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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    Last night just after midnight a strong tornado passed through Newnan, GA. Newnan is where I live. the tornado passed about 3/4 of a mile from my house. We are fine. No damage here, but historic areas of Newnan to our west sustained heavy damage. Pray for those who lost homes and businesses. No fatalities have been reported.

  2. CM says:

    Dan from GA,

    Glad you are safe. Do they know what it was on the EF scale?

    And if you want a little technical reading along the lines of this recent event, here is something for you (just a did a quick and dirty scholar article search):

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    You and yours are in our prayers…

  4. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks CM and Duane! The National Weather Service (NWS) will assign a EF scale to it once they survey the damage path (done on the ground and by air). I believe two NWS agencies will collaborate on this once since the storm started well across the border in Alabama (covered by a different NWS office).

  5. Em says:

    Prayimg for all affected/harmed by this tornado…. radio said it cut a hundred mile swath through the area?

  6. CM says:

    Dan from GA,

    For many, tornadoes seem to be a Great Plains and Southeastern phenomena. But they can occur everywhere just about. Here is a famous one near where I live (albeit many years before I was born):

    This one was a milestone in many ways.

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    I’ll get back to you CM and Em sometime this evening…finishing up my shift.

  8. Em says:

    CM, every now and then an area south of Seattle experiences one – not as destructive as the eastern U.S., but real tornadoes

  9. CM says:


    Dan from GA may be able to add further details, but I _think_ the reason North America has many tornados (especially the US east of the Rockies) is that the cold arctic air flows Southwest along and east of the Rockies and collides with the warm moist air coming up from the Caribbean tropics, creating all kinds of instabilities. The areas of the much of these collisions corresponds to the Great Plains and the Southeast.

  10. CM says:

    Correction Southwest should be South and SSE.

  11. Em says:

    CM, lived on Wichita, KS for six years. It was a phenomena to stand outside and watch the sky. You could see the northern cold front moving down and colliding with whatever was moving up from the south…. Tornadoes? Yep, that too

  12. Em says:

    Probably breaking a rule here and definitely off topic…
    This old fashioned, evangelical conservative ad an aha moment. 😇
    Biden was raised an R.C. He knows he’s had a career as a crooked politician and now he is hoping to avoid purgatory…
    ME, SORRY? uh mebbe…. maybe.. ..

  13. Ethan says:

    Well, I guess, haters gotta hate…

  14. Em says:

    Ethan, no hatred here, just a speculation from my view of old Joe B… negative and hate are not synonomous
    God keep

  15. BrideofChrist says:

    Em, What did Biden do to make you think he is a ” crooked politician”? P!ease be specific because I have never heard anything like that said about Biden before. What exactly did he do to make you think that our current President is “crooked” ? Thanks.

  16. Em says:

    BofC, i won’t list them here, but, if you take a look at how he, his son and brother prospered as Joe threw his weight and influence around, you’ll see where I’m coming from. Is Joe the only crooked politician? No! Are they all Dems? No.

  17. Dread says:

    Anyone concerned about Joe Biden’s mental clarity?

    I mean… he’s clearly unclear.

  18. Michael says:

    Take the teleprompter away from Trump and see how clear he was.
    Biden is not a good interview…no doubt.
    That doesn’t mean he’s suffering from dementia.
    I live with a person with dementia…she speaks well, but she speaks of thongs she no longer knows…

  19. Dread says:


    Biden has 40 years of tape where he’s clear and coherent. He’s so often confused it’s embarrassing. He cannot handle freewheeling press conferences.

    Dementia has many forms. I’m not saying he’s advanced. I am saying he’s unlikely to last 4 years.

    He’s rarely outside very controlled environs. Trump went freewheeling with the press almost daily. He’s got his own problems — low vocabulary and annoying repetition but Biden struggled to even follow his notes.

    The election is over so the comparison is irrelevant. We have a problem with his capacities.

  20. Michael says:


    I listened to some of his answers, particularly on migratory issues.
    He was clear about some things no president in years has been clear about.

