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  1. erunner says:

    Music is up for the week. A bit of a twist in that it’s all instrumental. Drop by and have a listen!

  2. Reuben says:

    Third! Mow the lawn today…

    There are some things that I dont miss about this time of year.

  3. Gary says:

    Wednesday I was laid off. Today I finish my work with this company I’ve been with over ten years and interview with my new company.

  4. Steve Wright says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Gary.

  5. jlo says:

    Gary, praying for quick employment.

  6. mrtundraman says:

    Gary, Hopefully the next job may be even better… If this is the right job, I hope you get it.

    I had a great interview once. Thought for sure I had the job – it was an an Engineering Director for the local branch of a company. The final interview was at the home office. The President was the last one I talked with. He asked about my experiences as a pastor. He then said he googled me and asked me what I thought of Greg Laurie. I didn’t get the offer so i assumed that he didn’t like my CC wiki page, since I am not anonymous there. It made me angry but they closed the local division a year later and now I think he just knew that was planned and didn’t want to have to hire me then let me go later.

    I guess sometimes these things turn out for our best. I wish you well…

  7. Gary says:

    My boss didn’t want to let me go. He gave me the name of his competitor and told me he’d give me a good recommendation. I called and they already knew who I was from customers. Pretty cool!

  8. Xenia says:

    What’s everybody’s favorite part of camping? Breakfast! Greasy bacon, badly-cooked eggs, burnt toast and gritty coffee cooked over an open fire. Yum! For me, all the rest of camping was just time-filler until it was time for breakfast again.

    So why not skip the musty sleeping bags the spider-infested outhouse, the mosquitoes, the poison oak, and skip to the best part? After a comfy night spent in your own bed, fix breakfast in your back yard over a campfire!

    That’s what we did this morning. πŸ™‚

  9. Xenia says:

    May God grant Gary a good interview.

  10. Gary says:

    Greg Laurie as a character reference. That’s kinda funny cuz Greg Laurie IS a character.

  11. Gary says:

    Xenia! You’re speaking my language! I love camping. I love everything about it. We go to the north coast where God goes on His vacation.
    I love sitting around the campfire, hiking, finding Agates on the beach, early morning brew, hokey ranger programs, bbq…

  12. Becky says:

    Xenia- I dislike camping a lot. I don’t mind the wilderness, I enjoy the laughter and food with friends, but in CO it is freezing cold at night in the mountains. I do not like being cold. I don’t like peeing in the woods. I like the idea of campfire in our backyard. We even have a fire pit. Just need to get a bear to beat on the door, a raccoon to sniff around and a lion to scare the heck out of everybody. Oh and a deer to wonder through the backyard. And we could build a pond in a container and go fishing. Catch and release of course. But the hiking in the neighborhood is terrible. πŸ™‚

  13. Nonnie says:

    Xenia, we would make perfect camping buddies. I HATE cooking breakfast on an open fire, but like waking up in the forest or by the river or lake. You can cook and we can ALL enjoy the camp out. πŸ˜€

  14. Xenia says:

    We should all go camping together some day. We’d all have a great time!

  15. Xenia says:

    I am feeling very chipper today because after months I finally finished this *&#^^@+# baby blanket I have been trying to knit. I would knit five rows and tear out six. I would sit down to a 18 inch blanket and after three hours of misery it would be 15 inches long. I knitted most of it three times over. But yesterday I finally finished the wretched thing and can give it to its intended recipient, who was born two weeks ago already.

  16. Gary says:

    Making breakfast at camp is a lot of work. We would only do it once during our camping week. I never burned the bacon. Camp toast (pan fried with butter melted on both sides) was the best! Eggs to order. I would get up an hour before daylight and get first Agates on the beach. Then I’d warm up with a cup of coffee. Then brekky. Before it was ready my wife and kids would be up and ready to scarf.

