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  1. Captain Kevin says:

    FIRST!!! Maybe?

  2. Captain Kevin says:

    Hi PhxP friends! Wish I could stay. If you are so inclined, I could use prayer for this weekend. I’ve got about 50 more hours of paperwork that I need to get finished about 3 days ago. 😉

    Hope you all have a blessed day!

  3. David H says:

    CK, praying for you.

  4. John 20:29 says:

    praying here, too, Captain (who reads all this paperwork that is required these days?)

  5. dusty says:

    Poor capt, praying for you.

  6. Paige says:

    Prayers for you Captain.

  7. Linnea says:

    Praying, CK…

  8. John 20:29 says:

    coming from watching a portion of John Glenn’s funeral… one speaker recalled that Glenn flew in the Korean war along with baseball legend Ted Williams who told of being shot and the plane catching on fire… Glenn came up and flew alongside him, pointing up – Ted got the message and, together, they flew up to where the lack of oxygen put out the fire and he made it back – safe
    that was the greatest generation so-called because they were children of material deprivation and rich in resourcefulness – simple minded, focused, not stupid – some of the most beautiful Christian men came out of that era… some of them
    no point… just pondering, but … somehow this seems to have an application of some kind… hmmm…

  9. dusty says:

    Still praying capt kevin….hope you dont get a migraine from all this paperwork. We would all help if we could. Hang in there

  10. Dan from Georgia says:

    Just prayed for you Capt’n Kevin!

    Right now in my hometown in GA (1am): 68 degrees.
    Right now in my last hometown in Minneapolis, MN: -11 degrees

    That’s nearly 80 degrees difference for you math geniuses!

    Lesson I learned today: The song “Winter Wonderland” was probably not written by a Southerner!

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