    We will continue to focus on his public performance flaws like we focused on Trumps venality…and the issues will just be background noise.
    We are a sorry lot of citizens.

  21. BrideofChrist says:

    Em, Joe Biden’s family helped one another; they used their connections to help one another. That’s called nepotism, but it’s not ” crooked”. If it were crooked ( which means illegal) then nearly every Calvary Chapel pastor would be in prison. Calvary Chapel pastors regularly put their wives and children on the church payrole. Mitch McConnell and his wife are doing the same thing right now as we speak. It’s as American as apple pie. The entire ‘Old Boy’s Club’ preference so prevalent in the U.S. ,is based on the same practice. It’s not “crooked” and it’s not illegal. If Biden is going to Hell for it, then our entire country is going to Hell with him, pastors included. As the Bible says, ” Remove the log from your own site first…. “

  22. Em says:

    BD and Michael, there’s a reason why Joe refers to his Vice as President Harris
    Or so it seems to me… 😏

  23. Em says:

    B of C, sigh… sometimes we see what we want to see … I’m done on this topic
    God keep

  24. Dread says:

    If I talk border with you I’ll get cussed out. So I’ll stick to Biden’s addled brain… and the controlled media that succors him.

  25. Michael says:

    I could care less about all the venom.
    I care about policies.
    I loathe some of what this administration is doing, applaud some as well.
    It is all of secondary importance to me compared to my own behavior , ethics, and stewardship of the people and place God has given me.

  26. Michael says:


    There would be no virtue in cussing you out, nor would there be any benefit in trying to show you things you may not know.
    I believe you are a good and intelligent man and if you had unbiased information we would find much common ground.
    I also know that few will find reliable information about this complex issue, so I leave it to God…perhaps if my surgery is successful, I will champion the matter again, but I’ve already been faithful to slam my head against the walls…

  27. BrideofChrist says:

    Em, “We see what we want to see”. So true, and there is something called truth, and fact. That is also true. Something is either illegal ( crooked) or it’s not. Our entire American Judeo- Christian justice system is based on this premise. So it is very important that we acknowledge that going forward.

  28. Ethan says:

    Biden not in control of his faculties?

    Just more “haters gotta hate” talk.

    Zero evidence, but plenty of bloviating from the Right. But they thrive on speculation and thdon’t give a hoot about moving things forward. for all Americans, regardless of who they voted for. All they’ve got is resentment and outrage. Keep tilting at the windmills!

    Biden’s doing things that are actually making a difference.

    Fortunately, that’s where the large majority of Americans are.

    Most Americans are way past sick and tired of all the BS that focuses on nonissues.

  29. Dread says:


    Reasonable people can disagree.

    I think it’s self evident that Joe is struggling.

    I think it’s self evident that his people are protecting him from scrutiny.

    He already fell over his dog at home and fell on the staircase last week.

    He’s old — his age is limiting him. Me too.

    As for policies… we disagree there too but I’ve accepted that America has decided to become very left wing. I’ll live and die either way.

    The Kingdom of God will not fail.

  30. Dread says:

    I think it’s interesting to see if people will admit obvious things.

    Admitting obvious Trump deficiencies is easy too. If we talk policy the persons don’t matter.

    Like I said the left is going to dominate America … having won the propaganda wars.

  31. Jean says:

    When I read Trump supporters calling Biden crooked or mentally slow, I figure he must be doing a good job for the American people. Like the politicians in Georgia who want the GOP back in the Senate: If you don’t have a policy argument, the next best thing is suppress your opponent’s voters.

    When Trump was charging the American taxpayers to house the secret service in his hotels, did you acknowledge his crookedness? When Trump was hyping hydroxychloroquine and and speculating on national TV about light and cleaner COVID therapies, did you acknowledge his stupidity?

    When Trump was buddying up to the dictator of N. Korea and excusing Putin for killing journalists, did you call out his foreign policy incompetence?

    When Trump told the American people that China was paying for his tariffs, did you all out his dishonesty?

    Did you believe him when Trump promised a great healthcare plan to replace the ACA?

