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  1. I found this to be a good, and short article about the false notion of “Christian Unity”.

  2. Nonnie says:

    Can we not be “united” in CHRIST…that unity is fleshed out in LOVE…. not always agreeing on every theological jot and tittle with one another.

  3. Nonnie, that is the point of the article – we are united “in Christ” – but we have no command or even hint to be a united “visible” church as many (even here at the PP) call for.

    But Sasse’s question brings up big issues – not just theological jots and tittles

  4. Nonnie says:

    My heart is heavy for so many brothers and sister in Christ, who carry much sorrow this Christmas. I think of the Lusko family and others who have lost their precious little girl, and my heart aches for them. At the same time, I cannot stop thanking God for sparing our little grandson Leo this week. Joy and sorrow mingled….and I cannot understand it.

    We will never understand “why” to all our questions, but I remember “Who” this Christmas. God is with us…in our joy, in our sorrows, in our loneliness, in our hopes….Jesus is our Emmanuel, and He is with us.

  5. I am increasingly fascinated with the role of Lonnie Frisbee in the Jesus People movement and the founding of Calvary Chapel and Vineyard. A towering and amazing figure.

  6. Alex says:

    Dread, Lonnie was the Rain Maker. Chuck Smith was the opportunist.

    Chuck has gotten the bulk of the credit, but it was Lonnie who filled the Tents.

    My real dad was personally invited by Lonnie, he knew him back in the day.

    Lonnie was a homosexual drug user who was beaten/abused by his father. He was also fearless and extremely charismatic and like-able. Quite an interesting persona.

    It’s Calvary Chapel’s dirty little secret for sure. It forces CC into the following: 1. A homosexual essentially started their Movement and it is still a “work of God”. or 2. CC’s start was not a “work of God”.

    No way around it, though CC will try to rewrite history and wriggle around the fact that Frisbee is “the” Key player in their Movement and Chuck Smith was at best a Co-opting force to Institutionalize the Movement.

  7. Patrick says:

    Wondering if you all could be praying for my friends and their newborn son. Here’s a vid of the momma and papa

  8. Nonnie says:

    Patrick, Do you mind me asking what is the situation with baby Zach? I am praying. My heart is aching for mama and daddy.

  9. Sarah says:

    Patrick, that video is heartbreaking. Please do tell us more if you are free to…regardless, praying along with the others here.

  10. filbertz says:

    ’til the season…when the incarnation takes on new meaning. Tomorrow will be my third funeral in just over a week. This one a suicide, a dad of a wonderful family whose son played soccer with my son for more years than I care to count. Depression is such a horrible foe and it robs the truly blessed of their sense of purpose, belonging, and value and leaves them a shell of themselves. He struggled in such silence and isolation, from his children, his dear wife, his church and friends. We are heart-broken and left with a devastating hollowness. May the Lord grace us with a true gift this year, this season…that the word becomes flesh–His teachings & principles show up in changed lives, transformed thinking, and acts befitting the Kingdom of God.

  11. Patrick says:

    @Nonnie and @Sarah, here is the latest update on little baby Zach,
    ” His bilirubin levels went up again after the third transfusion. Please pray. He might have to undergo yet another transfusion. But everyday that he gets older, he will be able to handle higher levels of bilirubin. There is a drug they can give him too for it. ”

    Thank you for your prayers!

  12. Nonnie says:

    Continuing to pray for Zach. Lord have mercy.

  13. Nonnie says:

    Fil… horrible for that family and for his friends. Praying for comfort for these families.

  14. i must confess to feeling less than touched by the news reports of the attempts by the world to reach out in sympathy and sorrow to the people of Newtown … jugglers and dunk tanks? it’s a mixed bag, of course, and the best the world can do, but oh how i pray for God’s love and comfort to reach hearts in spite of the outpouring of attempts to simply mask and distract from the reality … praying for God the Holy Spirit’s work in that town and beyond, for the priests and pastors to bring Christ this Sunday

    Sarah has left a beautiful piece @ #49 and a prayer on this last week’s (Dec 16th) prayer thread … perhaps Michael will find a place for it in this coming week?

  15. brian says:

    ” jugglers and dunk tanks”

    In the times I went through grief in the real world, still do, I would have given almost anything except my soul, if it is worth anything or even if I have one (another gift from my faith experience in the real world of the faith community). Grief was something you do not show, experience, or in any way display outside the apologetic (news reports, blogs, fundraising, and other spiritual events). You know when I first became a “Christian”, which most likely did not happen, I use to think we just cling to Jesus, cleave unto Him. I really did want to hold on, with all my strength. Someone told me I was a worm and I would never stand on my own two feet, I would have to say amen, I cant stand. So I need a savior which is a far worse sin a Christian can commit. I always found that strange. But it is so true, we should overcome, deal with it and move on, go in for the big win. Like I said I use to think of it just clinging to Jesus alone, I have repented of that emotionalism. Actually I have not, if that does not seal my apostasy I do not know what is.

  16. brian says:

    Now this is much to Catholic and I am sure some will look for the Jesuit conspiracy clap trap. I was raised as a “Christian” and they are at every bush. Of course that is nonsense Jesuits are more liberal then most nominal Catholics, makes for a real bad international conspiracy. What blew me away, he forgave, that is not an option in the real apologetic . One does not forgive, forget, or even struggle one overcomes and moves on, always.

  17. brian, formulaic, cookie cutter Christian behavior is a phenomena of our times, i think … the means of our redemption has never, ever changed it is true, but God sees hearts and acts on what He sees, not our quirkiness and our confusions … He must smile when He sees us try to edit our words to Him …

  18. Fly on a Wall says:

    A very disturbing article about the inconsistent stories coming from Sandy Hook, what are your thoughts?
    Has journalism become this bad? Or was there another shooter at the school?

    Something tells me we are not being told the whole truth.

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