  17. Gary says:

    That’s a -um- colorful blanket, Xenia. My daughter had a hard time learning to knit. Now she’s a pro.

  18. Xenia says:

    Gary, it is a lot of work. We only do it a few times every summer.

  19. Neo. says:

    Who knows the name of the Prime Minister of Canada? Lol.

  20. Gary says:

    Canada? Isn’t that a suburb of England?

  21. PP Vet says:

    Open Blogging Note:

    Powerball has put four of our children through college tuition-free, three more to go.

    Unfortunately, to get them thru grad school I might have to actually buy tickets.

  22. South Dakota is determined to make sure that my car gets hail damage before I leave here. Three episodes of hail in 2 hours and the last was golf ball sized. I basically lived in Mississippi all my life and could count the amount of times I saw hail there on one hand. In three years here, I can longer do that. Yet one more thing I will chalk up to not missing about this state, along with the snow.

    I love camping, but I love hiking more. Planning an AT hike at some point in the future…I just hope it doesn’t just stay in the planning stage.

  23. Linnea says:

    Services for our friend’s son today. A lovely memorial and tribute in an old park with big trees and wonderful reflections of a short life well-lived. We saw many families and grown children that we knew as we started in the Christian faith, as well as the pastor that married us all.

    It was a wonderful homecoming in so many ways and I went away with the strong thought that we are better together.

    As believers, God calls us to go many different directions as He calls. But it sure is wonderful to come home to your roots, even on such a tragic occasion as this.

  24. brian says:

    I will admit I bought a ticket or two, I did a horrid evil and satanically inspired sin, I hoped. Trust me I have tried so hard to repent of hope, knowing how God hates hope, I get that, actually I get that in spades. So we agree we should not hope and that gets a big amen What do we do ? I dont know, well actually I block all links that lead to any type of hope. I get that part, I really do.

  25. PP Vet says:

    Five years ago Todd Bentley fell. Everyone – I mean everyone – at PP besides me kicked dirt on his grave and swore he would never be heard from again.

    At this moment Todd is preaching live to millions. Nine people are online at PP.

    Make your application.

  26. rick says:

    PP Vet
    Where are you getting your numbers from? God TV?
    Millions, PLease.

  27. PP Vet says:

    Obviously, estimating TV viewership is very subjective. It is not unreasonable to be skeptical of ministry number claims.

    So here is my reasoning, which you are free to question.

    God TV claims a potential viewership of about a billion people. I am estimating that only about one out of five hundred have actually tuned in at any time in the past few weeks when it has been featuring Todd live. I think that is reasonably conservative, and that would make two million, which is millions.

    God TV claims 1500 “God TV Living Rooms” in homes have registered to show the Bentley South Africa broadcasts to groups. Certainly many churches have done the same.

    Based on the stir his visit to South Africa has caused, I would not be surprised if many of South Africa’s 50 million residents are tuning in.

    Perhaps it is fewer than two million, but probably still more than the nine – now ten – folks on this site at the moment. πŸ™‚

    I am not promoting Todd Bentley. I am not claiming he is a proven ministry that anyone should accept. I have never sent him money or purchased any of his materials.

    I am simply pointing out the arrogance and stupidity and simple wrongness of the Pharisees who post and comment here. They have unanimously condemned Todd. They are smarter, wiser, and more mature than myself, certainly. And perhaps they are right that the devil himself has sent Todd to lead thousands to Christ.

    But in this particular case, in predicting his ministry was over, they were dead wrong, and, and as usual, will no doubt be unwilling to admit it.

    Having watched some today, I will say this: he appears to have today convinced a lot of gullible people to believe that their blind eyes could see and their deaf ears could hear.

    Or, who knows, perhaps God was in the place.

  28. Neo. says:

    Just a general observation re: our culture:

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Homosexuality?

  29. Gary says:

    I’m not obsessed with
    -what is that word you used?

