Parsing The Driscoll Resignation

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    So Driscoll is off the bus but not under the bus … the mountain defeated the bus!

  2. Xenia says:

    “Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I write to you with a heavy heart because I know I have hurt so many of you over the years with my arrogance, anger, and bullying. I have stolen other people’s writings, I have cheated to aggrandize myself as an author, I have written humiliating things about my wife and I have thrown many precious people under my bus and bragged about it. I beg your forgiveness and in an attempt to begin to make amends, I am retiring from the ministry, a position I now realize (but have known for years, really) I am not fit to hold.

    Brothers and sisters, forgive me.

    Please pray for me.

    Love in Christ,
    Pastor M.”

    ^^^^ What he should have said.

  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    So the basis of the resignation was the protection of his family not the protection of the church family? His saga will be fascinating. The market always determines this stuff in America.

  4. victorious says:

    Xenia.On target. Mark should also add.

    ” I sought to ruin those who tried to help me fulfill my calling as an under shepherd faithfully and with integrity. In their place I hired and approved the salaries of those who had the skills and corresponding poverty of character to construct sophisticated financial systems that obscured the fact that funds raised to assist the poor overseas were used to pay our salaries, fund my mansion in the exclusive and private community of Woodway and build out venues to extend my platform to promote my personal brand.

    Now that I have time to think about my ways while reading my Bible; I see I have deeper issues beyond the qualifications of those fit for pastoral ministry.

    I have always had an ongoing crisis living out the lifestyle of a biblical. Jesus oriented disciple.”

  5. I love it! Mark Driscoll must resign. So he resigns.

    Mark Driscoll did not resign the right way. LOL – what bloggers will do to keep spinning their own story. 🙂

  6. Fallen evangelical leaders should fire their big PR firms and pay Xenia to help them communicate what really needs to be said.

  7. If he said it, no one would believe him and still demand more.
    Here in SoCal when everyone wanted Donald Sterling out, no one cared what he said, how he said it – whether voluntary or through the courts. People just wanted him out.

    Now he is out and no one speaks of him any longer – Now Steve Ballmer will become the bully with his billions.

    Our response should be only this “thank God he is gone.”

  8. victorious says:

    There could be an opportunity for a true blue Scandinavian like yourself in Ballard right now. 🙂

  9. victorious says:

    Oops. Wrong thread.

  10. Eric says:

    So if he stepped down from MH does that mean he also left Acts29?

  11. Eric says:

    ^^^ Nevermind, google answered for me

  12. Xenia says:

    If he said it, no one would believe him and still demand more.<<<

    Nope, if he said what I wrote, I would believe him. He doesn't owe me any apologies, though.

    A few years ago I was at odds with a VIP in the Orthodox Church. He wrote me a letter of apology very similar in tone to the one I wrote above (different set of problems, of course.) He took all the blame for the situation and immediately set about making amends- real amends, not just pious words. He was so gracious and sincere that it took away all my anger and we have a very good relationship today. I admire him more than I did before the tussle because he proved himself to be honorable and humble.

  13. Xenia,
    Nope, the bloggers would say it was all PR generated. Look, 2 months ago they projected ALL future statements would not be MD’s words but those of the PR firm.

    So if he said your words or something similar, the response would be those were prepared for him.

    My expectations are low – I don’t care why or how he leaves. I would even give him my well wishes “don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

  14. But he will write a book and all the evangelicals will buy it – he will go on speaking tours and they will be standing room only – he will be a regular guest on Glenn Beck and people will tune in.

  15. Andrew says:

    In any event, I expect him back, back quickly, and many of us are looking at Orange County, CA…that “mission field” that everyone wants a piece of.

    Maybe CC would take him in. A little tweaking of his theology and
    he would fit right in.

  16. Jim says:

    CJ was pope to 30,000 and now “pastors” a church of maybe 300. These guys don’t always land on their feet.

  17. Neo says:

    Especially if they are beyond their prime, Jim.

