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  1. I went to my 30th high school reunion yesterday. I hated high school. I keep in touch with exactly 2 people in person, one of which reconnected with over a year ago whom I don’t remember talking with at all those 4 years, though we did in junior high. People change a lot. Since I’m long past the i introverted dude I was, I went up and started a conversation with one of the former football jocks. It was short, but friendly.

    We graduated from a small mountain high school with about 800 total in 4 classes. One of our crew came out as a woman this past year. “She” generated some conversation off line. I’m not one to judge, she’s not in the church. I and my aforementioned friend brought our kids, the only ones. I was surprised at the number of us who had kids as older parents, into our 40s. Two dads had kids into their mid to late 40s, though having had previous kids in their 20s. One of them, who converted to the LDS, had remarried and had an 11 year old, but had a 29 yo daughter from her first marriage and was a grandma. That was a trip. I talked to her and her husband, and also this morning at the hotel we were staying at. He had done his mission in San Jose where I live, almost 30 years ago, though he was from Texas.

    Time heals a lot of wounds, and age gives perspective in that younger me was hurt, but that older me had moved on and that my perspective was more mature. It made me think that our views of truth can change over time.

    Still, a couple of us saw the old cliques, but like my challenge to that football jock, I realized that our perceptions are colored by our pasts, and that it’s up to us to change our perceptions rather than to ruminate and be stuck upon old pains.

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    The New Victor,

    I went to my H.S. 20th reunion back in 2006 and found a similar phenom…most people were more mature and welcoming. Sure there were a few people there who didn’t really leave their H.S. attitudes in the past, but most were very nice.

  3. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    nominee for linkathon, WORLD on ECFA as a rubber stamp with a history of fiscal scandal happening under its nose going back .. . quite some time.

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