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  1. London says:

    Thanks Michael

    Ok…so this is a shameless plug for folks in NM.

    We’ve started a non-profit org in ABQ. We’re associated with a group in CA that’s been around for a long time (I’ll supply details to folks who want to know but don’t want to post it)

    Our next big project is to provide backpacks full of school supplies to at least 120 kids in New Mexico. We focus on kids that are really in need and work with teachers, principals and churches to identify those kids.

    We’re looking for people who might be interested in working with us on this project and others. Right now our biggest needs are supplies (I have a list), drop off locations and volunteers to put bags together on Aug. 8th.

    This weekend we’re participating in a huge neighborhood garage sale and are looking for stuff to sale there. 100% of the money will go towards getting school supplies out to the kids. If anyone has anything they’d like to donate for the yard sale, let me know. If it’s not huge…we’ll pick it up if you’re not able to deliver it.

    Sale is Fri and Sat. We just found out about it so that’s why the short notice….

    We’ve been having a great time doing all kinds of projects to help students, soliders, homeless folks, Ukrainian youth ministry, battered women’s shelter, etc…

    If you’re interested…let me know at inlondondengland at yahoo dot co dot uk

  2. Believe says:

    Go get ’em London. You rock. 8)

  3. WTC says:

    A rather slow day around these parts… no CC ABQ disputes, no open CC Pastoral Abuses to discuss.

    So, besides the conspiracy theorist (ME!) sitting around and contemplating who in the CC movement sent a Dove to ‘poop’ on the Phoenix and cause the site to go down over the weekend I just don’t know what to think, say or do?

  4. London says:

    You need something to do???

    Call all your friends and ask them to go with you to drop off a case of bottle water, a package of socks and/or some chapstick to a local homelessness agency. Those 3 things are ALWAYS needed by folks that deal with homelessness.

    Then…if you’re still bored…there’s probably some older person in your neighborhood that could use some help around their yard. They may give you a couple dollars, but refuse to take it. If they insist, take it and buy something nice for them instead of yourself.

    If you still are bored….let me know..l’m pretty sure I can think of something for you to do.

  5. Believe says:

    WTC said, “…no open CC Pastoral Abuses to discuss.”

    There’s a few that come to mind…and they run in a pack.

  6. London says:

    Oh no you don’t Believe!
    I asked for this thread….you may NOT pollute it with that topic!
    grrrrrrrrrrr….. 😉

  7. London says:

    btw- awesome NP cartoon. So true….

  8. Em says:

    … or their windows washed 😀 – God bless London and my her tribe increase

    we have a similar thing up our way and the end of every summer, they hold a huge give-away of school supplies etc. it results in a stampede, but the alternative is?

    i like the idea of teachers recommending who exactly needs stuff

  9. Em says:

    my? nope “may” her tribe….

  10. Believe says:

    London, ROTFLMAO! 🙂

    Seriously, I really appreciate your reminders for missions. It is so important to help people on a practical level.

  11. Wtc says:

    No offense to your post! Have fun.
    But I have to ask, did I poop on your post?
    Sorry if I did and sorry for using the term poop so much! I’m on kid duty today for the wife to have some free time.
    Believe, I said ‘open’ issues. The closets may open soon enough.

  12. London says:

    There ya go WTC…go over and wash Em’s window’s for her.

    Em…we’re exactly trying to avoid a “stampede”. We figure the people who are on the “front lines” know best anyway.

  13. London says:

    Nope…I just thought your attitude was poopy so I figured I’d help you out some.

  14. Believe says:

    WTC…roger that…praying for open closets. Guess it’s OK for some to “touch God’s anointed” if you know what I mean…but not others, eh? 8)

    …and you didn’t do anything wrong with regards to London…I was the one who pushed her button…there’s a history (little PP inside joke). Just be careful with her, or the next thing you know…you’ll be on camping supply duty! 🙂

  15. London says:

    No…WTC is the one that “pushed my button”….You I was just joking with. Lucky for WTC I don’t know where he lives so I can’t “assign” him specific any work duties. :mrgreen:

  16. WTC says:

    glad I didn’t offend.

    Erunner, LOL doesn’t quite fit the response due for the Baltimore sun article. Way too funny!

    thanks for the warning. However, the way I see it suggests that London is always looking for the US to bail her out of trouble and she needs US more than we need her! (love to u London).
    Ever since ‘Maggie’ stepped aside London has lost the fire. : )

  17. London says:

    Ummmm WTC…..

    what are you on about???

  18. Believe says:

    London, he’s making a joke about your moniker…as in London, England, the UK.

    He’s referencing the EuroZone crisis and how the Brits and the other European countries need more money to bail out Southern Europe (Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Spain).

    The U.S. funds a large chunk of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) which is giving Billions to help bail out the EuroZone.

    He’s also referring to WWII (I think)…when we saved the Brit’s bacon (more the French really…the Brits did a good job).

    And, he’s making a political statement that the UK has been a little lost since Margaret Thatcher (Maggie).

    BTW, the Euro is dropping like bodies at a Benny Hinn show. They’re having a good ‘ol Sovereign Debt and Currency Crisis. We may be next in the coming years with our reckless debt.

    There’s your translation… 8)

  19. London says:

    Now what the heck are you on about????


  20. Believe says:

    London…just going on about the collapse of the world economic system…the end of the Euro, the end of the Dollar, the $650 Trillion Derivatives Time Bomb…which will help usher in the Islamic Revolution…with a large Islamic State (Iran and now Shiite Iraq will dominate the entire mid-east)…and the 12th Imam (the anti-christ) will emerge…you know…the usual End of Days stuff. 8)

  21. Wtc says:

    a most eloquent and truthful interpretation. You must certainly possess the ‘gift of interpretation!’

  22. Not Alone says:

    a most eloquent and truthful interpretation. You must certainly possess the ‘gift of interpretation!’”

    Well he is the step son of a proph……
    ok, I’m not going any further 😛

  23. Believe says:

    ha! Not Alone…LOL! 🙂

  24. Erunner says:

    Watched a video last night at church. Our guest speaker’s wife went into labor! The speaker was John Ortberg and his presentation was excellent. He spoke about how we need to number our days and as we do that to evaluate how we are living them.

    I went in thinking I could have stayed home as I had some preconceived ideas about Ortberg. Turned out to be an awesome evening as God’s spirit dealt with me on a very personal level.

    It reminded me of how God’s spirit moved mightily via the internet in the “Left Behind” series! :mrgreen:

    Ortberg and Left Behind!!! I sense some praying for me even now! 🙂

    Some of us miss out on real blessings because we box God in. Big mistake.

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