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  1. I proxy a FIRST!!! for Bob Sweat. 🙂

  2. Reuben says:

    That took 29 minutes…

  3. erunner says:

    Music is up for the week. Feel free to drop by and have a listen. Focusing on two artists….. Robin Mark and Godfrey Birtill.

  4. Em says:

    World magazine is addressing the subject of neuroscience in their latest issue and – IMO we’re going to have to “gird our loins” again for another battle for the Faith

    for my simple mind, it probably is enough to say that Scripture references to heart and mind have nothing to do with bodily organs … well, they do but …

    earlier this year i started delving onto (can’t say “into” – i’m not going to accomplish that in this lifetime) neuroscience for two reasons: 1- the brain fascinates me and 2- the research capabilities are just exploding, creating the risk that our Faith will be lumped in with religious experiences which can be measured as brain activity – IMO that gives science much more ammunition to refute the existence of our God than does evolution – IMO 🙂

    the “Music is up” and all’s right with the world today

  5. Em says:

    the “Music is up and all’s right…” rereading that it sounds sarcastic and what i meant was what i thought i said 🙄 and thank you E

  6. Another Voice says:

    Note to EM: You might be interested in the movie: ‘Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story’

    (actually any of you would likely enjoy the movie. I mention EM because Dr. Carson was a neurosurgeon)

  7. Em says:

    thanks AV, i’ll look for it on Netflix

  8. Just to finish off a point from the other day about synonyms and people who want to divide them up into entirely different and separate events (I think we were talking about the multiplicity of baptisms vs ONE baptism)

    The same is true with the end times – these are synonyms for the same event / happening.
    Day of the Lord
    The Blessed Hope
    The Rapture
    The Glorious Appearing
    The Great White Throne
    The Sheep & the Goats

  9. Em says:

    MLD – even so, Come Lord Jesus – oh Lord please … come soon

  10. BrianD says:

    Good website for those who are into discounted Christian ebooks….

  11. Em says:

    AV, you blessed me by suggesting that movie today – took my mind off of stuff that i needed to take my mind off of – thank you – if anyone has a child that is being picked on the movie should be valuable to them – i understand that surgeons tend to be right brain dominant and lack people skills 😆 – neuroscience is what has grabbed my attention (no blood), but i am in awe of anyone who can open up a skull and work in that complex maze
    Ben Carson is an “is” btw, not a “was”

  12. good to see a functioning BrianD here, too

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