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  1. Captain Kevin says:


  2. Captain Kevin says:

    Now that I’m first, I think I’ll go back to bed!

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    That church growth pic reminds me of how mushrooms grow. You know, keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em a load of crap!

  4. Captain Kevin says:

    Second, third and fourth. Hey, where is everybody?

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Surely some of you east-coasters are up by now.

  6. Captain Kevin says:

    Good morning, Michael. I hope you are on the mend. Been praying for you.

  7. Captain Kevin says:

    BTW, where did you get that profile pic of me? After being on Prednisone and Lyrica, that is pretty much what I look like these days. Grrr…

  8. Captain Kevin says:

    Welcome to the Captain Kevin Thread everyone!!!!!

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Feel free to add your own comments at any time…really…it’s Ok…I don’t mind sharing.

  10. Dusty says:

    Oh Captain Kevin…you are so funny.

    How are you feeling? Been praying for your health….more so now that school has started…seems every school year you get sick so often.

  11. Captain Kevin says:

    Dusty!!!!!!! Hi. Been feeling pretty cruddy. Joint pain, muscle weakness, overall fatigue, numbness in my legs and ankles for the first couple of hours each day, headaches, difficulty swallowing, weight gain. I’m sure I’ve left something out. I’m on some very strong meds. Am seeing an infectious disease specialist to try to determine if these issues could be related to all the black mold I recently discovered in my classroom. Sorry, that’s probably more than you wanted to know, but I knew if I shared it all with you, that you would pray.

    How have you been feeling these days? I haven’t been able to keep up with everybody on the PP like I used to.

  12. JimB says:

    I have a discussion topic for you today?

    In what ways do you think that Jesus revealed His authority when He was upon the earth?

  13. Concerned says:

    Captain Kevin…

    Black mold is very dangerous.
    There was a school in our area that did not take care of the black mold until some parents contacted the media.

    There are many alternative treatments.
    Check it out on the net.

    I hope that isn’t the case for you.

  14. Concerned says:

    IP-6 adn Innositol is a good one to check out, for the immune system.
    Helps increase natural killer cells.

    Of course,you need to check with your physican first (disclaimer)

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    Thanks Concerned. I’m putting together a binder of all the research I’ve been doing. If you have anything specific you think I should read, please let me know. Blessings…

  16. Captain Kevin says:

    Cleansing the temple comes to mind. Also, He spoke “as one having authority.” I haven’t studied this out, but my hunch is that this refers to WHAT He said as well as HOW He said it.

  17. JimB says:


    Yes! Thank you. Here is another one. Jesus showed His authority on the earth by casting out demons, remember He said that one must first bind the strongman…

  18. Xenia says:

    Good morning PPeeps!

    One way Jesus demonstrated His authority was the Transfiguration.

  19. JimB says:


    Very good! Yes, He was transformed into His glory briefly. Here is another one, Jesus showed His authority on earth by calming the wind and the waves. All of nature responded to His word…

  20. Pilgrim says:

    “Even the waves and the seas obey Him”

  21. Captain Kevin says:

    Dusty? Did I miss you? Guess I took too long to reply. Back later. Y’all have a blessed day!

  22. JimB says:


    Yes! Here is another one. Jesus showed His authority when upon the earth by forgiving sinners of their sins…

  23. victorious says:

    Before Jesus cast out demons He overcame the temptations of the evil one in the wilderness.

    Before Jesus demonstrated His authority the Father testified to His identity and authority by speaking at His baptism and simultaneously and ratified His authority by sending the Spirit upon Him.

  24. Drew says:

    Jesus showed His authority over the Sabbath:
    – He healed on the Sabbath
    – He called it His.

    He showed His authority over the doctors of His age:
    – Healed a man born blind by putting using the practice of making mud (on the Sabbath, mind you, this was considered work) and giving Him sight.

    Showed His authority over the traditional cleansing ritual water:
    – by using it to make wine at a wedding.

    “as one who has authority…” One who could interpret scripture during the Synagogue reading. Not your normal Rabbi.

  25. JimB says:


    Excellent! Jesus authority seen by His resisting of temptations and the Father showing His approval by the sending of the Spirit upon Him. Here is another one. Jesus showed His authority upon the earth by His teaching, for He taught them not as their teachers but as one having authority.

