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  1. David Sloane says:

    Why are Christians not thinking?

    Here at PP Christians exercise their grey matter frequently to the benefit of all. I had one brother email me recently, telling me that he felt clueless about some of the theological discussions and such that can and do arise here from time to time.

    It is a sad commentary of our times that most pulpits are so simplistic in their presentation of Christianity. One of the reasons that I personally am drawn to PP is I enjoy learning about our heritage as Christians from the many voices and angle points that interact in the comments.

    Here is a very interesting article I shared on my blog:

    It is ok for Christians to think and to delve deeper into ideas and to discover why we believe what we believe. This I enjoy.

  2. I am working on designs for a Anglo-Saxon themed Chess set.
    I have the Pawn, Knight and King finished and I plan on finishing up the designs of the rest of the pieces this weekend.
    I am very open to any constructive criticism that anyone might have on these designs, especially as regards period clothing. I have comments on my blog, but be warned, it uses Google+.
    As an example, doing research for the Bishop piece, I discovered that the mitre did not come into use till the end of the Anglo-Saxon period, approx. 1049 and no wide spread use till 1150. So, I plan on using only the skull cap which appears to have been in use early on.

    I must say, I am enjoying doing this.

  3. David Sloane says:

    See what I mean! Derek is thinking about an ancient Turkish game and the appropriate attire for the designs of his Chess pieces. He thinks about this and it is good…LOL!

  4. I love researching history.

    These were probably produced in Norway after the Norman conquest, but have been inspirational in my research. The culture was quite similar and related to Anglo-Saxon in both style, structure and dress.
    The berserker pieces are cool.

  5. David Sloane says:

    Here is a chess set that one can hang on the wall. Shelve chess is an ongoing game between to people who can play as they pass the board through out several days. I like the concept.

    This just started:

  6. That shelve set is pretty cool.

  7. jtk says:


    I’m making a chess set myself! ha

    I finished a Lego Star Wars set and I’m collected pieces for a big one….my son and I have been playing nearly every day.

    Thanks for sharing your creation in progress!

    What will be your material you build with?

  8. I actually cut down some cedar trees that my wife wanted out of the front yard that edged the road and I am going to start off trying it with that. If not that I will buy some soft pine, it is always easy to carve.
    I haven’t gotten as far as the board yet.
    I am okay at carving, but know little about wood working. Wouldn’t have a clue how to build a box for storing the pieces in that doubles as a board. So, the board will probably be carved out of a cedar slab in one piece.
    Near here, they had a tornado and straight line winds come through a while back and I saw a huge cedar that got knocked down. May go see the owner about buying a few slabs off of that.

  9. Steve Wright says:

    I’m not sure if I said this before (but I thought it).

    Derek is truly a renaissance man. Frankly it is rather awe-inducing to someone like me.

  10. jtk says:

    Ive tried wood carving, with less than stellar results. But it’s probably ME.

    I tried to make a Fimo chess set….punted bad.

    Here’s my Lego set:

  11. That Star Wars lego set is pretty awesome, jtk.
    Star Wars is definitely one of my favorite things.

    I have never used Fimo, seen it in Hobby Lobby and thought about picking it up and trying it, but haven’t yet.

  12. Jtk says:

    It’s a bake able clay. They have auch cheaper generic brand at Walmart that worked well enough.

    Thanks, Derek

  13. Going to recommend a book here.
    The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium.

    No kindle edition, but if you can pick this up it is a great book which goes over life in Anglo-Saxon England by working through the pictures depicted on the Julius Work Calendar.
    Excellent read that keeps you reading and makes you want to tell everyone the stories mentioned in it.
    I have had it for about 6 years now and I re-read it every once in a while.

  14. Jtk says:

    el chapo arrested.

    Talk to me, Michael.

  15. Michael says:


    It doesn’t mean much and we won’t know what it means at all until people start to die.
    When we see who the stacks of bodies are affiliated with, then we’ll understand the motive.
    Here’s what to watch for…
    If he’s immediately extradited to the U.S., then he’s done.
    If he’s “imprisoned” in Mexico, then this is a sham.
    My money is on the latter…

  16. Jtk says:

    You informed and stoked the interest in this issue, now I need you to get my “fix” in understanding it. Thanks.

  17. Michael says:


    I’m grateful that you care…I’ll post more when the real experts like Ed speak to the matter.
    Ignore anything you read in the U.S. press…

  18. Jtk says:

    You and Charles Bowden will still need to work on me re: ending the war on drugs, but I’m still following…

  19. Jtk says:


  20. Was just looking at this article.
    This is what will drive marijuana legalization across the US.
    Greedy politicians wanting more revenue.
    Colorado is just the proving ground.

  21. Jtk says:

    A guy I minister from Co (with a shady past and scary connections) said his “associates” are moving on to harder drugs and being more brutal….

  22. Muff Potter says:

    You have a gift. You have art in your soul. Don’t worry if you get stuck, it will find you.

  23. Michael says:


    I don’t relish the thought, but it’s the only way to regulate it and take it out of the hands of the cartels.
    The cartels see it coming…they are expanding into other illegal cash producers such as extortion, kidnapping, etc…

  24. Muff,
    My wife gave me a suggestion on the Queen, which I had gotten stuck on. I am going to try her suggestion tomorrow.

    I am conflicted on the legalization of marijuana. I have never personally tried it, but I know many who use. I don’t see any of them as worthy of incarceration, but I don’t personally approve of it’s use. It is a mess to me.
    However, I see clearly that this isn’t some new benevolence on the part of the federal and state governments. In a time of shrinking tax revenues, they are all trying to find new funding to keep programs going that are in the end unsustainable anyway.
    But, tax revenue is like a drug to governments. They always need more.

  25. Michael says:


    I concur…well said.

  26. Paige says:

    Found this today as I searched for “discouraged about church”

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