Masks and the Christian: Matt B. Redmond

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9 Responses

  1. Linn says:


  2. Em says:

    Wear a mask?
    Of course, one never knows, but it more than likely helps….

  3. Kevin H says:

    So very good.

  4. DH says:

    If someone asks you to wear a mask wear two.

  5. Duane Arnold says:

    What!?! Base our conduct on the words of Christ!?! Getting pretty radical around here…😁

  6. Bride of Christ says:

    Interesting comment on “putting us in a path of joyful submission”! As an attendee of Calvary Chapel I heard over and over that joyful submission to male authority would make me a blessed and happy Christian woman. There is some truth to this, as Jesus asks us to ” submit one to another in Christian love”. He is telling us that we will be blessed with harmony in all our relationships if we can ALL just ” give in” once in a while and let others have their way. But look when happens when Christian men and Christian church leaders are asked to “joyfully submit” to authority – they act like a two-year-old having a tantrum! Shameful, and it shows that they aren’t really interested in what Jesus has to say to them personally; they have instead weaponized the Gospel and use it as a club to keep others in line.

  7. Owen says:


    It seems to me that Christ himself was considered at least slightly radical… 😉

  8. pstrmike says:

    Thanks for posting this, Michael. I’m amazed how some have reacted in their refusal to follow government mandates, as they see it as their right to do what they wish. Some goes as far as to say a “God given right;” bad theology, BTW.

    I don’t think many of us define freedom in the same way that Jesus does.

    We are seeing a societal shift in how government cares for its citizenry, and while I’m not comfortable with more governmental intrusions into our lives, I am more concerned with keeping others and myself safe from a virus that is killing people.

    It appears that for some, their idea of personal freedom is of greater value to them than to follow the mandates of Christ as given to us in the Holy Scriptures. No one can serve two masters.

  9. filbertz says:

    I think both in society and within the church, we are seeing a level of individualism that is undermining both–‘I’ll comply with what I agree with, ignore or defy what I don’t–it is my right.’ When it serves his purpose, one will trot out Bible verses to support his claims, when Bible verses counter his claims, he will conveniently ignore them. It is a lose-lose gambit.

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