  26. centorian says:

    the swine flu hysteria has hit this area. not sure anyone knows what they are talking about…….too many conflicting stories regarding diagnosis….
    I think I’ll go to Yuma for the winter….

  27. Erunner says:

    Jesus demonstrated His authority through His teachings. He was not like the scribes or the Pharisees. How do we recognize teaching with authority currently?

  28. centorian says:

    Authority? it comes from Jesus, it’s about Jesus and becoming conformed into His image.

  29. Erunner says:

    I have a question that I’d struggling with a bit. It has to do with music. I post music each week on my blog. I typically post what I believe will minister to others and quite often I base that on what ministers to me.

    There are some who would have issues because I post music from the Vineyard. All of their Hank Hannegraff teaching runs through their head and they get nervous. Yet their music is sold all over. At Berean bookstores they weren’t carrying much because newer stuff was “out performing” it.

    Yet many who might cringe at Vineyard fill their churches and bookstores with Hillsong music. Evidently they aren’t aware that Hillsong is a word faith movement much like the vineyard. They also aren’t aware of the scandal in their past regarding their “ministry” to those with eating disorders which included casting demons out of these poor victims. It’s been buried pretty much. I also use Hillsong.

    Yesterday I came across some music that really ministers to me. The singer is Kim Walker/Jesus Culture. It seems if you connect the dots they can be traced to the renewal movement and some of the folks in the Todd Bentley fiasco.

    Can I separate the music from movements people gravitate towards and even endorse? How does one draw that line? I’m not interested if you happen to believe the music sucks or not as that isn’t relevant. I find it humorous when folks bag on music and then I finally hear what they deem as good and it makes me chuckle. I’ll leave a link to one song I really enjoy. At the four minute mark or so she makes a reference to a slobbering kiss which seemed odd. Anyway I’d appreciate feedback. God bless!

  30. JimB says:

    Jesus also showed His authority while on earth by the fact that He healed all who were sick who came to Him, including even those with leprosy, and, he even made the blind to see, some who had been blind from birth…

  31. Drew says:


    “Can I separate the music from movements people gravitate towards and even endorse? How does one draw that line? ”

    Here is what I ran into years ago. Phillips, Craig and Dean make some of the best sounding and moving music out there. But, they are “Oneness Pentecostals” which I can not affirm or support. So quite frankly when they come on the radio I turn them off and will not purchase any of there music.

    I personally feel the same about Hillsong. Brian’s teachings just stink.

    Somewhere God calls us to a personal stand and you have to decide where that line is for you. I believe this one fits in the personal level so post what you are led to by your heart to do. Kind of like who you vote for in the presidential election.



  32. victorious says:

    Erunner: In Revelation 2 and 3 I believe Jesus distinguished individuals from the movement. Reading the letters He addressed to the churches; Jesus never side stepped the issues and problems but He never stopped appealing to and ministering to people in the movements.

    His appeal was for people to recognize His active presence in their midst and respond to Him on the basis of His authority and ministry in their midst by the Holy Spirit.

    Share the music with the intent that Jesus will enable those who hear to overcome as they engage with their struggle in the light of His presence.

  33. JimB says:

    I have to run out for a few hours, so I will add one more. Jesus showed His authority on the earth by His wisdom in confounding those who sought to trap Him with their questions…

  34. Erunner says:

    Drew and Vic, Thank you so much for your input. I have already posted this weeks music and it includes two of Kim Walker’s songs. Their is a song for Psalm62 if she drops by. It’s evident quickly what song it is.

    Drew, I differ with you as far as Hillsong but agree when it comes to PC&D. I draw the line there as they preach another Jesus.

    Vic, Thank you for your thoughts on the churches spoken of in Revelation 2&3. Anyway, the music is up and there are some beautiful songs that I’m excited to post. God bless!

  35. philbertz says:

    lots of worship leaders in churches are no more discerning than music industry personnel in identifying errant concepts and teaching in the lyrics of popular music. Often songs sung in worship are blatantly contradictory to the teaching from the pulpit they preceed. I suppose the pastor should notice, too, huh?

  36. Tim says:

    E –
    I think it’s possible to separate it. After all, many of the Hillsongs stuff is not much more than some of the Psalms put to modern day music. A lot of the Vineyard stuff are great prayers, lyrically. (PC&D are another category, in my opinion. Like you said, they preach another Jesus…but then again, they generally just do covers of other people’s worship songs anyway.)