  18. Xenia says:

    I still hold out for the possibility that someone can have genuine repentance and offer a sincere apology and prove his sincerity by his subsequent actions and that people would forgive him. That’s how Christianity is supposed to work.

  19. brian says:

    “There is no repentance or brokenness in the resignation letter,”
    If there was that would disqualify him from a place within the corporation.

    ” rather it is a platform for him to clearly state that he was not biblically disqualified according to his board.”

    It is a platform for him to rebrand and get back in the game, I admire that full steam ahead.

    “Sources say that he receives a years salary in a settlement if he were to leave without cause.

    It also sets up any future endeavors he may wish to pursue.”

    These are great, the first, if accurate is really good even holy, gives him time for the rebranding and to build a new revenue stream and marketing system.

    This was a good move on his part, I think the sc move is a good guess as the market share in his current location is a bit tainted. I give it less than a year and he will be back in the saddle.

  20. Wally G says:

    Michael, my good takeaway of the day is this post. Couldn’t have said it better.

  21. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    well, the timing is unfortunate, for Driscoll’s resignation, because with both Driscoll and Turner formally resigned the two minimum required officers to be legal officers of the corporation are now vacated. That’s not exactly a small deal. It would have been helpful if Mark had at least waited until Sutton Turner’s formal replacement was in place and announced or gave some idea as to who would be replacing Driscoll. The way the bylaws are set up combined and consolidated so many roles and powers that for both Driscoll and Turner to have resigned within a two month period seems like a vote of no confidence, particularly since Driscoll spent decades saying he didn’t plan on going anywhere.

    And while resigning might seem good my own opinion is that Driscoll had put himself and Mars Hill in a lose-lose scenario. If he resigned he was the draw and the corporation will sink further into oblivion. On the other hand, with the sheer scale of his copyright infringement staying as though nothing had gone wrong would also have been a problem. Driscoll could have said whatever he wanted about gays and women and the First Amendment protects that but the First Amendment doesn’t protect copyright infringement, intentional or otherwise. What too many of his critics fail to remember is that if you’re cavalier about the way you treat and use the ideas of other people that might play out in a comparable way with their flesh and blood lives.

    I’ve made a point of never ripping on the community as a whole even when a lot of people think they deserve it. They might but providing a critique of the leadership culture and the corporate culture doesn’t necessitate condemning a whole ton of people who were convinced they signed on for the real deal. Driscoll’s resignation can be seen as acknowledging that even if he sees himself as basically right in his own eyes the crisis of trust in the leadership culture at MH as a whole can’t get remedied if he stays where he is.

    Driscoll didn’t get toppled, though, he decided to quit. The trouble is that being a public quitter is now going to be his public legacy.

  22. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    MH better work very swiftly to announce who the president and secretary of MH are now that Driscoll and Turner have vacated the two minimum offices required by the bylaws. Bruskas is probably going to become president since he is VP already. It’s less clear who will replace Turner but someone on the BoAA might get transitioned into the “priest” role that has been filled by Bruskas. The way their bylaws are structured seemed to basically account for a Driscoll and a Turner seeming to be running everything on a day-to-day basis, and that renews questions about how much Driscoll and Turner did or didn’t know with respect to the eviction situation that played out in Orange County.

  23. Babylon's Dread says:

    MLD is correct there is no level of repentance that would satisfy his critics.

    Everyone else is also correct there is no level of repentance.

    Still, when you drop a house on the wicked witch the munchkins are suppose to dance.

    Bus Captain Dread

  24. Erik says:

    If he comes out to So Calif. He might be the right guy to fill in the shoes of the late Dr. Gene Scott. I miss watching the cigar smoking Scott. 🙂

  25. SJ says:

    Micahael, can you enlighten me on the “mission field” in OC, CA you speak of? I live here and would like to know.

    If you mean church plants, yes there are a lot. Compass Bible Church planted one, Rock Harbor is talking about it or did and two recently I know of from CCCM have done so in the last 1-2 years.

  26. DLM says:

    Rumor has it, Broderson is having Driscoll take over monday nights at CCCM…What does this mean ?

