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  1. Michael says:


  2. Captain Kevin says:


  3. Linn says:

    Was your test to see if anyone was out there? I’m out there, happily on vacation for four weeks (this week already flew by!), and hanging out at home (except I have my ESL classes to Japan five nights a week). Starting tomorrow, I plan to be more devoted to getting some things done around the house. Meanwhile, if there was ever a kitty heaven, mine has it. Sitting on my lap, taking naps, staring out the window, treats on demand-can’t get much better.
    Cue to crickets!

  4. Michael says:


    We’ve had lots of server issues today…just checking on them.
    I took Smokey to the vet…we’ll see if cat insurance is worth it…

  5. LInn says:


    Got it! I hope the cat insurance works. I purchased it for my current kitty, but it didn’t cover the over a thousand dollars worth of dental work she had in December. Apparently, most policies don’t cover teeth. We’ll see what else it covers if something else occurs.

  6. Outside T. Fold says:

    Continuing to wish you good healing, Michael of the titanium wrapped ribs. It’s been a month now, yes? Just a couple more weeks till those bones have finished the good-enough knit together. 🧶

  7. Em says:

    Wishinng old Smokey a good outcome….
    In our neck of the woods vets have become so expensive that my daughter says only wealthy people can afford to have a pet. She maintains that every human needs an animal companion – God’s design.. can’t argue the point… something satisfying/rewarding about being responsible for a dumb animal?
    My daughter’s mare, Gracie, has decided that granny (me) can fix everything. Sigh.. .

  8. Michael says:

    Thank you, OTF!

  9. Michael says:


    It’s not just your neck of the woods…it’s here as well.
    Since the fires the prices have gain through the roof and availability has gone the other way.
    As best as I can figure, yesterday cost me more than double what it would have before.
    That’s why I bought insurance for Smokey…hoping that it actually is a benefit.

  10. Em says:

    TGIF July 16th …
    Nobody else has asked, so i will – who drew Smokey’s picture? ? ?

  11. Michael says:

    One of our readers daughters did that…I should get permission to use her name!

    She is sending me the original to frame…I’m really blessed by it…

  12. Em says:

    Thanks, Michael. She has some talent!

  13. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    39 former pastors at MHC saying Mark’s unfit for ministry is seven years too late … but it was said by the men who should be saying it, however belatedly. More surreal was that within minutes of CT running that story Driscoll tweets a tale of how a single fanboy who listens to Driscoll podcasts had a vision and THAT is taken to be sure proof that moving to Arizona was God’s will

  14. Jean says:

    Watch the right wing cancel culture cancel Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

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