    He played his supporters for fools like he has treated everyone his whole life to get what he wants.

    Biden is Mother Theresa compared to Trump.

  32. Ethan says:

    You’re making all kinds of assumptions and you really know nothing about President Biden, other than your hateful depictions of him.

    In the press conference this week, he spent lots and lots of time going over lots and lots of details. Lots!

    No America has not become very left wing. It’s just steered away from the insanity on the Right.

    Most folks are not ideological, either way. But if you need this to continue to promulgate your worldview, than go for it!

  33. Michael says:


    Dread and I do not see things the same way politically.
    Neither do Em and I.
    That has no impact on my affection and respect for both.
    Let us think the best of each other…disagree with ideas, but respect the persons behind them.

  34. bob1 says:

    Franklin Graham, God bless him.

    On Facebook he encouraged every American to get vaccinated, citing Jesus’s parable of the Good Samaritan.

    Boy, you should’ve seen the hate “mail” from those on the Right. Broke a number of Commandments.

    Franklin has undoubtedly worked with medical professionals WRT Samaritan’s Purse.

    Maybe like Biden, if no one’s happy with Graham, he must be doing something right! 🙂

  35. Dread says:

    Why is it hateful to observe Biden’s aging?

    And even a growing number of liberals — classical liberals are acknowledging the ideological shift leftward of America’s mediating structures.

    I admit being conservative — not at all ashamed of it.

  36. Dan from Georgia says:


    CM and Em….preliminary data on THE Newnan tornado is EF4 (scale is 0 to 5). A tornado is rated based on the strongest damage examplE, no matter how localized. The telltale sign of EF4 damage is complete collapse of ALL walls of well-built frame home.

    Tornadoes can be found in most areas of the world, but off the cuff I would say, other than the central and southeastern U.S., the most tornado-prone areas of the world (in terms of number of tornadoes and severity) would be northern Argentina and Bangladesh. Bangladesh in particular shares a very similar orientation to geographical features and air mass movements that the Central U.S. possesses.

    In regards to the U.S., I would contend that, if you compare what is traditionally called “Tornado Alley” (generally considered to be from northern Texas to Nebraska), with “Dixie Alley” (generally from Mississippi east to Georgia and including Tennessee), Dixie Alley tornadoes may be more of a threat to life and property. This would mainly be attributed to many Dixie Alley tornadoes occur at night/very early morning, visibility is lower, and they move faster and have longer damage paths.

    Done geeking out for now.


  37. Em says:

    Dan from GA… geeking is no sin… 🙂 thank you for the update
    God keep

  38. Everstudy says:

    ” Like the politicians in Georgia who want the GOP back in the Senate: If you don’t have a policy argument, the next best thing is suppress your opponent’s voters.”

    I just read the bill, all 95 pages. No voter suppression. If you think it’s there, show me section and subsection (it’s even broken down by line, so that would be an easy way of finding things).

    “When Trump was hyping hydroxychloroquine and and speculating on national TV about light and cleaner COVID therapies, did you acknowledge his stupidity?”

    My mom’s doctor has prescribed hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for minor cases of covid. And UV treatments are a thing ( But I wouldn’t call it stupidity. After rereading his actual quote, it seemed more like a “I wonder if…” statement.

    “When Trump was buddying up to the dictator of N. Korea and excusing Putin for killing journalists, did you call out his foreign policy incompetence?”

    I did. I thought that his lack of political experience limited his skill in realpolitik. He thought his “ability” in deal making was due to his relationship with people. If people liked him, then negotiation would go well and international deals would be made. He was wrong.

    But, he was the first president in my lifetime that didn’t start a war, so there is that.

    “When Trump told the American people that China was paying for his tariffs, did you all out his dishonesty?”

    I didn’t call out dishonesty, because that’s not what it was. It was a fundamental, and wrong, belief that economics is a zero sum game. I think he also misunderstood what tariffs should be used for in the age of international trade.

    “Did you believe him when Trump promised a great healthcare plan to replace the ACA?”

    No, I didn’t believe him because it wasn’t his job, it was the job of Congress.

