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  1. Nonnie says:

    Hope everyone is have a good weekend!! It is cold, grey, raining, windy and quite miserable outside, but I am staying warm and cosy with my Beloved. Blessings to all.

  2. Nonnie says:

    “having” not have. duh!!

  3. erunner says:

    Some new songs this week I hope you might enjoy. Drop on by and sit a spell!

  4. Ixtlan says:

    thanks Nonnie. I was around zero when I woke up this morning… blessings to you and yours.

  5. PAL says:

    Since this is open blogging, this is my 2 cents worth:

    Some people have special gifts…… However, I do not……, except for the gift of receiving insight out of stupidity. You will probably not understand this so just write it off as, “who cares”.

    Emotional Right Vs. Emotional Wrong

    It is very difficult for me to control my emotional feelings; mainly due to my understanding of my personal physical feelings. I tend to expect the emotional feeling to be consistent with the good physical feeling, like that of pleasure, contentment and fulfillment all at the same time.

    Unfortunately this is nothing more than a myth that can only endure for a short lived time period if anything at all. Emotions are no more real than a dream. In fact even a dream can give me an emotional feeling.

    Yet everything I experience affects my emotional sense in one way or another. Therefore emotional feelings must have a purposeful reason to control something inside of me.

    What is it that my emotional feelings are supposed to control and why?

    Emotional feelings are a natural “reaction” within my inner-self (of an action already received and experienced) affecting me in one way or another. I do not believe that I should be expected to be able to control a re-action. It is merely a natural response to an earlier happening.

    Yet different people respond differently to the same happening. So, why is a person considered either right or wrong by a natural response (emotional feeling)?

    I believe that the answer to this is determined when the emotional feeling (reaction) causes another action, resulting in harming any other person, place or thing.

    Therefore emotional feelings are neither right nor wrong but actions and reactions are, depending on if they are followed by causing harm or not. Harming anything is “WRONG”.

    To cause harm or not is controllable and everyone should be held accountable for it. There is no reason for causing harm except in “defending” yourself, or someone else.

    To answer my own question (as to what is my inner-self purposeful reason of having emotional feelings) is for the emotional feeling to become a barrier, between one action and it turning into another action causing harm. I am supposed to accept the blunt of the harm intended; and stop it at the point of being just an emotional feeling (like a dream) and nothing more. If I do this, my emotional feeling is in the right. If I do not do it, my emotional feeling is in the wrong.

  6. Em says:

    PAL, i think i get it – my favorite pastor used to remark that our God-given emotions were meant to be the appreciators of life (good and bad), not the governors of life

    sometimes we can leap in and rejoice and sometimes we must overrule the heart and do what hurts … the dearest people i’ve known are the ones with wisdom, yet deep emotional capacity … the scariest, perhaps the saddest, are the few folks who are smart, but have no capacity for feelings

    am i close?

  7. PAL says:


    Yep, you got it. “…the few folks who are smart, but have no capacity for feelings”, is scary.

    I personally believe that is why Jesus chose the common people (with feelings) over the higher-up Pharisees. The Pharisees’ had no emotional connection with Christ. They were not strong enough to understand the strength of the pain of suffering; or they were not strong enough to endure the lack of physical pleasure, (which is actually the same thing).

  8. Friends, please pray for DMW. He is really not doing well at all.

  9. Em says:

    praying – wishing i could help those two folks, but praying

  10. Em says:

    PAL, that’s some serious food for thot … scary view of where we seem to be headed as a civilization today, too

  11. erunner says:

    So many people I know are going through stuff. I hope this song might bless someone here.

  12. PAL says:


    Regarding your #11 and where civilization is heading. It’s only scary if it surprises us. We need not be surprised because Jesus told us it will increase as time goes on.

    Improper emotions are not simply a mental problem of not “caring”…. Everyone “cares”…. It is just that some care for themselves way above what they care for others.

    That is why I say everyone should be held accountable for causing harm due to the emotional hurt they have experienced.

    They go ahead and do it anyway, knowing full well of what amount of harm they are causing. They just think that they are worth it.

    Satan even convinced one third of the angels that they deserved hurting God because of their emotional ill-feelings of not being like God. There was nothing wrong with them experiencing emotional confusion and distress but it became majorly wrong by allow it to cause an action of destruction, aimed towards another. (And none other than God himself at that).

    Jesus knew it will increase in this world, because Satan has power to deceive people and get them to think they are worth more themselves.

    Satan is the author of, emotional harm=greed=destructive action=sin.

    And that’s the rest of the story.
    God bless you,

  13. PAL, thank you – He does that

    i found your posts on emotion worth some thought today and am much in agreement – i’m not certain i follow your comment on Satan’s authorship … i think i do … emotions are a gift from God to be stewarded, but Satan plays on our emotions, distorting them into justification of all kinds of sin and evil

    God keep

  14. post script – fatigue, pain, grief – many things can press on us and our emotions can be extremely difficult to keep in check – valid and vulnerable … thinking of those, like John Duncan, here who are being pressed beyond human endurance – God knows

  15. Erunner says:

    Em, I wrestle with what John and his wife have endured. I don’t know that I will ever understand why these things have befallen them. The only thing I can lean on is that as you said, “God knows.” Yet my heart still breaks for them.

  16. Chile says:

    Prayers for DMW.

  17. Nonnie says:

    Amen to Erunner’s 17. God knows, but our hearts cry out with DMW as we walk through this shadowland, unable to see the “whys” but knowing He is with us. Lord help our beloved friend, we pray.

  18. Thank you for the song, Erunner. I needed to hear that, not only for myself, but for the helplessness I feel when I think of DMW.

  19. Solomon Rodriguez says:
  20. Josh Hamrick says:

    Vegas Elvis is the best, Thanks Sol Rod!

  21. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Yup just started redisovering Elvis after growing up with him via my Unvle who was an Elvis impersonator

  22. Josh Hamrick says:

    Everybody loves the young Rock – n Roll Elvis. Give me fat sideburns Elvis any day. He had so much power and pain in his voice at that time. Wish he could have lived at least 10 more years, cause he was singing great around the time of his death.

  23. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    yeah pain brings charachter sometimes and Elvis had that pain that translated into great music

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