    Just use discernment with the lyrics. When I was listening to a lot of Hillsongs, I found probably 80% of their lyrics were right-on, but the rest reflected some of the prosperity teaching found in their church. Same thing with Israel Houghton (Lakewood Church), Vineyard, etc.

  37. Tim says:

    To clarify with PC&D…my use of “their” songs would be different from your use. For instance, our worship team plays “Your Name” (written by Paul Baloche; made popular by PC&D…I heard the Baloche version first). I don’t think of it as a PC&D song at all, though someone else might. However, I wouldn’t upload the PC&D version of the song to our website, simply because PC&D would be singing it.

  38. Psalm62 says:

    Erunner, I am deprived of your site’s contents by my old OS on my iMac – many web-sites I can’t visit (PP’s regular site requires so much tweeking to post that I lose the thot of the thread half the time) and now I am left hanging by a curioisity thread… ahh me…

    I don’t deserve any sympathy, I just don’t want to spend the money for a new Mac and won’t settle for an expensive PC (although my daughter has an e-something or other notebook that only cost $300-something)… this is open blogging isn’t it?

    perhaps, I need prayer?

    busy house here this week end, but am in an out and feeling very guilty for my part in discouraging a patient, gracious pastor over on the other thread…

  39. Xenia says:

    Psalmy, you can get a adorable mini-laptop for around $300. That’s what I have, a little ten-inch HP which works extremely well. The only thing it lacks is a CD / DVD drive and I seldom used that on my old PC.

  40. A E A says:

    I’m just trying to figure out how Michael got a picture of my profile and posted it for the thread.

    I’m just glad I was sucking it in at the time otherwise I would have been really embarrassed.

  41. Tim says:

    AEA – 😆

  42. Concerned says:

    Captain Kevin,

    I would urge the school to get in a Mold Inspector to evaluate the situation.
    They will do several samples.
    If the school doesn’t comply, I would contact the School Board.

    Since you say you “discovered” black mold, has this been confirmed.
    Many of the symptoms you have can be connected with mold.

    This can be extremely dangerous for yourself and the kids.

    I had a friend whose daughter came down with chronic sinus symptoms.
    The mom had black circles under her eyes, depression, joint pain, fatigue,and I asked her if there was any mold in the house because she had tried many approaches for her daughter.

    A few months later I saw her and she told me she had an inspector come in and they had to tear her entire kitchen apart due to mold from a leak fromn her refrigerator pipe that leaked water into 2 of the walls.

    Don’t underestimate black mold.
    It can be a deadly fungus.

  43. Sarah says:

    Hey all. Just coming in for a second to ask for prayer. Good friends of ours daughter is in the hospital in a coma with no known reason. They are doing spinal tap and mri…she is 21 and newly married.

  44. Concerned says:


    Praying for your friends daugher…
    No symptoms?

    How are you-how is your mom doing?

  45. dusty says:

    Captain k,Sorry i had to get to work. On lunch now. I’m so sorry you are so ill. No fun. 🙁 i will be in prayer for you about your concerns and about the blackmold. Take care of yourself.

  46. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you, Concerned. I have taken pictures of the mold and invited the head of maintenance to meet with me so I can show him where I found it. In my email to him, I cc’d my principal, my union rep, and the superintendent.

  47. Captain Kevin says:

    Sarah, wow, definitely praying.

  48. Captain Kevin says:

    For what it’s worth, when I lead worship, I use songs from pretty much all the sources in question. However, I try to be very discerning about the lyrics. If anything raises a flag, I usually ere on the side of tossing it.

  49. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you Dusty!

  50. Captain Kevin says:

    AEA, sorry bro, I beat you to that one!


  51. Nonnie says:

    Sarah, Praying for your friend and family.

  52. Sister Christian says:


    Joining in prayer for your friends daughter.

    Capt Kevin,
    praying for you as well!

  53. Sarah says:

    Thanks all….I don’t know much more than what I posted.

    Concerned…I’m doing alright, a bit overwhelmed at the moment and have caught some virus, so I’m just in hiding for awhile. Mom is mom…about the same.