  27. brian says:

    Im human scum of the vilest kind for thinking this but I had this dream that MD and the elder board would have apologized and all of the people involved were restored. I admit this type of dream is reprehesible and demonic at best. I need to pray that God takes such hopes away from me. Amen.

  28. brian says:

    DML if true it would be a good strategic move thus holy and ordained of God. It would get MD back in the saddle quickly with a fresh revenue stream. That is the work of God and it will be blessed. Amen

  29. JimBs says:

    I am sure the candidate search is going to be intense for MDs replacement. Probably some of the prior leadership will step in and assume responsibilities again. Hey, lets hope and pray that going forward MH will be a beacon of light, preach the good news, and because of what they learned be an example of how a church should be structured. Hopefully, the Acts 29 network will now grow and be healthy outside the shadow of the man that started them but then also went on to give them such a bad reputation in their communities. I have friends who attend some of their churches who are hoping for better days…

  30. So I wake up and find that WenatcheeTheHatchet has solidified my statement at #5.

    What a hack.

  31. Jim says:


    Shut up.

  32. Daniel says:

    Jim, A rousing and hearty AMEN to your comment #31 !!!

    WTH knows more about MH and all the garbage that’s gone on there than anyone else.

  33. papiaslogia says:

    OK – so MD is “somewhat gone”. My first thought about MD was, “What’s he going to for work? How is he going to support his family”, but those questions may be part of his resignation package – maybe he gets something by walking away versus staying and fighting?

    Until issues of who’s in charge and whether or not MD will be paid will linger like a specter around the body of MH.

    Next topic: “The future of the assembly of believers at the church known as Mars Hill”.

    Does the church there move on with new leadership?
    What about a new name, since MH has been so linked with MD?
    What about the people who have left, do they begin to filter back in or wait and see what happens?
    Does the church get taken over by another non-denom denom? (I’m looking at you Harvest Bible Chapel).

    This Sunday at MH should be….interesting. I wonder what the offerings versus previous weeks will show, when they get broken down to a “offering per believer” level?

  34. Jim, not a person to listen to the other side are you? But why should I listen to you – it sounds like you have a long history of putting your money on the wrong horse.

    Look, if you cry for 7 yrs for a person to resign, even if he gives you the finger and slams the door on his way out, you got what you wanted. Rejoice and be glad.

    To now say that their are rules to resigning is just not genuine.

    You would think folks like WtH would say “good he is gone MH is now free of his oppressive behavior.” But no instead – “he did it wrong.”

    I am glad he is gone, both for his abusive behavior and his non Jesus teaching. I guess I am the only one satisfied.

  35. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    If you can find and then also quote a post where I called for Driscoll to resign you’re welcome to post a link to it, MLD. I don’t recall ever actually calling for Driscoll to resign. A lot others have but I don’t recall doing it.

  36. Perhaps it only comes out when you speak in the voice of Throckmorton.

  37. Bob Sweat says:

    You guys need to remember that MLD is still upset that the Dodgers got booted by the Cardinals. 😉

  38. Michael says:


    My new article addresses why this is a hollow victory.
    My guess is that you won’t understand it either.

  39. Butterfly says:

    I agree with your position Michael.

    Because of Driscoll’s arrogance, I expected him to try to brazen it out.

    I suspect that he resigned because of potential bankruptcy or legal investigations.

    This way he can “graciously” remove himself and leave future ministry options open.
    Or, he could retire on the money he has already accrued.

  40. Michael,
    In 2005 / 2006 I cannot imagine that if Skip had said “I have had enough of this crap, I quit.” that you would have done nothing but the Snoopy Happy Dance for a month. There would have been no talk of “He didn’t resign properly.”

    Think on it.

  41. Michael says:


    You’re wrong and I wrote about it then.
    Simply leaving doesn’t resolve the issues or bring healing.
    That’s not the biblical way.

  42. Xenia says:

    Personally, I would like to see Mister Driscoll genuinely repent, for the sake of his own soul. I don’t know if he has or not- how can I? And apart from caring about his well-being in a remote sort of a way, it’s none of my business. It’s between him and God and those he has harmed.