    And on to other things, apparently I’m eligible for the vaccine as of April 15, so I’m looking forward to that.

    I live in So. Cal., so I can’t think of a time when we had a tornado (although we were talking at work today that there was a small one in Ventura County a few years ago), but we do have earthquakes, dust devils and the occasional water spout over the ocean. And wild fires. Every year, lots of fires.

  39. DH says:

    That will probably be Biden’s best press conference.

  40. bob1 says:

    This column is great for some laughs.

    “Biden refuses to play into the Fox News narrative, and it’s making me and Sean Hannity FURIOUS!”

    “As a loyal Fox News viewer, I am disgusted by President Joe Biden’s stubborn and un-American refusal to behave in a way that matches the narrative I have been receiving.

    Biden is, I’m told, a senile old man who barely knows he’s there, and also a radical leftist tyrant fiendishly scheming to turn America into a socialist hellscape that outlaws Dr. Seuss and the Bible and, if it exists, the Dr. Seuss version of the Bible.

    But when I tuned into the president’s first news conference Thursday, there he was, acting all “not at all like the way Fox News hosts have described him.”…

    “We deserve a Democratic president who has the guts to come out, unhinge his jaw, eat a baby, burn an American flag and demonstrate all the fear-inducing liberal traits Fox News has painstakingly crafted to keep me in a near-constant state of paranoia for the past decade.”

    “If Biden keeps speaking in measured, empathetic tones and passing legislation favored by large majorities of voters, where will I find the hyperbolic partisan terror to which my central nervous system has become addicted?

    Stop being so selfish, Joe Biden. Get out there and blabber like the desperate and declining yet devious and destructive old codger I was promised you are.”

  41. bob1 says:

    Here’s a happy little headline and story.

    I predict we’re gonna see lots and lots of these kinds of stories both here and around the world in the days, weeks and months ahead.

  42. Duane Arnold says:

    In the Church Year, Palm Sunday is coming up. Yet, we’d rather have a toxic discussion about secular politics with ad hominem invectives.

    It’s not the Church that is broken… it’s us.

  43. Duane Arnold says:

    A good book for Holy Week:
    ‘The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ’
    by Fleming Rutledge

  44. Dread says:

    Sure let’s talk about Palm Sunday — no politics there.

    No religious nationalism there!!! Move along folks nothing to see here:

    A populist movement seizing a moment to declare a religious king!

    A religious hegemony plotting to advantage a moment to assassinate even Lazarus — all legally of course

    The inauguration of a week of public and private intrigue to silence the davidic rabbi

    Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate all with their personal and public fortunes on the line.

    Palm Sunday is the high holy political day of the church year!!!!

    A crowd calls for a king who weeps over them and pronounces their destruction because they’ve rejected God as their king.

    As I said earlier our political conversations have import but the kingdom of God will prevail

  45. Michael says:

    I think the lesson of Holy Week is more about people so obsessed with politics that they rejected their Messiah.
    Some things don’t change…

  46. Dread says:

    However I believe I will delve into Fleming Rutledge’s work this week.

  47. Duane Arnold says:


    Agreed. It was a matter of choice. Some chose politics… Some still do.

    As someone once said, “Where your treasure is…”

  48. Duane Arnold says:

    We might also remember that Our Lord delivered the first and final assessment of the events of Holy Week, “My kingdom is not of this world…”

    As I said, it’s not the Church that is broken… it’s us. We still don’t get it.

  49. jtk says:

    That article from earlier in the week about the pastor saying how hard it is to be a pastor really rang my bell. Hard.

    I just prayed for an older Episcopal Rector who lost lots of people because:
    he wouldn’t support Trump from the pulpit.

    and has had church members leave because he wouldn’t condemn Trump from the pulpit.

    has had church members leave because he wouldn’t reject mask wearing from the pulpit.

    and has had church members leave because he wouldn’t support mask wearing from the pulpit.

  50. That would be the ultimate in tone deafness…politicizing Holy Week. Sheesh.

  51. Dread says:

    Well I for one will talk covenant, nation, race, religion, power and kingdom. There’s no clearer platform than a donkey’s back. Lots of ass-umptions you can make about that. No one will fall out of those windows and die. But on the third day.

