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  1. Bip says:


  2. brian says:

    I really hope the meet goes well and that all the kids do well. I think it is wonderful that the studio stayed open and the parents are really involved. Have an exciting and Spirit filled weekend Michael with your wonderful son. Much peace to all of you on this fine weekend.

  3. Michael says:

    brian…thank you…and thank you for being part of this group.

  4. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    The Sun came out over here in LaLa land praise God.

  5. Super Bowl talk? The weather turned decidedly in favor of Orange and Blue… of course I am prejudiced.

  6. Worked on some sketches this morning.

    Not a giant football fan, sorry BD.

  7. Dude says:

    Will be doing my laundry instead of watching superbowl……to many bad comercials to contend with.I have some other issues with football as well.

  8. erunner says:

    Music is up for the week. Some new songs are included. Drop by and have a listen!

  9. erunner says:

    I’m really anticipating the Super Bowl. I’ve seen all of the talking heads and it’s clear there is no clear favorite. I could see the game going either way. Seattle may just lock down the Broncos offense and score enough to win. Yet…. Peyton may have the pass protection he needs to put up points. I’m rooting for Denver and having watched Super Bowls since they began I will not be surprised by anything. My hope is that injuries will not impact the game.

  10. Let me recommend a show on Netflix. “Secrets: Richard III Revealed”. Really good!
    They added a bunch of Smithsonian Channel programs in the Secrets and the Real Story series today.

  11. Steve Wright says:

    I’ve been studying the Septuagint translation on Exodus and Pharaoh and the hardening of heart in prep for Rom 9:14-18 tomorrow. They were pretty consistent with Greek translation of the Hebrew verbs EXCEPT, interestingly, the one usage of the LORD hardening Pharaoh with kabad, they chose the Greek otherwise used for chazaq – sklērynō rather than the way they translate that Hebrew word every other time which is barynō….They switched verbs when God was the agent, even of the other ‘hardening’ usage normally ascribed to Pharaoh.

  12. Bob says:


    So what are your conclusions?

    It’s the first day of the new week, blessed be the name of God and our Messiah and Lord Jesus!

  13. So what are the implications of the verb switch?

  14. Billy says:

    This is really weird and very strange, with some of the people involved there is some cred but then it is a big stretch. I see a movie in the making perhaps. Catholic Exorcism story by police and health care officials.

  15. Nonnie says:

    Billy, I read that article. After living in SE Asia and seeing some very strange phenomena, nothing would surprise me. However, from my observations, people who experienced this type of thing were already “playing” around with evil in the first place or had gone into a house where others had been involved in seances, charms, curses, witchcraft, calling upon “spirits”, etc.

  16. Possible good news for Saeed Abedini here!

    The official added, “Secretary Kerry pressed for the Iranians to work cooperatively with us in our efforts to help United States citizens Robert Levinson, Amir Hekmati, and Saeed Abedini to return to their families.”

  17. Nonnie says:

    Praying for these men and their families. Please…. Soon Lord, soon!!

  18. Billy says:


    I moved into a two story house in 1981 that 12 girls used to live in before me. They must have been into some occultism stuff. Every now and then late at night when my wife, son and I were sleeping there would be a loud bang coming from the kitchen. It was if someone had dropped a large dictionary from the ceiling to the tiled floor, making the sound as if that is what happened. I would run into the kitchen as fast as I could and nothing would be on the floor. This happened for ten years.

    Then my, 5 yr old at the time, son was doing weird stuff like getting up in the night when we were sleeping and going half way down the stairs and stuffing his head between the stair railing, where I would find him sleeping in the morning. Later as an adult he told me that he was hearing a voice calling out to him from the kitchen. The same voice told him to stick his head through the stair rails.

    I prayed, anointed my home with oil and everything else we Christians can think of doing, but it continued to the day we moved out. I was never frightened just annoyed.

    After ten years of that I know that it was not my imagination, it was very real to me.

  19. I saw a link to that story on the possession a few days back. Brought it up and started to read it, but thought better of it.
    I don’t disbelieve stories like that, but it all sounded more than a bit disturbing and just wasn’t feeling like I needed the imagery at the time.

  20. Steve Wright says:

    Derek and Bob – sorry for the delay. The biggest conclusion to me is the reminder that the LXX is, at the end of the day, only a translation. There was zero linguistic justification for them to make that change, and it is fascinating it took place a couple hundred years before Christ, before Romans was written (and centuries before the Calvinist-related discussion of the passage).

    A common view from the non-Calvinist camp (of which I am a member) is simply that the 2 Hebrew words are used depending on if Pharaoh is hardening his own heart (making it dull and insensitive to the work of God) or if the LORD is hardening Pharaoh’s heart (making it firm, strong in that unbelief).

    However, that is ultimately wrong. Because there is one time in 10:1 where the LORD is said to be making Pharaoh’s heart dull and insensitive. This is where the LXX changed to the previous Greek word to make firm,strong – thus losing this important detail and frankly destroying the meaning of the text.

  21. Steve Wright says:

    To be clear, I may be a member of the non-Calvinist camp, but I am NOT a member of the simplistic 2-verbs explanation of what actually took place there in Egypt back in the day… 🙂

  22. I am guessing that there is more explanation in your sermon, which I will probably download and listen to at some point this week.


  23. Steve Wright says:

    Derek it is on the website now.

  24. Downloaded all the ones on Romans 9 to my Android.

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