    I’ve done some reflecting on what I wrote yesterday. Who am I to tell someone I don’t know the proper words? Mister Discoll is new to this whole humility thing. It does not come naturally to him. Maybe these are his first faltering steps. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know. He has a long life ahead of him in which to work out his salvation in fear and trembling. I hope he is doing some trembling these days.

  43. Eric says:

    Being as Mars Hill is temporarily unoccupied all theose folks are welcome to come down to Tacoma this weekend for the Mens Roller Derby Association Nationals at the Armory

  44. #25

    Been here in the O.C. since 1965 and it is a mecca for new church plants.

    Even churches from Australia are planting churches here.

    There is money here in great quantities.

    The fact that Time Warner is testing out 300MBPs internet speed here in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and in New York city is telling.

    This place (OC) is where some of the top one percenters like to have a home.

    There is more disposable cash here per capita then most other cities in America, just ask Benny Hinn down in the guard gated community of Ritz Cove.

    I would not expect to see many church plants in the Ozarks.

    Nor would I expect to see many church plants in Tijuana Mexico.

    There are Churches in church buildings, commercial buildings, store fronts, community centers, parks, and in homes here.

    Even on the beaches.

    We got em all.

    Name your flavor.

    Your odds of survival financially here are greater as a church plant.

    The people of OC are well inoculated against the gospel message they have heard it so many times.

    It is the Christians who are the targeted, especially the ones with deep pockets…

    Kathryn Kuhlman had a luxury apartment along side of a golf course here. And later Oral Roberts took over the same apartment after she passed away I heard.

    We get em all here.

    But I think that Pastor Chuck Smith hit the jackpot, his timing, coming to the OC, was impacable.

    The anti-establishment generation was ripe for the message of the gospel when Chuck came along.

    I don’t see anyone coming here in the future having that kind of success in building a Church brand name.

    Calvary was a strong brand. Everyone involved loyally rode for the brand.

    I am watching the landscape constantly, observing as these church planters come and go.

    I even visit some of them just to see the emphasis and where their hearts are.

    Most of them are after the wallets; “Dig deep for the green ones.”

    I may sound cynical, but anyone living here like MLD will tell ya that these things are evident here in the OC.

    Michael is right about the fallen pastor coming here to seek out a new flock and a new beginning, this place is ripe for church plantings.

  45. Oh ya #25

    Rock Harbor started here in the OC, they didn’t plant here they originated here.

  46. SJ says:

    ^^Yep, a deacon was being sent out to plant another.

  47. Steve Wright says:

    Well David, you have to admit…OC was nothing like you describe back in the 60s and early 70s.

    Even the changes I later saw after coming there in 1992 were amazing – as I was one of those fleeing the LA County area.

  48. Like I said Steve, Chuck Smith was in the right place at the right time in the late 60’s.

    Back then the OC mostly only had the standard denominations present.

  49. Steve Wright says:

    Sorry if I misunderstood you David. I saw you mention the generation only. My point was that Chuck did not pick OC because of the bucks lodged there…..(the waves..maybe 🙂 )

  50. LP says:

    Seems to me that a big part of Driscoll’s resignation was him basically saying that he’s not going to let people treat him this way – namely, scrutinize him and demand humility and repentance.
    I’ve seen other leaders do this when caught in sin – it’s actually much more cowardly IMO to bow out like this rather than to submit oneself to church discipline and a process of restoration. Instead, they quit as a way of saying: “I don’t have to take this from you.” Resigning is a way of sticking it to the people who are trying to walk through the process of church discipline. And in this way everybody loses.
    IMO, it’s all about Driscoll making a statement that he’s in control – which seems consistent with his character.

  51. Michael says:


    Good observation…I concur.

  52. Linda Pappas says:

    Michael and LP

    Do you happen to know if there was a process/plan of church discipline put into place that was set before MD or is it possible that they just told him that too much harm had been done and it was best for him to just leave altogether.