  30. brian says:

    PPvet I did not kick dirt on Todd Bentley I did shovel dirt on what he said and did because it gutted people.I know I tried to contact Mr. Bentley saying he should try to stay with his first wife as she was sick and maybe he was wrong to go to restitution while leaving his first family. Of course I was wrong in all that, he left her, married a good looking wife and is still pulling down a paycheck which I am sure is far more then I will ever made, to my shame.

  31. brian says:

    PS I knew for a fact and stated it a few times, he would be back. He can still draw a crowd and he can still do the most important thing in ministry, create and maintain a revenue stream. The nano second he cant he will truly learn what it is to be kicked to the curb by the company.

  32. London says:

    I am not promoting Todd Bentley.

    Ummmm….yes you are

  33. London says:

    That dude is the ringmaster of a giant circus is all

  34. brian says:

    “I have never sent him money or purchased any of his materials.”

    Then you like all the rest of us who have not mean absolutely nothing to him what so ever. Trust me Todd rakes in cash and has a house someone helped him get. In my life never, not once, and I will admit I am a bit jealous. But I lack the moral fiber and spiritual insight he does to be able to do to people in need what he does to them. Same on me.

  35. brian says:

    same = Shame

  36. brian says:

    Oh man I saw this coming but I did not think Yahoo would actually do it, they are going to buy Tumblr for 1.1 billion. The moment they impose their standard TOS like they will have to the “cockroaches” that migrate to some of the high volume sites will run for the shadows. Dont get me wrong the micro blogging space is big with the young trendy segment and in that thinking it makes sense but there is an under current that was problematic in the alt. Hierarchy on Usenet, it was the massive exchange of real raunchy content. On some of the sites / threads there is some very bad content. In a way I hope Yahoo can wash this tech and make it more focused on the active exchange of content and not perv city. So maybe this could be good. Man 1.1 billion talk about a great exit, but somethings cost to much. Oh man there I go again.

    Marissa Mayer is an amazing women and has helped save Yahoo, she also seems to really care for her employees from what I have read. Ms. Mayer you were born one year before I got “online”, been there ever sense, their is an underside and some content at Tumblr caters to an aspect of our society we need to try to change. I hope you do that by making it clear what will and will not be allowed. Take the higher road, it seems you have from what I have read.

  37. brian says:

    Speaking of high strangeness

    The first thing that struck me was not the content it was Oprah’s suit. Those threads made me want to be abducted by aliens with better fashion sense. John Mack really believed this to his detriment and unfortunately was run over by a drunk driver in London. I have met some folks that have had these experiences and they dont want publicity and they really believed it happened to them. Having had several, well actually normal gut wrenching nightmares of hell, God’s wrath, the left behind dreams. Yes the screams are real, at least in my case they are. But the skeptic in me, thank God, I realize much of this is emotional and I repudiate most of this clap trap. But these folks really believe this nonsense. Well actually it is not nonsense that we are the only sentient life form in this galaxy or universe. It is truly arrogant to think we are the only sentient beings in our galaxy or in the universe.

    We are not the only lifeforms that have achieved Sentience in this universe, that is a fact. We may not be able to communicate with these civilizations, but we live in a very large universe. The eye witness testimony is at times compelling but I doubt we have had contact. I think we want contact so that makes people seek it. But I do believe we are not alone in our galaxy or universe, I think there may well be hundreds if not thousands of civilizations in our galaxy. I think there are millions of civilizations in our universe not counting any issues of the multiverse.

    Of course all of this in nonsense and supernatrualism just does not happen even when our theology demands that it does. What makes their stories any less credible from those of thousands of Christian testimonies. Not one thing ever.

  38. As long as there are people like PP Vet around, there will always be a crowd for the Elmer Gantry’s.

  39. David sloane says:

    Wow Brian. What about the burning bush that Moses encountered? And all of the stuff he did for God to Egypt to obtain the Jewish slaves their freedom. And what about walking on water and blind people seeing and deaf people hearing etc…

    These things are found in the “supernaturalism” realm folder.