  54. JimB says:

    Ok, I am back now and I have a few more to add to the list of the ways in which Jesus revealed His authority when He was upon the earth:

    -When He miraculously fed the 4,000 and 5,000 and performed other miracles.
    -When He showed that He had power over death when He raised from the dead Lazarus, Jairus’ daughter, and the widow of Nain’s son.
    -When He walked right through the midst of those sent from the Pharisees who were trying to bind Him and arrest (no one could harm Him until He determined the time).
    -When He spoke prophetically on the Mount of Olives and revealed what the future will hold (see Matt. 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13).

    Any other things come to your mind?

  55. JimB says:

    Ok, here are a couple more. Jesus showed that He had authority when He was upon the earth:

    -When He showed He had authority even over the Law of Moses by touching the lepers as He healed them in violation of the letter of the Law.
    -When the demons themselves recognized who He was and declared aloud to Jesus that Jesus was the Holy One who had come to judge and condemn them.

  56. Nonnie says:

    Sarah, I hope you don’t have what I have. Pretty miserable, and I don’t have small children to take care of. Will be praying for you dear sister.

  57. A E A says:

    Sorry Capt. I missed your 7:46.

    Scary the resemblance. Maybe were kin? 🙂

  58. Erunner says:

    philbertz, CK and Tim, Thanks for your comments. Are there specific songs anyone might think of that fall into the category of not representing God properly? I did pull one video I was going to post as the lead singer was dressed in what I thought was inappropriate clothing. I used the same song where they did a slide show with the lyrics. God bless!

  59. JimB says:


    I didn’t read your 8:56am post until just now. You have several good points about ways in which Jesus showed His authority while on earth:

    Jesus showed His authority over the Sabbath:
    – He healed on the Sabbath
    – He called it His.

    He showed His authority over the doctors of His age:
    – Healed a man born blind by putting using the practice of making mud (on the Sabbath, mind you, this was considered work) and giving Him sight.

    Showed His authority over the traditional cleansing ritual water:
    – by using it to make wine at a wedding.

  60. A E A says:

    When He asked the band in the garden who they were seeking and they answered Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them “I Am” and they drew back and fell to the ground.

  61. JimB says:


    Thanks! Yes, that is an awesome sign. Here’s another one. Jesus showed His authority when He was upon the earth when He inagurated the new covenant in His blood with His disciples at that last supper before His crucifixion.

  62. A E A says:

    Instituting the New Covenant. That shows authority.

    It doesn’t matter what Testament I am reading, I am just so thankful that I was born this side of the cross.

    I’m heading for home,

  63. Concerned says:

    Captain Kevin,

    Some good info Re: Black mold for the layperson.
    If you want medical journal info I can send that as well.

  64. Concerned says:

    Another one…
    Just look at the symptoms one can have.
    We have huge problems with black mold in Florida.
    Removal is a real issue as the spores can be deadly when released.

  65. Captain Kevin says:

    AEA, all this time and I didn’t realize it was you! 😉

  66. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you Concerned. I’ll check those out.

  67. Dusty says:

    yikes! This is a bit scary…no way would I get this…

  68. james tiberius kirk says:

    Someone lent me a copy of their “Jesus Culture CD”…it was one of the best I’ve ever heard (although it is a little more rockin’ than many might like–yet verrry slow in other tracks).

    I started listening to the Bible Experience and someone here had a problem with T.D. Jakes doing one of the voices because of his “modalism” (?).

    It’s the actual WORDS of the BIBLE!
    It’s not like I’m listening to a sermon of his…are his “dangerous ideas” going to come through in his tone of voice?

    I’d listen to the words of those musicians and judge based on those.

  69. puzzletop says:


    Hey, my dog has one of those verichips! Now I know what it was he was trying to tell me all along. Gee, he sure is smart! I’m convinced now that he really really cares by having that verichip.

    Ummm… but I think I will skip having one implanted just now since I really don’t have a master that will do that to me yet. My dog is also neutered. Umm.. I’ll skip that one too, I think.

  70. Concerned says:

    About the chips..Don’t know if they can change the info as the patient gets their meds changed.

    Seems like that would be hard to do once the info is implanted.

  71. Captain Kevin says:

    Concerned, I hope you see this. I meant to add a “yes please” to your offer of medical journal info.

  72. in need of forgiveness says:

    Captain Kevin……praying fervently.

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