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  1. Reuben says:

    My head has been fixated on one thing these last few weeks. The impact of the church in politics.

    I said on this blog quite some time ago that there was no way Roe V Wade could be overturned. Here we are. The topic of abortion itself was not what overtook me, it’s that the church, white evangelical Christians, they made it happen because they are hell bent on theocracy. The instant Trump said women should be punished for abortion, I knew it was going to come down to judges, and judges is something Trump’s administration did exceedingly well.

    Trump wished to be a dictator who would “reintroduce” what it means to be American. He did. I never imagined that would happen either. Wow. I was wrong.

    It didn’t limit itself to demographic in the sense of age. This captivated young people.

    Now I find myself imagining that the “moral” Christian construct of patriarchy (because a Paul said to shut them damned women up) will be taken by the evangelical right. But history in my bets are proven bad.

    My mantra as of late has been that Christians have more power over this nation than anyone, despite what Christians think. They think they are oppressed, persecuted, marginalized. But they are the superpower in this nation now. Christian’s truly believe this nation was founded and formed under god. If you believe that, read a book.

    I have friends that have always lived in fear of what the Christian Right can do. I assured them it was impossible. What I tried to show people as an infidel was just as wrong as what I tried to show people as a devoted member of the living dead society known as Christian.

    I have lived just long enough to know that Christians have prayed for the genocide of Muslims. Muslims. Huh. Another example of what religion does to override all politics.

    And I have to know that this is not limited to America. Any fair minded individual has to know by now that Religion has caused more strife than good. On a global scale.

    People were conquered to pay to one religion, only to be conquered to pay to another religion, and this is the summary of Christianity and Islam trying to conquer the world.

    Christianity says it was the Islamic Crusades, Islam says the opposite. Christianity had infighting, so did Muslims. Catholics tried to put their words in throughout it all. Jews too.

    Stalin, a seminarian, always backed by the Russian Orthodox, he had his word. Hitler, always backed by the Roman Catholic, he had his word.

    Wars have been dictated by Religion. Yet nobody identified the root cause. They blamed Communism and Capitalism, but Religion was the cause.

    Stalin. One can not dictate without the well of credulity religion has to offer. It was proven. North Korea, the most religious state in the world, yet nobody can identify it as such. He hit two holes in one the first time he played golf, but people believe Jesus had the answer.

    The impact Religion has had in politics in America is this, vote Jesus or vote your eternal damnation.

    I think I don’t have to deal with that choice, but I do. What happens when they outlaw me? I might think that would never happen, but my history in bets says otherwise.

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