    As far as being “credible” it is hard for us who were not there when this stuff happened to personally know anything other than to believe or not believe it happens or happened…

    For me, I have personally heard the voice of Christ. And He stood next to me once. Can I prove it? No. Will anyone believe me, most likely not. But it happened to me none the less.

    On another note I am struggling with the miracles reported by the fund raiser Todd Bentley. Lol.

    Another night spent awake.

  40. rick says:

    PP Vet Todd Bentley is a fraud and those that following him are lazy spiritually.
    Those who stand with him in his so called restoration are just as guilty as he is. He is a proven liar. He is a drunkard. He is an adulterer who dumped his wife and children. As far as drawing millions of viewers, who is suppling the numbers? God TV, please!

  41. PP Vet says:

    I cannot think of anyone falsely accused by name here at PP that I have not defended over the past seven years. There are many.

    Is it because I am a great fan of all those?


    It is because as someone who posts here, I have to make it clear that I will not be identified with scurrilous behavior.

    To use this site as a platform for false or mean-spirited accusations against real people using their real names is just that.

    I will not be party to it, and I disavow it.

  42. Believe says:

    I think we need to love and forgive Todd Bentley and leave it to the Lord and not judge him.

  43. Believe says:

    Christian Fundamentalism demands we lash out at a Todd Bentley or someone we disagree with (either doctrine or their behavior/actions).

    Christian Fundamentalism compels us to judge and to want justice and to want equal scales and to want to correct what we see as wrong and sin or bad doctrine etc.

    It is not the “love” and “peace” and “forgiveness” and “judge not” and the “leave it to the Lord” etc that Christian Fundamentalists trot out when they are under scrutiny.

    If we are truly to love, forgive unilaterally and not judge and leave everything to the Lord, then I’m guessing that Universal that is expressed when push comes to shove, should be adhered to Universally.

  44. Believe says:

    God told me that, btw, so if you don’t like it, take it up with Him πŸ™‚

  45. Gary says:

    What if I want to post but I see a no-win situation? What if I want to ignore posters that are just here to vent and argue and be stupid? What if I just close the window? What if I see them on other blogs? What if I take it until I blast the fools and I’m gone?

  46. mrtundraman says:

    “If we are truly to love, forgive unilaterally and not judge and leave everything to the Lord, then I’m guessing that Universal that is expressed when push comes to shove, should be adhered to Universally.”

    No, there seem to be some unforgiveable sins among those who say we are to always forgive. Not sure that they have cognitive dissonance working right in their brains. They can say that they believe one thing at one moment then the exact opposite a moment later. Maybe even in the same breath. They call for vengeance, they demand justice, they say that there’s no way to return from this. Yet the decry vengence, say we should not seek justice and say that God is all about second chances.

  47. Believe says:

    “They call for vengeance, they demand justice, they say that there’s no way to return from this. Yet the decry vengence, say we should not seek justice and say that God is all about second chances.”

    Agreed, I see that often from folks who claim that position when it’s a person or issue that is sacred to them.

  48. mrtundraman says:

    When the Bible talks about forgiveness it uses a curious phrase, “from the heart”. Not “in the heart” as many perceive forgiveness, but “from the heart.” Forgiveness isn’t something which we do in our mind, it’s something we do with another person. It comes from the inside of us and proceeds outward. It involves releasing the debt that the other person owes us.

    When someone sins against us there’s no one to forgive but the person who did the sin. We can’t forgive them to God (as in secretly in prayer in our mind), but can only forgive the person themselves.

  49. PP Vet says:

    “Whose sins ye remit, they are remitted.”

  50. Gary says:

    Maybe youz guys could remit each other’s sins and be done with it.

  51. Gary says:

    Is this the open flogging thread? I’m looking for some remittance. Just a wee bit.

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