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  1. Dread says:

    Ah the Open Blogging to save us from last week’s Open Blogging

    Thank, Trump 2020 — I turned briefly against Trump for his “shooting and looting” tweet. Then the looting started, the shooting didn’t and the Dem mayors blessed and sacralized the desecration of their cities. At that moment I knew I would not join them. I cannot believe that what we’ve seen in the last 6 months is what people want for their nation.

    MAGA Dread

  2. UnCCed says:

    Ditto Dread,
    Except I’ve felt that about the church & country, ON ALL SIDES!!!
    You didn’t have to be a prophet to see all this coming.
    The only difference is now there’s video for all sides to rant about those they don’t like and justify anything of those they do.

  3. Elena says:

    ***Psalm 3:3

    “But You, Lord, are my shield! You are my glory!
    You are the One who restores me. “
    “You are the One who lifts my head”*


    ABC may say such and such about me… I may think or not think much of myself… BUT … God…
    Very personal, not your lordship, not your majesty… but You…
    The creator, the One who holds the universe together, the One who made me and knows my name and everything thought, every pain, every song in my heart, every tear …
    Very present, not was, not will be… but ARE… now!
    My personal, not general… but very personal
    *shield! *
    Protection! I am lonely, fragile, facing daily battles (fear, anxiety, low self esteem, temptations) and only His presence protects and guides me. (His love envelopes me, surrounds me, He holds me in His arms when I cry out in anguish, quiets my heart and fills it with peace and joy.)

    *You are my *
    Very close and personal and present
    What’s good and glorious about me? Nothing BUT God’s presence in me. He makes me shine, to sing, to feel and be seen radiant. It is His glory – what can I boast about But Him and His works!

    *You are *
    again very personal and very present, here and now
    *the *One* *
    God is only One who created me and knows me, who loves me Unconditionally!!! He knows what I’ve done, where I’ve been and He cares and guides where I’m going.
    *who *
    Who indeed? But the One and only Lord of lords, the God of heaven and earth.
    *restores *
    He nudges me lovingly, He shows me the way and guides me on the right path, with His rod and staff sometimes…
    He Fixes what’s broken, replaces what’s lost, provides new paths… He Transforms me, with patience and kindness, little by little, step by step, opening opportunities to meet friends… so that we encourage and uphold each other in the Lord.
    *me. *
    And again: He is a personal God!
    He gave me a new heart ♥️

    You are the One who
    Lifts me off the floor, from the the pits of despair, from the valleys of pain, sorrow and regret, lifts me up with His righteous right hand…
    *my head*
    When my head is bowed low with shame, guilt, pain, defeat, feeling unworthy … He, with a gentle touch, lifts my chin up and says: look at Me, you are Mine, you are perfect the way I made you, I love you, Jesus died for you… Now stop the fret and shine for Me… your work is not finished yet.

  4. Michael says:


    Well done…you have some books on the way.

  5. A Pineapple Head perspective on politics (say that 3 times quickly):

  6. Em says:

    from Pineapple Head’s link:
    ” Political idolatry happens when we begin fixating on what a human leader or political party can do for us more than we focus our eyes on our Heavenly Father, our true provider who calls us to trust him and not worry (Matt. 6:25-34).”
    worth repeating – IMHO

  7. I kind of hate my job, but am thankful to still be working.

    A former co-worker found me on the Nextdoor app. We sat near each other yet she was in a different group. I talked to her but we weren’t close or friends. She was laid off from our company shortly before a bigger company bought us. Then she was hired back as a temp, but the new company fired all temps. She didn’t work for a year (this started in 2012). Then she got a job based upon recommendation from a colleague, but then that company was bought out and they laid a bunch of people off, including her. Good and bad, it was a long commute. Then she got a job closer to home where she is now. Two of her adult kids recently moved back in with her due to losing their jobs due to the California covid shut downs.

    I told her that I was sorry she went through all of that but it was a remarkable story of resilience.

    So I have been contemplating applying for another job, yet it would require too much travel. It’s a world I could have jumped into over ten years ago. Yet I think I can’t do it due to my 8 and almost 11 year old kids needing me. I didn’t exactly pray upon it strongly, but I think I know the answer: be thankful that I am employed and have stability with a flexible schedule to WFH mornings to supervise my kids’ remote schooling, and am paid so I can provide for us. So many locally and across the land are hurting, yet I’m not, so I need to adjust my attitude and work as if for The Lord.

  8. bob1 says:


    I really liked your blog post!

    (Chesterton mused, “Government is an ugly necessity.”) This reminded me of something similar attributed to Winston Churchill: “Democracy is the worst form of government — except for all the others.”

  9. Checked the covid updates last night. Just missed 100, 000 cases in 24 hours.

    Was thinking about all who frequent the PP. Hope everybody is staying safe, whatever your location.

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