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  1. Phil says:

    FIRST (I always wanted to do that LOL)

    JJ McCarthy is a monster, and the Vikings have got themselves a good one.


  2. Michael says:


    I’m very, very happy with how the night went…it’s going to be fun to have a qb I really want to root for.

  3. Dan from Georgia says:

    JJ 2 JJ

  4. Michael says:


    Jefferson has already reached out and said he prefers “Jet”…so JJ will be singular…I was up way too late with all this fun…

  5. Josh says:

    You guys and your competently run football teams are unbearable.

    (I do like the receiver we got last night, but no hope that it will actually matter).

  6. Dan from Georgia says:

    What I found fun (to mock) and baffling is how the Chicago Bears pick outsold Caitlin Clark’s Jerseys BEFORE throwing one pass in the NFL!!!

    The J to J connection should (if we all live right) be fun!

  7. Michael says:


    Chicago hasn’t had a QB since the 1940’s….if I were a Bears fan I’d buy home and away…

  8. Michael says:


    It was a good pick…but you have a brutal owner…

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael…talking about Sid Luckman? I cheated thanks to Wiki. My Chicago sports fan co-worker told me that the Bears have had MORE starting QBs than the Vikes since Brett Farve started with the Pack!

  10. Michael says:

    The closet thing to a real QB they’ve had was Jim McMahon and Jay Cutler…since Sid Luckman.

    No wonder the city is delirious…

  11. Reuben says:

    We apparently have a QB in Denver again. It’s not baseball so I don’t care much. The last QB was apparently worth two superbowls. No claims yet what this one is worth.

  12. R'as al Ghul says:


    Every time I see a reference to Da Bears, somehow the SNL Ditka skits come to mind.

    Like this one:

  13. Phil says:


    Blake Corum fits the same mold as JJ, so I’m going to really root for the Vikings.


    PS: Say hi to Trey for me!!

  14. Michael says:


    Your guy was an Oregon Duck…good player…

  15. Michael says:


    Just did…he says hi back. 🙂

    I would like to get Corum as well…reminds me of Dave Osborne from the seventies.

    #Skol indeed, my friend.

  16. Dan from Georgia says:

    Dave Osborne! Man, I remember him. I used to draw football players when I was a puffy little kid…I think I drew him once!

  17. Michael says:


    In the glory years of the early seventies the Vikings had Osborne and Bill Brown…both had been there forever and had seen a lot better days, but Coach Grant trusted them….I remember old Osborne running out the clock against the hated Cowboys…tough as nails…I’m becoming one of those old guys that rambles on about stuff no one gives a damn about…

  18. Dan from Georgia says:

    I love old school Vikes talk! I grew up with the Purple People Eaters, Benchwarmer Bob (Lurtsema), Grant, Foreman, Tarkenton.

  19. Michael says:


    A lot of those games are on YouTube…and when the pain means I can’t sleep I watch them …

  20. Dan from Georgia says:

    Some day’s I’ll watch highlights from the Minneapolis Miracle or the 33-0 comeback. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I used to work at at TV station in Minneapolis back in the late 1990s. One evening I passed by Carl Eller in the lobby. Even at his age then he was an imposing and intimidating man. And I’m 6′ 1″!!!!

  21. Michael says:


    I love watching Fran Tarkenton play football…been wearing his number for 50 some years…

  22. I’m sorry, Michael. I missed the Corum pick. Oh well. The Vikings have the best quarterback, and you will be happy.

  23. Idahoan says:

    My now-former pastor thinks he’s the modern day George Halas — not just coach and team-player but Owner! And a modern day Moses to boot. I think every day there must be some way to convince/convict him to change his ways, which would greatly benefit the folks in that church. Then again, the elders already tried, and got fired for their efforts.

  24. Michael says:


    I’m already happy.

    I like this kid…and I like how the organization is conducting business.

    I never liked Cousins , but I rooted for his success because he wore the colors.

    At my age this is probably my last QB…and I’m glad to have a good kid to root for.

  25. Michael says:


    Sounds like a real peach…the problem is that evangelicals tend to love authoritarians and they’ll never get rid of him.

  26. Dan from Georgia says:

    Michael…it would be great to FINALLY have a long-term good QB at the Vikes helm! lets hope for great stuff from JJ McCarthy!

  27. Michael says:


    He’s easy to root for…

  28. Pineapple Head says:


    As a fellow Idahoan, I’m sorry to hear about your over-the-top pastor. Glad you moved away from that noise.

  29. Idahoan says:

    Well – we can’t move very far. It’s a small town. Yesterday we visited a different church, and there’s no way there but past the very full parking lot of the other church.

  30. Muff Potter says:

    Michael @ 7:32 am,
    Many evangelicals would love to have a dictatorship, with you know who as dictator for life.

  31. R'as al Ghul says:

    Muff @ 9:12 AM,

    The thing is that history shows repeatedly that the dictator for life (or president for life) invariably has a short one that ends in their violent demise. The one evangelicals want is very much in the mold of Il Duce and may very well end up the same way.

  32. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Well, in light of his PR stunt at the conference, it seemed necessary (and good) to revisit how a man who mentioned clear heels 17 times across 13 sermons preached between January 2004 and February 2008 is in a very strange place indeed to lament and bewail the influence of the Jeaebel spirit in contemporary U.S. Christianity.

  33. Muff Potter says:

    R’as al Ghul @ 2:42pm,
    I’m exceedingly glad that the evangelicals who want this are in a tiny minority, with virtually no chance of realizing their goal.

  34. Pineapple Head says:

    Idahoan, I’ve been in that small town setting and understand the dynamics. But my hat is off to you to saying “no” to staying an under a domineering leader.

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