could never go unnoticed by the omniscient One.

    The Lord will show Himself real in His own good timing.

    In the mean time may He grant you peace of soul and always just enough.

    May the Lord show Himself strong and just in such a way that there would be no denying that He has your best interest and well being in His awareness.

    Your pain will one day be taken from you like an old coat and a renewed spirit will indeed be your portion.

    And as you have stated, you have a ‘feeling.’ Signs come in many ways. We learn to pay attention to these signs when there is direct correlation to external events.

    Repeated events in relation to certain signs trains us to understand the signs and to pay attention to them.

    God communicates with us in many ways, including signs or feelings or a sense.

    We never want to abuse the power God has granted us, by using it in personal ways. The power is for the Body of Christ, not for our programs, not for our personal benefit.

    We seek blessing as we leave justice in the hands of the Lord.

    God loves both of you and desires a release for you. And it will come in His season.

    You know that.

  39. Linda Pappas says:

    Putting my two cents in, well at least in the eyes of some. Knowing it is what I am called to do as a sister in the Lord being one to not for a second minimize or permit myself to remain silent whenever a child has been abused and the wrong-doer has yet to be held to an account by the Christian community.

    Alex, you are absolutely in your right to make these things known to the Christian community. What more, it is every person’s responsibility that calls themselves a Christian to stand by you and to speak directly to those who have been involved, either by committing such atrocities, or indirectly by passively standing by, by belittling Alex to get him to go away or to silent him, or to have the gall to say that because it is not in our own backyard, there is nothing to do about it.

    At the same time, Alex—-know this. Even now, although this has yet been manifested in the way you would like it to be—that is accountability, justice, and that which would bring about a healing process for you and those closer to you, God has been working and using this to show you and others something of their own hearts—-mine included. BG heart was hardened a very long time ago—–and you and I know that, given the person that he is, he will not on his own step forth to speak truthfully or repentantly. At the same time, so far it would appears that CC will also continue much in the same way. That is, to use excuses such as “we have no authority” over this matter is just an excuse. For all who has the Holy Spirit, do have the authority to state their position and in remaining silence, they have declared their own hearts which I believe is the essence of what God considers to be an abomination and takes particular offense towards. There are some CC pastors who have chosen to break bread, to support by their attendance, to join with on mission trips and conferences while remaining silent and supportive towards a child and his brothers throughout their adults years regardless of knowing the truth—-and yes, they do know the truth, but have played it all off just as BG has done throughout the years.

    Alex, in the same note, think about this—-Michael is correct in saying, that just because God does not play out the hand you would like Him to do so, does not mean He is not working things out. I firmly believe that He is and I also believe that it doesn’t just have to do with BG, but also has to do with you and what He wants you to understand. That is, you are not on the throne, anymore than those who have brought great harm to you, however, He is not so far away or absence in not being able to hear and to see all that you or I or anyone else have said and done or not said and done concerning these horrendous issues that have entered into you life uninvited and seemingly unresolvable.

    No more than what you and Michael are aware of my own situation, Alex. God is as real as real can get—-and although He has yet moved that mountain and granted the desire of my own heart, mountains that you are not aware are being moved, nevertheless. You just have to look harder, Alex—not at the obvious. For what you see so far goes far beyond what is immediate, it has to do with far more people than just BG.

    I continue to stand with you Alex—I hope you know this. In the name of Jesus, side by side—little brother.

  40. says:


    “There are some CC pastors who have chosen to break bread, to support by their attendance, to join with on mission trips and conferences with BG, while remaining silent and UNsupportive towards a child and his brothers throughout their adults years regardless of knowing the truth—-and yes, they do know the truth, but have played it all off just as BG has done throughout the years.

    By the way these particular pastors are known as the more well known pastors, who when they do choose to keep company with BG, not only does it helps BG into his descent into hell for eternity, it tells other pastors, no big deal, as long as you can keep the victims silent by remaining silent, then you are good to go—and finally it speaks volumes to those BG victimized in who Jesus is and who He is not—–which then unravels as being a weak, impotent, and uncaring person who once lived, but never cared about anyone but himself.

    Sorry, folks, but this is the message that is being received when we refuse to be the hands, mouths, and feet of Jesus and remain silent on matters such as what Alex and his brother having been speaking for years.

    Jonny B——-so appreciate the words you shared with Alex and this thread. Good words and timely spoken.

  41. Muff Potter says:

    Loved Friedman’s essay on why the media gets Israel wrong. I’ve been at odds for a long time now with my progressive brethren, and yes even Amy Goodman for my unwavering support of Israel as friend and ally. Friedman is right on the money with his comparison of Orwell’s analysis of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and the refusal of present day progressives to recognize that the ultimate goal of radical Islam through their propagandist proxies in the media is the extermination of Jewry in the Levant. I stand with Israel and always will.

  42. brian says:

    I had a long one but deleted it, trust me it would not be helpful. The gist I am terrified of God, He scares me and at times I think God is totally capricious, like the first chapel of Job. I know I am wrong in these opinions / emotions but it is how I feel / think.

  43. Linda Pappas says:


    Excellent articles all around, well except the one on narcissism. Author is speaking people who tend to be narcissistic. This would be different than one who is thoroughly or rather Narcissist Personality Disordered. Unfortunately, he is attempting to normalize them and leading people into believing that it is possible to work and live side by side with them. A true narcissist will not permit this, although they will build a group about them, to make it appear as though they are (mask of sanity) what they truly are not about: that is, everything and I mean everything is about them and all others are just objects to move about and to control to obtain their own self-seeking and self-gratifying agendas.

    Muff Potter—-here, here, as will I.

  44. j2theperson says:

    In Victoria Osteen’s defense, we basically do become christians for our own happiness/security/whatever. If we didn’t think we got anything out of the arrangement we probably wouldn’t become christians. That might not be theologically correct, but it is what is.

  45. Linda Pappas says:

    When I think about the many things that Christians who are walking steadfastly with the Lord, I think about the great cloud of witnesses that surround us. I also think about dying to oneself and living for Him.

    Not because of the promises He has made or what is it for me, but rather due to wanting so much to see Him face to face and hearing Him say: well done good and faithful servant. I want to know and see Him. And there is little of this world that makes me want to delay His coming or my going home to be with Him. Will these things cause me to be happy—no not in the temporal sense of things. Secure—-yes, as I know I can trust Him. But secure because of what I have done—hardly. I know better. My decision to believe, to repent, and to be saved was solely base upon knowing that when I heard the truth, I knew it was the truth and nothing—-and I mean nothing else came close to it, although there has been and are various people, places, and things that would like to make you think so. Nope, to live for Christ is to die and to die is to gain. Whatever you do, do it unto the Lord—it may cost you, but what did it cost Him?

    It’s not about being happy and it’s not about me—it is about Him and the joy that we can know when we are truly one in Him.

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