    Is it possible that if plan was not offered to him, it may have been due to not really knowing how or what it would look like, so rather than to time to get counsel in educating themselves, they chose to show him the door instead. Or could it be that they were just treating this as a employee/employer issue with the option of not having to consider this, whereas, biblically this would be the right thing to do, even if it was inconvenient, messy, and causing some to step up to the plate to do this without guile in their hearts while being objective, wise, discerning, and most patient, loving, yet ever so firm.

  53. Michael says:


    To the best of my knowledge, no one showed him the door.
    They expected him back after a hand slap.

  54. Linda Pappas says:

    Hmmm, because the resignation per what was written stated that they all agreed it would be best.

  55. Michael says:

    My best guess on this would be that there is a fear of further disclosures…that would “disqualify” him and make a comeback more difficult.
    I do know that they expected him back.

  56. Steve Wright says:

    Linda – Michael posted the church’s reply. It says:

    Finally, Mark Driscoll was not asked to resign; indeed, we were surprised to receive his resignation letter.

  57. He knows he is in a no win situation. If he comes back it’s because as Michael said he only gets a hand slap from his buddies.
    If he stays out of the pulpit longer its because someone is looking into more dirt to disqualify him.
    If he stays out longer but comes back its because they found more dirt but it took a while to cover it up.

    Why can’t he just say “look guys, this isn’t working any longer, its best I leave.”

    Why not that? Early on, the 3 man board was described as Driscoll patsies – so who is going to believe anything they say.

  58. LP says:

    MLD – Okay, but who is it best for? For MD? Probably. For MH? Probably not.

  59. Linda Pappas says:

    Steve Wright

    Thanks for the clarification. However, you and I also know how that meeting takes place with an employer that pins a person against the wall and that will lead a person to writing that resignation letter.

    As it stands we don’t know if a plan for a process of reparation and reconciliation was proposed, do we?

  60. LP, if it were the reverse and the church came to MD and said “look Mark, this isn’t working any longer, its best you leave.”

    Would you ask the same question?

  61. Michael says:

    The board basically serves at Driscoll’s pleasure…they weren’t going to impose any onerous demands on him.

  62. How can Mars Hill be hurt by Mark Driscoll leaving. It automatically removes the cloud that would hang over that organization for the remainder of his tenure. They are now free to go find a shepherd who will care for the sheep.

    People here seem to want to keep the wolf and force him to act like a sheep.

  63. “The board basically serves at Driscoll’s pleasure…they weren’t going to impose any onerous demands on him.”

    So Mark did the right thing – he told the board, you guys are a bunch of pansies who won’t do the right thing so I will do it for you – I resign.

  64. LP says:

    Would we really go so far as to call him a wolf? I don’t believe I would go that far.
    I believe that a process of repentance and restoration could have taken place if Mark would have submitted to it.
    Is this scenario better for Mars Hill? I personally believe it would have been better for the church to see repentance and restoration done in a God honoring way, with Mark coming back as their pastor. But I guess that gets back to the issue of whether he is a wolf or just a sheep behaving badly. I tend to see him as the latter, although I’m sure a case could be argued for the former.
    As it stands now, it is uncertain whether or not the church will even survive. As Mark reportedly said himself: he is the brand. Obviously that’s part of the problem.

  65. Nonnie says:

    Did MD get a severance package like Bob Coy??

  66. Steve Wright says:

    Everyone seems to be missing a key point in the public statements issued by both the pastor and the church.

    A pastor does not just decide to leave the sheep. Maybe God calls a pastor to a new ministry, yes, but the pastor would not take that call and leave the sheep scrambling without a shepherd as is the case here.

    Likewise, a pastor does not quit on the sheep just because there is opposition and someone is trying to force the pastor out without proper cause. The pastor stays and fights, something I know a little about.

    We would be led to believe there was no cause of disqualification, the board did not want Driscoll to go, he chose to leave on his own accord etc. AKA – bail on the sheep you claim to love so dearly that God called you to pastor.

