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  1. Phil says:


    The Rangers are 7-0….what could go wrong?

    PS: Please say hey to Trey!!

  2. Michael says:


    This is your year…he’s with me at the moment…says hi back to his long time friend.

  3. Kevin H says:

    “The Rangers are 7-0….what could go wrong?”

    The Mets. 😛

  4. R'as al Ghul says:

    Kevin H @ your 2:57 pm:

    It is common knowledge that the ’69 Mets was the last confirmed and documented miracle by the Almighty.

  5. Reuben says:

    False. The Rockies went to the World Series that one time…

  6. Michael says:

    I have emails from 2009 wanting me to look at this creep…I didn’t have the ability at the time.

  7. Linn says:

    I’m so sorry. I’ve had doubts about a few people I have known, and it was disappointing when those doubts proved true. Without solid proof, you’re stuck.

  8. Reuben says:


  9. jtk says:

    What percentage of couples/families leave because that’s what the wife wants?

    What percentage of families pick a church because that’s the church the wife wants?

    Read that it’s a high number….

    If true, WHY?!?!

  10. Michael says:


    I don’t know what the numbers are, but women control the purse and do most of the volunteer work too.

    I think it started when the men ran away and hid at the cross…

  11. Michael says:


    Back then I had too many scoundrels and not enough time…

  12. Captain Kevin says:

    “I think it started when the men ran away and hid at the cross…”

    Michael, please explain.

  13. Muff Potter says:

    Women are the stronger of our species.
    Proven fact.

  14. Michael says:


    The men ran off and hid during the crucifixion…it was the women who remained.

    It was a woman who carried the news of the resurrected Christ back to them…the Gospel was first announced by a female…

  15. Captain Kevin says:

    Oh yes, I get that. I thought maybe you were using it as a metaphor for some more recent event.

  16. Nonnie says:

    Why do women choose to leave before the husband? He is comfortable. SHE knows something is wrong and is willing speak up and say, “Let’s go. God does not treat women like this.” She has had enough. She yearns for the heart of Christ and the way He treated women.

  17. Josh says:

    Not my experience.

  18. Michael,

    Whelp, 7-1. LOL. Tell “T” I miss those videos. 🙂 I love that kid.


    Good to see ya.

    The Mets’ front office is a mess. Case in point: Your best pitcher should still be a Met.

  19. Xenia says:

    St. John did not run off.

  20. Captain Kevin says:

    Hey Phil!!

  21. Hey Kev, what’s happening? How ya been?

  22. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Yeah … Xenia’s got John 19:25-27 firmly on her side here. So on the basis of John’s Gospel alone it would be hard to sustain a dogmatic claim that the men ran off. Maybe a lot of them did but a lot of followers forsook Jesus well before Holy Week, for that matter.

  23. Michael says:

    “Then all his disciples deserted him and ran away.”
    (Mark 14:50 NLT-SE)

    The fact that John returned doesn’t substantially alter the point I was making…but I understand the obsession with jots and tittles…

  24. The New Victor says:

    Is it a fruitful discussion to engage in gender-bashing? Isn’t there enough of this in The World?

  25. Xenia says:

    Does “all” mean “all” all the time?

  26. R'as al Ghul says:

    Can’t imagine a guy trying to pass a baseball through his urethra as a very crude analogy to women undergoing childbirth…

  27. Xenia says:

    Here’s what I think, it’s only my opinion.

    In the Scriptures but more to the point, in the Gospels, Jesus appoints men. The 12 Disciples are men, and the Seventy were men. Later on in Acts the Church hierarchy is all male. Jesus only took men to His Transfiguration and to the Last Supper (as far as we know). If this is all the Gospels said about Christ’s relationships with humans we might come to the erroneous conclusion that Christianity is only for men, women need not apply.

    But Christianity is for everyone, so without putting women in hierarchical positions of authority the Gospel shows them behaving like brave, virtuous women. Most of the people at the foot of the Cross were women, there’s the Myrrh-bearing women, and most of all, the Virgin Mary was His mother. There are plenty of other examples of Christ demonstrating the value of women. Christianity is not Islam. God has given men and women different roles to play out during our time on earth but we are all equal in value to Him.

    Both men and women can be brave or cowardly, loyal or disloyal, weak or strong. Before I cast stones at the male Apostles for scattering I should instead remember all the times that I myself have denied Christ out of fear of what others might say.

  28. Michael says:

    I’m more than a little perturbed, but will give this more attention than it deserves.

    JTK asked a question based on a a pretty well known data set.

    My experiences have pretty much mirrored that data set…women tend to be much more invested in spiritual matters among the non clergy representatives of the church.

    I tossed a (very) brief response out there in between trying to feed my mom and trying to convince her that her father isn’t coming to pick her up.

    I expected more substantial conversation around the matter. while I was busy…I wasn’t giving a position paper or speaking dogmatically.

    This has led to one claim of “gender bashing” and a Baptist sword drill.

    No one else spoke to the actual question that JTK asked….because offense must be taken.

    My sinful nature wants to give people a good reason to get offended if that’s what they want…but I’ll just move on with my morning duties…

  29. Xenia says:

    I believe my response was substantial.

  30. Reuben says:

    I base this on personal observations only, women are the backbone of the modern church. This “not permitted to speak” nonsense that has clung should be burned. They are better teachers than most men. Reference public and private schools.

  31. R'as al Ghul says:


    Regarding your link to Bruce Hollen’s arrest, the Roys Report has an article on it that was posted today.

    Not sure if the author (Josh Shepherd) found the news story or if a poster/reader of the Roys reporter emailed the link to them, but the story is being disseminated.

  32. Michael says:


    My observations are the same as yours…JTK was asking why that is.

    I don’t really know for sure….

  33. Michael says:

    R’as al Ghul,

    If my instincts are correct, there is much more to this story.

    Nothing like a long time pedophile who poses as an expert on children’s ministries…

  34. Kevin H says:

    The church where I was a member before attending Calvary Chapel at one time contracted with a ministry consulting company to do some study and surveying and help identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities in the church. One of the items of feedback they received is that the amount of participation and ministry involvement by men in the church was a strength, because they said in most churches, even in complementarian churches where only men can be pastors, elders, and/or deacons, it is typically unbalanced where there are significantly more women who are participating in and ministering in the church than there are men.

  35. R'as al Ghul says:

    Michael @ your 1:45 PM,

    If that is case, would it make sense to provide what reports/info you may know (or have received from others – with their permission) along to the police detectives who arrested and the reporters investigating the story?

  36. Michael says:

    R’as al Ghul.

    I have nothing that would be helpful…

  37. Michael says:


    It’s typically that way in most churches…it’s certainly been absolutely true in my online ministry.

    That’s not “gender bashing” it’s simply a data point.

    I don’t know why it is…but it is.

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