    Politicized Dread

  52. Duane Arnold says:

    “Politicized Dread”

    You said it… not me.


  53. Em says:

    Interesting (to me) my scheduled morning reading was 2 Thess chapter 2…….

  54. Dread says:

    Well our Lord did give his back to the smiters. Let us follow him even outside the gate.

  55. Duane Arnold says:

    “This separation – essential to Jesus’ message – of politics from faith, of God’s people from politics, was ultimately possible only through the cross. Only through the total loss of all external power, through the radical stripping away that led to the cross, could this new world come into being…”

    Joseph Ratzinger

  56. Dread says:

    Dispensational theology did more than anything else to re-politicize evangelicalism. It still does. Having an ensconced Jewish nationalism forms a basis for American exceptionalism to re-form the imagery around a new elect people. Folk here are badly misgiven if they read me as embracing political salvation.
    (By the way unless I miss it terribly no one here has to defend themselves over political remarks if they are identified with non-evangelical and non-conservative positions.)

    My own people formed a theology around their misreading of covenant, misreading of nation, and misunderstanding of power. Is that not the core of what happened on Palm Sunday?

    The Davidic King had come, the God of covenant had heard their prayers, the pagan empire would be expelled and their nation would be saved.

    Jesus is about to enter the Temple with chords of judgement. He is about to publicly embarrass the left and the right.

    You bet I am going to address politicizing the kingdom. I always have. I love open blogging and the policing of it by the local authorities.

    Keep off the Grass Dread

  57. Duane Arnold says:

    The politics of the City of Man are the politics of Rome… the politics of triumphalism, of coercion, of subjugation. The Gospel of Jesus is different. The Gospel is the politics of the City of God. It is the politics of humility, service, forgiveness, and a nonviolent sacrificial love that embraces all people, but especially those we call our enemies.

    That was the choice on Palm Sunday. It remains the choice today…

  58. Pineapple Head says:

    Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.

    Early in ministry training I was greatly impacted impact by the narrative of Matthew 20:20-28 where the disciples were jockeying for position to gain the seats of power in heaven. Jesus talked to the disciples about those who wielded power as rulers by lording it over people.

    Jesus next words are ever burned into my mind: “Not so with you.”

    The call of the disciple is to serve from the place of humility and a spirit of submission.

    Politics is a necessary evil, and when employed by virtuous people, can positively impact society. I think our system lacks virtuous people, so I can’t put much stock in it. I listen, learn and vote. But perhaps 2% of my conversations land on politics. That’s enough energy to be spent on wrangling over left and right.

  59. Em says:

    Good words, Pastor Pineapple, good words! ! !

  60. Jean says:


    “(By the way unless I miss it terribly no one here has to defend themselves over political remarks if they are identified with non-evangelical and non-conservative positions.)”

    My positions are regularly disputed here, and I am often personally insulted for my positions.

  61. JD says:

    How many lawyers does it take to run a country ?

  62. Jean says:

    Since the primary responsibility of government is to promulgate, enforce and adjudicate the law, the vocation of lawyer is essential for running a well administered country.

  63. Xenia says:

    Em said:

    Biden was raised an R.C. He knows he’s had a career as a crooked politician and now he is hoping to avoid purgatory<<<

    Then let us be thankful for a branch of Christianity (Roman Catholicism) that teaches if you are an elderly person facing the Judgment in less than a decade, it's time to do some repenting. He is not relying on a walk down the church aisle when he was 8 to save him, and neither should any one.

  64. Xenia says:

    Michael said:

    I think the lesson of Holy Week is more about people so obsessed with politics that they rejected their Messiah.<<

    I don't believe Holy Week is about this at all.

    It is about personal repentance.

  65. Duane Arnold says:


    Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 25 were lawyers. Of the 55 framers of the Constitution, 32 were lawyers.

