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  1. Jean says:

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. dusty says:

    Merry Christmas eve to you Jean! 🙂

  3. John 20:29 says:

    just came from sharing memories of our family Christmas eve gatherings with some of my cousins – posting presumptuously here
    from the Emails going back and forth:
    “BTW – this got me thinking on Christmas…
    i remember the Christmas after Grandpa had his first stroke, he didn’t want to follow the traditional reading as his speech was hampered – Uncle Paul wouldn’t let him off the hook, “It won’t be Christmas, if you don’t read to us, Pop” and he didn’t give up until Grandpa agreed to read… always that Christmas tree clear up to the ceiling and a fire in the inglenook where the moms tossed all the wrapping paper and ribbons after gifts were opened (you didn’t have to be a family member, if you were there that evening there’d be a gift with your name on it)… and as always, all the lights except for the tree were turned off and Grandpa opened his well worn Bible and read from Luke: “there were shepherds abiding in the field…” – to this day that slurred reading brings tears to my eyes…
    after this everyone went home knowing what we were celebrating, eh?”

    i grew up in my grandparents’ home and i was surprised at how many of my cousins hold the memory of those family gatherings as the dearest of their childhood… and they ALL remembered ending the evening with our grandpa reading the Christmas story from the Bible… that surprised me… little kids – Santa comes in the morning – and yet, they remember grandpa ending the Christmas eve gathering with the real story of Christmas

    A God blessed Christmas to all… love and prayer

  4. Linnea says:

    Merry Christmas, dusty and Jean!

    John 20:29…your wonderful family story brought tears to my eyes. A blessed Christmas to you and yours!

  5. JonnyB says:

    John …

    I was moved by your warm memories.
    Thanks for that.

    We were a fatherless family with no relatives growing up, just mom.

    So your story carried a lot of weight with me.

  6. John 20:29 says:

    i’m glad the story of my grandparents’ home at Christmas was worth the telling here…
    we’ve been discussing being “authentic” – those two people were the real deal and when Grandpa read that passage from the Bible, believing every word, there was no sense of ceremony – to him those were holy words inspired by God … not all the family were Bible believing Christians and were a mix of denominations, but all felt the presence of something holy – whether they wanted to or not 🙂

  7. Steve Wright says:

    For those interested, since the topic arises around here, our church had a Christmas morning service (in addition to the two normal Christmas Eve services) since it was Sunday. We had advised people that the service would be the same message and music as the Eve services.

    Had no idea what to expect but we actually ended up with about 100 people. That was a blessing.

    Pretty much ends the debate about cancelling church on Christmas Sunday for us at least.

  8. dusty says:

    John 20:29 thanks for sharing that wonderful memory.

  9. dusty says:

    Steve, that is wonderful news

  10. Steve, good to hear that you made that decision.
    It should never be about guessing who will (or how many) show up and who will not. It is about not turning people away from Jesus … especially on such an important day.

    Good job.

  11. dusty says:

    Well said MLD. Merry Christmas

  12. dusty says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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