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  1. WenatcheetheHatchet says:

    may just have to finally write that post about Jepthah’s vow as discussed by Barry Webb’s commentary on the book of Judges now.

  2. Stellman has intrigued me ever since he spoke at our church family camp a number of years back.

    The thing I find most interesting currently is the sharp contrast between the tone of his apologetics for converting to Catholicism and that of his podcast Drunk Ex-Pastors (MLD pointed this out last week – thanks MLD!), where crude joking, drinking to excess and cussing seem to rule the day, and his Catholic conversion seems to be more a license to throw off moral constraints of decorum, language, etc. Seems weird, since now his good works are supposed to be part of his salvation.

    I do agree the James White tack is not showing any love or concern, but listening to full episodes of Drunk Ex-Pastors does make it easier to understand why some are just shaking both their heads and the dust off their feet.

    BTW Michael, like the new podcast… but please, change the intro music šŸ™‚

  3. Eric says:

    My one uncle took advantage of Oregons death with dignity act. We were able to celbrate his life with him, say goodbye and he left peacefully. His body was filled with cancer and he was certain to die within 6 months. My other Uncle suffered for three years with ALS which he contracted while Captain of the USS John C Stennis. His body gave out and for the last year he was unable to do anything for himself. My aunt and family were raveged trying desperately to care fo him until he finally died. The fact that this woman has chosen to suffer and die seems to me to give her no quarter to look down on the others choice to go in peace. Some would look at the woman who has chosen suffering and financial loos, as well as the pain her family will endure and call her a fool. Both women have searched their souls and made the choice that is best for them. Who is anyone else to judge?

  4. I like the idea of assisted suicide. I don’t even know that you have to be sick. If you don’t hang around why force people to hang around?

  5. Should read “if you don’t want to hang around…”

  6. Eric says:

    ^^^ exactly

  7. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    okay, here we are, such as it is.

    having read Barry Webb’s fascinating commentary on Judges I find the proposal that Jephthah didn’t offer his daughter as a burnt offering pretty unconvincing these days.

  8. brian says:

    I dont know if pain would be a reason for assisted suicide, but I have one terror that cuts deep to the bone and a line I do not want to cross. Be a burden to any reason for any length of time. The other horror is to leave any type of debt. This second sin terrorized my mother almost to her very death.

    I dont think the bible contradicts itself, I do think some historical assertions are contradicted by some lines of evidence. Mark Driscoll will be back, for one extremely good reason, there is just too much money involved and he has already built up a somewhat loyal revenue stream and he has too much skin in the game. I must also say I admire MD’s tenacity and unmitigated gall. If he is shown the door it will be financial as well it should be because there at MH that seems to be the primary sacrament.

    Some people out there loath Jason, I mean they really really hate him with a passion. I have never been able to do that with such singular vocus, I truly admire that.

  9. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    If MH PR keeps handling situations as foolishly and dishonestly as they’ve been doing things the last year or so whenever Driscoll manages to come back it will be to a much smaller organization.

    Everett leadership posted a public thank you to Mars Hill Global for the purchase of Mars Hill Everett. That building was bought January 2013. Why wait until June 5, 2014 to thank Mars Hill Global for something bought more than a year earlier? Since WtH is in King County county listings aren’t too hard to dig up.

    MH PR seems to only be good at throwing gasoline on an already raging fire these days.

  10. brian says:

    “If MH PR keeps handling situations as foolishly and dishonestly as theyā€™ve been doing things the last year or so whenever Driscoll manages to come back it will be to a much smaller organization.” I agree this franchise will most likely be smaller but he will dust off the brand and leverage what assets he can and reformulate the revenue generating in another area. That is good, people have very short memories, other than the ones who have been ripped to shreds and left bleeding on the road under the bus. But they dont give money anymore so they are utterly and absolutely worthless. Like I said I lack the spiritual integrity to be that way to my shame.

  11. Babylon's Dread says:

    Should we be surprised that men who deny their sexuality are likely to be confused about it?

  12. We need a government study on the effect of Hollywood on moral decision making…. Nah save the money … it’s working

  13. Babylon's Dread says:

    I loved the FUDGE article …That is why I frequent the Huffington News… that and my enjoyment of their extreme left headlines… they whine more than the wind in ghost barn.

  14. Babylon's Dread says:

    This will get lost in the Driscolmania but

    Stellman said it all here “I have come to understand the gospel in terms of the New Covenant gift of the Spirit, procured through the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ, who causes fruit to be borne in our lives by reproducing the image of the Son in the adopted children of the Father.”

    Thanks Jason. Still not joining you but I loved your column.

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