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  1. once a cc guru says:

    The Brain and Cheryl show at CCCM… LOSE!

  2. Xenia says:


    That’s so sad it has come to this. If Pastor Chuck was the great oracle of truth that CC believes he was, then they should be thrilled to give out his “religious materials” free to anyone who wants it. Money.

  3. Michael says:

    once a cc guru,

    You have remarkably become the most delusional person on the blog.

    All that CCCM lost was a response to have the whole matter thrown out of of court on an anti-SLAPP order.

    The rest of the case is still to be tried.

    If you really think that Jeff Smith and Paul Smith are on the side of the angels here, you need medication…

  4. Michael says:

    You all have to remember that this suit at one time also alleged that the Brodersens basically killed Chuck Smith and was full of evil remarks about his nurse.

    They also claimed that Kay Smith was not being cared for…a vicious lie.

    The legal ownership of Word For Today should be litigated…the rest is bullspit.

  5. Owen says:

    @ #2 – Wow….

    I have refrained from commenting on anything CC because I don’t really have any knowledge of it, and therefore do not feel qualified.
    This court response really has me shaking my head, though……after reading through it, CC was completely in the wrong, legally. (And morally, in my opinion.)
    Again – wow.

  6. Michael says:


    Those issues still need to be litigated.

    What they were in the wrong about was this motion alone.

  7. Cash says:

    Xenia you’re exactly right. I would argue those materials belong to God and not men. They should be freely disseminated to anyone who would want them.

  8. Owen says:

    As I said, Michael, I don’t know much…. I see your point.

    And many is the time I would do better just keeping my opinions to myself.

    I’ve always believed there are three sides to every story – side A, Side B, and the Truth.
    The Truth is the only one without nuance.

  9. I have not looked for a long time – but aren’t all of Pastor Chuck’s “tapes” on the internet? I know several years ago many of his books were too – all free downloads.

  10. once a cc guru says:

    Coming from you Michael, I take that as a great compliment!

    “You have remarkably become the most delusional person on the blog”

  11. Michael says:

    once a cc guru,

    You have posted false information here before and this information is misleading.
    You will probably be put under moderation as I don’t have time to clean up your messes.

  12. once a cc guru says:

    do what thou wilt! I just posted a link!

  13. Michael says:

    once a cc gru,

    The only thing that has saved me for years is that I only post things I’m quite sure are accurate.
    I’ve always tried to put them in as much context as possible to keep my credibility.

    You claimed two men had left CC who haven’t…and this is nothing more than a small part of an ongoing judicial process.

    Thus, you are not a credible reporter.

  14. once a cc guru says:

    Dwight is gone Chick is on the way if he hasn’t left already CALL THEM!

  15. Michael says:

    Chick made a public statement last week that he was in.
    Dirtbag Dwight still lists as CC.

  16. Em ... again says:

    the article linked by the guru (i assume still a guru?) has this sub-title: “A Must Read for All Those Who Love and Uphold Truth” … i can only think of one reason for a teacher of God’s word to claim ownership of what they write and that is to protect it from being altered, or misinterpreted perhaps. – if i’d written (i haven’t) good, sound teaching from God’s word and my children tried to hang onto it as their inheritance – their property – i’d wish i’d had a clearer will, i guess…
    that said, not demanding my share or my rights when encroached upon by a fellow Believer’s greed is ground that i have covered… but my heart is not pure as every once in awhile i recall the incidents and think that they really got away with something and where did they get the nerve as Christians in leadership positions to do that?

    kind of like the kid who was told to sit down and replied, “i’m sitting down on the outside, but i’m standing up on the inside…” God be merciful to this sinner

  17. once a cc guru says:


  18. Michael says:

    Why would I call people who have given public notice that what you said is untrue?

    Chickeles said he was still a part of CC on a podcast last week

    Douville still is flying the dove on his website and is still in the CCA database.

    If Douville does leave the quality of pastor in CC goes up significantly…

  19. Michael says:

    My guess is that Douville isn’t going to chat with a guy who exposed his sin in numerous articles and came within an inch of getting him defrocked…

  20. Michael says:

    Other articles we’ve written on the lawsuit stuff…

  21. brian says:

    It is good this is happening because CS’s work has very critical even divine use, it makes money thus it has value. Anytime monetary issues arise and there is even a possibility of financial gain it should be fought over as viciously as possible. First someone will win and second people will learn their place. If it damages the cause of Christ or hurts the body the church, well that is emotionalism thus useless. I will admit to my eternal shame I cannot think like this and I agree with Xenia and I need to repent of that.

  22. Josh the Beloved says:

    This may be redundant. So as I read the court reading. Cc (Brian broderson) lost the anti slap lawsuit against Word for today (Paul and Jeff Smith. But the main lawsuit will go back to the lower court to litigate the merits of the Word for Today’s allegation that cc did a coup d’état. But cc aka Broderson will now have to pay the legal fees to Smith’s for losing the appeal.

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