  66. Michael says:


    I was being mildly sarcastic…but it is indeed one the lessons we need to glean from the week…

  67. Xenia says:

    I received Shot #2 Thursday. I will be climbing on an airplane in a few weeks to go see family members, and I am very grateful! I am thanking God for this vaccine. Somehow I just can’t manage to connect it with anti-christ….

  68. Xenia says:

    Michael, My mistake; I I misread you. I am so dang sick of politics that I tend to over-react when people connect it to everything. I’m sorry.

  69. Dan from Georgia says:

    Got my J&J shot this past week. Very mild anti-body buildup response.

    Bill Gates/microchip conspiracists can stick it.

  70. Michael says:


    I’m right there with you…
    Any side effects from the shots?
    I get my first Phizer Tuesday…

  71. Em says:

    Xenia @ 11:06
    My favorite pastor/teacher taught “keep short accounts with God! When you sin, confess.”

    Can one wait, deathbed confessions? God knows – i don’t

  72. Em says:

    Xenia @ 11:06
    My favorite pastor/teacher taught “keep short accounts with God! When you sin, confess.”

    Can one wait, deathbed confessions? God knows – i don’t

    Safe travels, Xenia, safe travel

  73. Xenia says:

    I remember when I was a little kid, maybe 5, polio was raging. Then they developed a vaccine and a woman in our neighborhood loaded up her station wagon with all the kids she could fit to take us to town to get our sugar cube-infused vaccine. I am still to this day a little surprised my parents entrusted me with this lady, who we didn’t really know very well. That goes to show how serious people were about polio: it was a life or death issue. Better I go off in a car with the strange lady than catch polio.

  74. Xenia says:

    Safe travels, Xenia, safe travel<<<

    Thank you , Em!

  75. Michael says:

    I remember the polio cube…and I think it was the smallpox one that left a round scar on your shoulder.

  76. Xenia says:

    I suspect that many of the “mark of the beast” conspiracy theorists would have died of small pox or polio if it hadn’t been for vaccines.

    I bet if it were EBOLA that was causing your family members to melt in a puddle of blood before your very eyes and is almost 100 percent fatal, they’d change their tunes and get the vaccine for Ebola, if there was one. They have convinced themselves that Covid is just the flu and not very serious.

  77. Nathan Priddis says:

    Why don’t you tell us what you would like to see happen. It’s basically the start of 2nd Qrt. 2021, start with that.

    As a non-Disp believer in Kingdom Theology, give us a brief abstract of what Kingdom progress would look like.

  78. Dread says:

    Not sure what you want Nathan…

    One thing I want is for the people I serve and walk with to abandon their theological twist that accredits the founding of our country to a covenant with God.

    Kingdom progress certainly means a greater embrace of the Gospel — to call upon and submit to the king is to enter the kingdom. There is no kingdom apart from the king.


    My point is that you don’t get rebuked for having political views… those views get challenged at times but you don’t get passive aggressive and dismissive comments about the very fact that you have a position on the body politic.

    That is reserved for conservatives on the false idea that we equate our policy interests with God’s kingdom and God’s will.

  79. Michael says:

    “That is reserved for conservatives on the false idea that we equate our policy interests with God’s kingdom and God’s will.”

    That might be because we see it all day every day on conservative media and in evangelical churches…I know you do not hold this notion, but you are a minority report…

  80. Duane Arnold says:

    “That is reserved for conservatives on the false idea that we equate our policy interests with God’s kingdom and God’s will.”

    I hope that is the case with you, but (unlike Michael) I have yet to be convinced by what you say and post…

  81. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael said…”and I think it was the smallpox one that left a round scar on your shoulder.”

    I was wondering where that indentation on my shoulder came from that I have noticed all my life…

  82. Babylon's Dread says:

    I seek not your approval master Arnold

    “It is required of stewards that they be found faithful. But with me it is a very small thing that I be judged by you…but I am not thereby acquitted. It is the Lord who judges me”

  83. Ethan says:

    I seek not your approval master Arnold

    Good Gawd.

    Defensive much?

    Impossible to dialogue with someone with this level of whatever you want to call it.

