Losing Vin

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20 Responses

  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    I head about his passing a few hours ago. A legend. 67 years with Brooklyn and LA. I think I read on CNN earlier that he broadcasted 20+ no-hitters.

  2. Michael says:

    He was wonderful.
    I’m a huge fan of play by play broadcasters…spent the best times of my youth escaping to games with them with little transistor radios….

  3. McGarrett says:

    Speaking of Transistor Radios, as a kid during the early 60’s, at bedtime, if Koufax was pitching, and the game was still on, would listen to the remaining innings, with the volume low. His impromptu comments on Gibson’s 9th inning home run was the best ever! A great man, but an equally humble man. Would be awesome, if we could see that combination today.

  4. Michael says:


    I have friends who would see him and his wife at the local Costco…and he was always gracious.

    We have gained so much with technology and lost our joy in the process…those cheap radios and a little imagination brought wonder…

  5. Dread says:

    Love the Dodgers
    Love the Red Sox more
    Love Vin Scully calling games.
    Rest well friend – extra innings ahead.

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    Yes, there really is something about listening to good/great play-by-play callers on the radio when you are a kid. Same memories here with John Gordon and the late Herb Carneal for the Twins.

  7. Kevin H says:

    Vin Scully was a humble, kind, great man. To boot, he was also the greatest play-by-play announcer there ever was.

    Harry Kalas was our Vin Scully here in Philadelphia. When he suddenly passed away some years ago, when he was still the Phillies’ lead announcer, there was great shock and sadness. Yet his voice and legacy live on and he is warmly remembered.

    All the more so it will be for Scully, even for most of us who aren’t Dodgers fans. Forever etched in our memories will be calls such as, “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!, and, “It gets through Buckner!” (sorry Dread 🙂 )

    Yes, in today’s world, we need more people and experiences like Vin Scully.

  8. pslady says:

    Felt the same about Bob Prince of the Pittsburgh Pirates. As we were kids growing up his voice could be heard around the neighborhood (windows & doors were open in the summertime in those days). Always had great & colorful commentary. 😊

  9. pstrmike says:

    I listened to Vin call the Dodger games on my transistor radio many evenings, particularly when the Angels were out of town. I remember he would even do some of the commercials for Farmer John and Union 76. Like some of you, it was my escape during my childhood.


  10. PM says:

    I really, really dislike the Dodgers (see Kirk Gibson ‘88). But I enjoyed listening to Vin Scully and other classic broadcasters(Bill King and others). RIP to one of the best.

  11. Michael says:

    I have to exercise restraint on this subject or I’ll write a book.

    PM…Bill King on Warriors basketball was wonderful and I loved his A’s calls as well.

    Lon Simmons was my favorite from down there…

    I usually listened to Bay Area teams…and all the teams had great announcers.

    Southern California had Scully and Enberg and the great Chick Hearn on basketball and my favorite, Bob Miller doing Kings hockey.

    Portland had Bill Schonely and “rip city’ and what treasures I hold from all of them…

  12. Michael says:


    So many people up here heard those Farmer John commercials that the stores finally had to stock them…

  13. Dread says:

    Vin goes back to the days when tv broadcasts were just beginning

    I loved PeeWee Reese and Dizzy Dean and that era and the Saturday games of the week with matchups like Koufax v Marichal and Drysdale b Gibson. Usually 1-0 or 2-1 thrilling stuff.

  14. Michael says:


    Curt Gowdy would do those TV games, then do the Red Sox play by play…great days…

  15. pstrmike says:

    LoL!!! It wasn’t until the late seventies drive south on I-5 just north of the California-Oregon border that I knew that KFI—the station that broadcast Dodger games, could be received so far north….

  16. Officerhoppy says:

    “ loved PeeWee Reese and Dizzy Dean”
    Takes me back to Saturday afternoons watching the games with my dad on the Philco
    I’d drink Kool-aide and he’d down a beer while we both ate bologna sandwiches.

    Miss those days.

  17. PM says:

    I missed out on Bill King and the Warriors but heard he was great with them too. And yes, Lin too. And Hank Greenwald for the Giants

  18. Michael says:


    Greenwald was an acquired taste…took me a while.
    When Lon stepped down from the Giants the first time, they hired an uppity kid from Cincinnati…Al Michaels.
    We didn’t have a clue…

  19. PM says:

    One more thing, since it’s a baseball kind of day. This writer is a joy to read. Here is a small snip from a wonderful baseball essay.

    Since baseball time is measured only in outs, all you have to do is succeed utterly; keep hitting, keep the rally alive, and you have defeated time. You remain forever young.

    — Roger Angell, The Interior Stadium

  20. Pineapple Head says:

    I grew up on Vin care of KFI 640 in LA. He was the first baseball broadcaster I ever heard starting in 1970. One funny thing (at least to me) is that almost every Vin tribute includes the word “transistor.” 😀

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