    Where is God and His calling in all this. From my perspective, the way this is put out there is about as bad as it could be. The board needs to boot the guy for cause and say so…or the pastor needs to stay in charge (and make amends as necessary) but this is an abomination from where I sit if anyone wants to actually factor God and His call into the mix.

  67. Steve Wright says:

    And by the way..I have already been reading articles using Driscoll as an example to make the case how hard it is to be a pastor. Yeah, it is hard. Yeah, the stats about pastors that quit or wish they could be doing something else are rather amazing.

    But like in marriage (which is also hard) you just don’t quit and leave wreckage behind you. Driscoll should not be the case study in the “woe is us” pastors club.

  68. “As it stands now, it is uncertain whether or not the church will even survive. As Mark reportedly said himself: he is the brand. Obviously that’s part of the problem.”

    Does Mars Hill need to survive? I very much believe that MD was the show. Perhaps it is no more than your favorite TV show. For 10 yrs you show up every week and watch… and then it is gone. Pack up move on.

  69. Michael says:


    We haven’t got documentation on that but it is said that he has a substantial severance agreement.

  70. Steve, to your point, perhaps MD was never called by God to pastor, lead or teach. I can buy that. He had style … but his content was empty. has anyone hear ever paid attention to his sermons? They are man center and void of Jesus, except as a tag line.

  71. LP says:

    Thing is: a lot of people won’t just move on to another church – many will end up going nowhere, as is always the case when a church dies or divides. Maybe that is their problem and reveals their immaturity, but there will be casualties nonetheless. Repentance, restoration, a change in the culture, these things would have been preferable to this. I hope MH does survive and with a new culture of leadership.

  72. Well, going to church does not make you a Christian and not going to church does not make you any less a Christian – so those who end up going nowhere although shallow only have themselves to blame if they are at risk. They could stay home and find just as bad teaching on TBN as they would get from MD

    Personally I don’t have an interest in MD or MH, but inside I do a little Snoopy Happy dance at MD’s departure.

  73. Nonnie says:

    So he has a nice severance package, then his resignation could not be such a ” surprise.”

  74. Linda Pappas says:

    Steve Wright

    If a pastor has stepped out of line, so to speak, then isn’t it the responsibility of the rest of the church to call him to an account, and if repentant, provide a plan for reparation, reconciliation, and restoration.

    So in their investigation, he was found to be domineering in attitude and behavior, but not disqualified to serve as a pastor, yet agreed that he would not be pastoring—-yet did not offer a solid plan, but left in his hand to decide—what, to sit in the pews, take it upon himself to make things right instead?

    This is not church discipline. It is the typical type of corporate tactic used to oust a person out without having to admit what they are doing, but simply doing nothing other than to say, you no longer work here, but you can drop as long as you don’t harass the customers.

    In other words, there seems to be huge corporate verbal/non-verbal and undocumented disconnect here.

    This is similar for those who don’t want to get their hands messy, so the guy that had been involved, is now pretty much side-lined, and everyone knows why, but no one has much to do with them anymore, hoping he will leave on his own. Unfortunately, what could have been done is to go through an accountability process that included repentance, reparation, reconciliation, and restoration, that would have served to speake volumes to everyone in the healing process, as well as, to warn and to caution others, along with bringing honor to God and an awesome witness to the world.

  75. Steve Wright says:

    If a pastor has stepped out of line, so to speak, then isn’t it the responsibility of the rest of the church to call him to an account, and if repentant, provide a plan for reparation, reconciliation, and restoration.
    Of course. Nothing in my post said otherwise.

  76. Linda Pappas says:

    One more thought: and this is why history may very well be repeated. Simply because church discipline is virtually unknown, thus a person that could very well have been corrected and restored moves along while those left behind think they have gotten rid of the problem not knowing they have only buried the problem again, until it rears its ugly head again due to their own disobedience in following the process of church discipline which it was intended.

    Maybe not with a pastor, but maybe with some woman who has been abused, betrayed, then left under the bus, simply because no one chose to step up to the plate to do what was needed to help her to save his very soul. Why should anyone repent if this is the way we do church.