  84. Duane Arnold says:

    … Nor do I speak of approval, but merely the thoughtful consideration of what you say.

  85. Nathan Priddis says:

    BD. It was just an open mic question. I didn’t think this was the first direction you would take, but ok. I interpret it to mean Charismatic prophecy figures, that went all in for Trump, by 2015-2016.

    Does this mean the Prophets where false?
    Should they be replaced with others not having prophetic baggage? ( I’m not implying the gifts have all ceased)
    Would it be a false dichotomy to say criticism of prophecy leads to Cessationism?

  86. Babylon's Dread says:


    The man goes out of his way to besmirch me. Which he does regularly, and I call him on it. Now I am calling you on your nonsense. I dialogue with whoever engages. When people cast aspersions as you did last night @6:22… meh…


    Nathan, some of them are indeed false prophets. They have both doubled down on their error and actually profited from them by victimization or sensationalism. Some just made errors and were keen to clean them up. Some made errors and have attempted to shift the conversation avoiding the matter. Virtually none… or very few actually sought to clean up the mess by addressing the division they cast into churches or the shame upon the name of Christ and his church.

    I believe historically the conversation about cessationism hearkens both to the Montanists and to the era of the Reformation wherein the Reformers sought to dispel Catholic notions of approval by means of miracle. The Reformers disparaged miracles as a means of shifting authority from Rome to Scripture. Further the latest iteration was the BB Warfield fundamentalism and his kin.

    It would surprise me greatly if this present fiasco does not lead to some, perhaps many abandoning the charismatic community. There is a shaking going on …. one that is needed because approval of charismatic gifts assures that a generation of hucksters will arise. They are abounding.

  87. Ethan says:

    Oh, my God!

    I’ve been called out.

    Whatever shall I do?


  88. Em says:

    The half killed polio virus in the sugar cubes brings back memories. It turned out kids were giving polio to mom and dad. In Kansas they were setting up street corner dispensaries to sugar cube adults.
    My late husband’s uncle, a scientist, was on the Jonas Salk team. Killed virus innoculations, much better. A blessing.

  89. Em says:

    Ehan? Called out? Do nothing! ! !

  90. Duane Arnold says:

    “The man goes out of his way to besmirch me.”

    Not in the least, but I will present another point of view… and I attempt to do it politely and to reference my sources. You’re not a victim as much as you may try to don that mantle…

  91. Ethan says:

    Whatever you do…please don’t smite me.

    I have an inordinate fear of smites.

  92. Michael says:

    This is pointless.

  93. Em says:

    Si! Pero yo no tengo un commento… 😇
    Or is it, un commento no tengo yo…. LOL

  94. bob1 says:


    Thanks for the link to the Atlantic piece.

    I think the writer did a great job looking at the whole thing apart from political and media bias.

    I like The Atlantic. They have really great in-depth writing, IMHO. At least the stuff I’ve read.

  95. Nathan Priddis says:

    Here are a few milestones leading to my abandoning Conservative immigration ideology. And takeaways..

    * As a boy I shared my room with a family friend, similar in age. His family lived in an Aramco compound, but the Mom came to our house unexpectedly and dumped him off ( for his safety) and returned to Saudi Arabia. You can’t start acting like a stupid junior high boy in the Mid-East.
    TA– Humans cross borders for economic reasons..even White people. It does mean the host society likes you there.

    *I read old articles as a boy(Nat-Geo. ect.) regarding S.Africa, mining and the like. They mentioned then Apartied SA’s massive immigration issue, both illegalsand legal mining corp laborers.
    TA- No matter who you are, there’s always a smaller fish. No, you can’t keep them out, there’s too many. Yes, despite public statements, behind the scenes, nobody wants them gone. They are too valuable for economic reasons both legal and otherwise.

    *This was a big one…In the early 2000’s I read an Israeli online newspaper article announcing a agency crackdown on illegals. Enforcement had been lax and the government decided to tackle illegals head on, by departing prostitutes. The article presumed I was aware of Israel’s status a a World destination for sex trafficking. As if I knew that women of the world have shluffed their way to God’s promised land.
    TA- What the hell?!?! With a strong Disp/Conservative/ Reagan/Republican background, this is not the narrative of God’s chosen people I grew up with. Or of illegal immigration either.

