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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    Jesus saves.

  2. Descended says:

    is what it raved…

  3. Josh the Baptist says:

    In a typical tattoo green.

  4. Kevin H says:

    He stood on a box in the middle of the city…

  5. Dan from Georgia says:

    Shaking his head, oh what a pity

  6. Kevin H says:

    Hey, that wasn’t the next line. 🙂

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    Oops, my bad

  8. Descended says:

    Oh what the heck

    And he claimed he a DREEEEEAMM… !!

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Wondering what the story is with James McDonald stepping down?
    This has been years in the making.

  10. em... again says:

    this is a strange beginning to the weekend’s open blog…
    has anyone who stops by here had a dream about the Lord or His kingdom?
    or stood on a box and preached on the street?
    makes me wonder if climbing up on the roof with a megaphone in some tidy suburb and shouting, “Jesus saves and if you don’t buy that, you’re all going to hell!” would be worth doing – bring a demonstration up close and personal, since this seems to be the day of demonstrations… 🙂

  11. Dan from Georgia says:


    Hehehehe….I threw that “Jesus saves” out there to see where this post would go indeed! Seemed like a limerick or poem or short story was about to ensue, but it didn’t. In the spirit of full disclosure I was kind of wondering if a theological discussion/ argument would break out over a simple statement.

  12. Kevin H says:


    Google the lyrics of DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” and you’ll see where that was going. 🙂

  13. Dan from Georgia says:

    Ahhh…I see now! Thanks Kevin H!

  14. EricL says:

    This weekend I’ve been listening to the 77’s Sticks and Stones Album from 1990. Yes, I’m old.

  15. em... again says:

    maybe Jesus saves is worthy of a discussion…
    back in the day, folk used to smirk that Jesus saves green stamps… today, there are precious few alive who know what that referred to…
    if He paid the sin debt for the whole world [He did that], then doesn’t it followed that the whole world is redeemed?
    no, it doesn’t… but it is strange that we humans now hang so many man-made does and don’ts onto the redemption hook

    p.s. what in the world is a “typical tattoo green?” i don’t think that i’ve ever seen a green tattoo 🙂

  16. em... again says:

    a bit early, but God bless the fathers out there doing their father job, it’s not an easy one in today’s world (maybe/probably never was easy) but God sees and He really does care about you all… of that i am sure

  17. Dan from Georgia says:

    God bless the fathers out there. My father is no longer alive and honestly wasn’t a good father, but I miss him and was able to share the Gospel with him shortly before he passed away. I am proud of his memory now. I used to be ashamed of the quirks and characteristics that I inherited from him, but can honestly say that today I am glad I am like him in some (good) ways.

  18. Descended says:

    To Whom It May Concern

    Happy Father’s Day, Daddy-O


  19. bob1 says:

    I miss my Dad almost every day, even though he died sixteen years ago.

    A quiet man, WWII generation/vet, a man of few words but what he said stuck with you.

    A couple of his tidbits I remember well:

    “Takes all kinds”

    “Live and let live”

  20. Descended says:

    A few of my departed Dad’s most enduring imparted nuggets:

    “An expert is just a drip under pressure”

    “You think you’re hot $%!# but your just a cold terd”

    “It ain’t wrong of you don’t get caught”

  21. Paul A. Lytton says:

    Happy Father’s Day, “God Almighty”.

  22. dusty says:

    Happy father’s day…..that includes you big brother!

  23. Josh the Baptist says:

    Don’t use google….

    Who said this?:

    “God made me the messenger of the new heaven and the new earth of which he spoke in the Apocalypse of St. John, after having spoken of it through the mouth of Isaiah, and he showed me the spot where to find it.”

  24. Descended says:

    I googled it

    Not telling

    That is interesting, and frightening

    Lol, I guessed Joseph Smith at first.

  25. Josh the Baptist says:

    Smith would be a good guess. Incorrect, as you have found, but makes sense.

  26. JoelG says:

    Googled it….


  27. Descended says:

    I know it’s left field, but I think that is just one early example of American Civil Religion.

  28. Descended says:

    Is redemption a greater work than salvation?

  29. Xenia says:

    Christopher Columbus’ entire reason for his voyages was to hasten the Lord’s 2nd coming.

    He was of the opinion that the Lord would not return until Jerusalem was back in the hands of the Christians, which meant another round of crusades, hopefully led by Spain who had just successfully booted out the last remaining Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula in 1492. What was lacking was the funds to support such an endeavor. Solution? Find a quicker way to the Spice Islands in the East. This would enrich Spain, fund the Spanish military, launch a new crusade, conquer Jerusalem and the Lord could return.

  30. Em says:

    Xenia, I like the Christopher C. story… so many look for ways to bring our Lord back… kind of sad and yet touching

    I hope that I too am delusional, but sitting here this afternoon, I feel we, the U.S.., are in real peril – admittedly I don’t have special knowledge, but I see certain small nation’s serving, and doing their destructive service well, as client nation’s – doing the dirty work of two major nations, who wish to neutralize us at best – maybe worse – all the while we play politics, like stupid children… I think the Church needs to turn their attention to God, to pray with some urgency for our leadership – forget our personal preferences and pray that by some miracle our government grows up and rises to the real urgency of the moment

    just saying … risking being today”s Henny Penny. ?

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