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  1. Opened up my Facebook page, read a few posts, and was Remined of a few old sayings:

    1. The person who is nice to you, but mean to the waiter, is not a nice person.

    2. You can’t fix yourself by breaking others.

    That is all.

  2. Em says:

    Never be mean to the person who is serving you food…. thonk. ?

  3. Eric says:

    Today is the federal election in Australia. Tonight we find out if we have a new government. I’m looking forward to watching the results tonight. I’m actually more into the maps & numbers than the politics. Anyone else who likes maps & numbers can follow my link and see the project I’m doing this year instead of going to work.

  4. I really struggle with this Luke 6:30 “Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.”

    My son came home the other day and asked his mom for a dollar. He showed her some cheap plastic dinosaurs. His “friend” gave them to him one day to take home and the next day told our son to give him a dollar or the kid would beat him up. Mommy had a good talk with him. She told him that she could take him to Thor dollar store, that the kid wasn’t acting like a friend, and no.

    The following day, our son asked the same thing, showing her different trinkets. She yelled at him, frustrated. The kids are in 3rd grade and our son is 9. He also has ASD1, what they used to call Asperger’s. He takes things literally, and gets attached to things like the trinkets.

    It’s my custody weekend. I mentioned it, but didn’t get a chance to talk to him about out tonight. I was a small, weak and meek kid. My son is only the last (he looks two years older than he is). I know about boundaries and have ideas on what to say, such as sarcasm, “no, I’m going to beat YOU up!” Any thoughts on how to approach this from a Christian perspective? It might be as simple as defining what I think a “friend” is, and not accepting “gifts” from this little grifter.

    I think I might use this passage to start tut conversation.

  5. I talked to his mom tonight. The kid tried to kick our son “in the balls” but he blocked it. She said she talked to their teacher and she said the kid was sly.

  6. S. Barnard says:

    Wow…….People, adults are mean including other kids who grow up. Mean just like the horrible mean adults I am trying to deal with now. I am. Disabled. 67 years old. It turns me into being mean back. Still not as mean as they are. When you are disabled whether you are young or old, it’s hard to deal with being treated mean. They laugh at you, physically harm you. Etc and no one does anything about it. I believe you should go. To the school. Tell the principle. Write a letter as your child has rights not to be abused he has civil rights!!!
    And if it still doesn’t stop, keep a. Diary about each incident, document it. And what the school does to stop it so if what they do or don’t do write a complaint to the office of civil rights. Your son has a right to be protected and kept safe from predatory. Mean kids.

  7. JoelG says:

    S. Bernard, people can be very cruel and mean. I understand the temptation to be mean back. It hurts… bad. I’m trying to learn to take that hurt use it as motivation to be kind. We need more kindness in this world.

    New Victor, I would try to meet with the teacher, the mean kid and his parents to try to come to a resolution. Be persistent.

  8. Duane Arnold says:

    Came across this by one of my favorite authors…
    “Christians and the church have wanted an alliance with everything that represents power in the world. In reality this rests on the conviction that thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit the powers of this world have been vanquished and set in service of the gospel, the church, and mission. We must use their forces in the interest of evangelism. … But what happens is the exact opposite. The church and mission are penetrated by the power and completely turned aside from their truth by the corruption of power. When Jesus says that his kingdom is not of this world, he says clearly what he intends to say. He does not validate any worldly kingdom (even if the ruler be a Christian).”
    –Jacque Ellul (1912-1994), ‘The Subversion of Christianity’ published in 1984

  9. Em says:

    Do we confuse being resolute and firm with meanness?
    Exactly what does it mean to be wise, but harmless!

  10. Eric says:

    Yesterday’s election resulted in a surprise win for the Liberals (the main Conservative party). Like the Trump win, many people I see online are upset, not just because their side lost but because they had felt sure of winning. I’m speaking tonight on John 21 and will touch on the feelings of the disciples through all that happened to Jesus.

  11. Eric says:

    I would have preferred Labor (they’re like the US Democrats) to win, but I’m not too bothered. The continuing prime minister Scott Morrison, in US terms, is a Bush rather than a Trump. A pentecostal, he has occasionally been filmed in church. Today’s newspaper headline is “miracle man”. In some Aussie churches today his re-election will be celebrated as a miracle, a win for religious freedom. Other Christians will be mourning that we still have an uncompassionate government that disregards “the least of these”.
    The alt-right vote was up this time too.
    A more disappointing thing is that the election was won by a fear rather than hope. The Liberals won with a dishonest scare campaign regarding Labor’s proposed tax reforms, just as Labor did in 1993, blatantly lying about the Libs’ planned tax reforms that time. Fear works and subsequent elections will be therefore be meaner.

  12. Michael says:


    The use of fear has worked well here too…to the point of inventing crises if there isn’t one.
    I don’t think a democracy can hold too long this way…

  13. bob1 says:

    The use of fear has worked well here too…to the point of inventing crises if there isn’t one.

    Yes. This is a defining trait of Trump and his ilk. And a favorite tactic of authoritarians,
    autocrats and dictators.

    I like the idea of paper ballots in 2020. Especially since some in our Congress seem totally
    tone -deaf about another (worse than 2016) bout of Russian tampering and meddling in our democracy.

  14. S. Barnard says:

    Em…….sounds like maybe that may be an issus for you Em…..I’m sorry. If you get confused. I will pray that God will show you the difference. You can be resolute and firm…….which has nothing to do with being mean. Wow……Perhaps you haven’t been treated horribly mean. I certainly hope not. But it. Is short sighted to treat the two as if they are the same. It certainly is not the case. God Bless.

  15. Em says:

    Thank you, S. Barnard – i do appreciate your thoughts – i do agree that standing firm is a long way from mean and yet so many do equate the two…. We are less like Jesus than we think we are, perhaps?
    Bob1, YES, YES paper ballots… Much harder to skew the counts

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