    Well apparently those deportations never happened. Googled Israel/trafficking and came up with this 2011 quote from JPost.

    ..”A recent US State Department report slammed Israel over its human trafficking record, saying it had not done enough to even reach minimum standards to stop it. Israel is seen at a destination country where foreign women are subjected to forced prostitution.”..

    So basically, Israel has ( 2011) a slavery problem and is OK with that factoid. Not mentioned was why so many foreign women where essential workers in such a tiny country. That’s for another comment.

  96. Duane Arnold says:

    The podcast is well worth the time…

  97. Jean says:

    This morning was Palm Sunday. My church proclaimed the Word of God through liturgy, hymnody, preaching and the Sacrament. For all in attendance, there was only one subject, Jesus Christ. I was blessed to have my wife and younger son attend with me.

  98. Dread says:

    By definition my profile is intelligible for victimhood.


  99. CM says:


    Ah yes, the secular nation-state of Israel. It is a European-style socialist parliamentary democracy along the lines of France or Norway, despite what the dispies will tell you. And yes, Israel is much like the Netherlands in regards to the sex trade. Ask any US Navy vet who had a port of call visit in Haifa while you are at it. Finally, it is well known that Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the Middle East.

    Well you can’t have nice Israeli girls plying the sex trade (whether legal or not). Besides many of them during this time frame ended up working illegally in the US on tourist visas selling Dead Sea products in shopping malls. In many ways they were exploited as they had quotas to meet, were crammed together in apartments, and had their passports confiscated.

    Do you remember that criminal racket? Fortunately, it was taken down and many of the ringleaders are in Federal prison. But since they GAWD’s chosen people and not from sh*thole country, most Evangelicals didn’t give a rat’s a** about that violation of immigration law.

  100. Nathan Priddis says:

    I don’t remember Fed indictments..but yes I do recall Israeli groups selling Dead Sea products. Aggressively, especially to male shoppers.

    My view of Israel as a State has plummeted.

  101. Dread says:

    @Jean 5:07pm

    Jesus certainly dashed nationalism. The Triumphal praise of the crowd was rooted in Jewish covenantal nationalism. They spread the palms to commemorate the Maccabean revolt — their cloaks hearkened Jehu’s anointing — nationalist symbols everywhere.

    And Jesus lamented loudly proclaiming the demise of the nation — their populist praise falling to the ground with his tears. His damnation of the temple that follows. The nation was doomed but a kingdom rises.

  102. Michael says:


    Well said…

  103. CM says:


    Here is an article from about 5 years ago about. I am sure there were others before that.

  104. CM says:


    And history records what happened to the “populism” of the Maccabean revolt as well as the later uprising in 70 AD. Yet some people here seem to think that populism is a good idea or at the very least ambivalent towards it. Populism is NOT conservatism. Never has been, never will be.

  105. Dread says:


    Alas true

  106. Jean says:

    I heard some really good news today, it’s of a secular nature, thus I hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

    Today the President unveiled IMO the most patriotic piece of legislation I can remember: An infrastructure plan to promote the competitiveness of our nation (our infrastructure is currently ranked #13 in the world). The various components of this plan will enable America to meet the challenges of this century, while promoting American competitiveness in a world market for talent and products. At various points in time, infrastructure has been a bipartisan issue; so I hope the President’s plan is not viewed through a partisan lens.

    At a time when various states are enacting their own infrastructure plans, which consist of infrastructure changes explicitly designed to suppress the voting rights of American citizens, our President is putting up a plan that will lift all Americans, regardless of party or color or religion. One is unpatriotic, the President’s plan is extremely patriotic.

    If one is concerned about the challenges of China, which by the way has developed a Class A infrastructure, one will support the President’s infrastructure plan. This is the way we will compete with China; not through clever speeches or wholly ineffective tariffs, which (you won’t believe), only hurt the American consumer.

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