    Indeed, half a gospel and half a church, totally out of the will and in an apostate state.

  77. Nonnie,
    “So he has a nice severance package, then his resignation could not be such a ” surprise.”

    You are 100% correct. His severance package, and I am sure there is one, is a negotiated settlement of his separation.

    I can almost guarantee that the board/ church leaders and anyone in the know wanted Mark gone so they could put this all behind them.

  78. Linda Pappas says:

    Steve W,

    “The board needs to boot the guy for cause and say so…or the pastor needs to stay in charge (and make amends as necessary)”

    Well, actually you did. No mention of church discipline, just the boot.

  79. Steve Wright says:

    Linda – I wrote about 10 sentences dealing with the two letters published for public consumption. (You cite one of them).

    Now, if those letters are false, and a process of church discipline was about to begin that Mark refused to submit to, then the church should be ashamed for not telling the people the truth.

  80. Steve Wright says:

    I can almost guarantee that the board/ church leaders and anyone in the know wanted Mark gone so they could put this all behind them.
    MLD…and yet, isn’t it fascinating the lengths the board went to in order to make clear in that letter they most definitely did not force this resignation and are surprised by it.

    No doubt a whole lot of folks who still attend Mars Hill are not happy with Driscoll leaving, but the way the Board in effect said, Gosh guys, don’t get mad at us, he just decided to move on is a transparent, dishonest PR move to keep the people (and tithe) loss to a minimum

  81. Steve, it’s that love hate relationship – I love you I need you / get out of here, I hate you.

    In the end, I see absolutely no issue here at all. A relationship has end – why does there need to be fault. It’s like when the Dodgers wouldn’t resign Steve Garvey … did anyone ever think that Steve Garvey would not be a lifetime Dodger?

    Why is this different.?

  82. Steve Wright says:

    Dodgers had Greg Brock who was supposed to be the next Lou Gehrig. It’s not like they let Garvey go and played with only 8 the next game 🙂

  83. Babylon's Dread says:

    Isn’t there an outstanding promise to the aggrieved people that MD promised to address? Will the board now address this?

    Isn’t there a public claim that MH is the most abusive church culture that Tripp had ever seen? Will the board address this?

    MD preempted any action by the board with his resignation on his own terms. The board seems to have responded to his action trying to justify him and appease the complainants with admissions that did not incriminate … did they succeed?

    I am the apostle of forgiveness and restoration but there is no basis for either in the light of the statements that were released since no serious admissions have been made by MD and MH board. What we have here is self-preservation on both sides.

    MD played well with the MMA generation. He was and is the cage fighter supreme of church life. What’s next … seems he was not KO’ed by might have been decisioned. Either way he can claim to be undefeated. Looking for the bravado to resurface.

    Pretty much everyone knows me but if I am going to ask big questions I will remind you this is Alan Hawkins…

    P R Dread

  84. Steve,
    See, it’s time for Mars Hill to go find their Greg Brock. 😉

  85. Steve Wright says:

    What we have here is self-preservation on both sides.
    EXACTLY – emphasis “on both sides”

  86. Linda Pappas says:

    Thank you, Steve W for clarifying. The following comments you shared appear to align with my own in terms of a corporate move from MH to get rid of MD. Not biblical at all. So healing, changes and history is just a by word under a corporate structure and the wandering souls who left.

    Seems to me, everyone ends up being a victim and everyone ends up being an abuser to some degree, or minimum an enabler of some sort.

    Father in Heaven, please help us to get our affairs in order and to turn back from what we have made our churches to be. Help us all to repent and gain a heart that truly desires to do your word even in the midst of our pain, suffering, anger, and confusion. Help us to heal, Lord and please, Father instill within each one of us, a heart towards those who have erred while giving us the courage and boldness to also step up to the plate and not permit our churches to operate like a corporation, but rather to return to the simple plain things that enable each person to have a voice in the governing of its affair, and men and women to place in a construct that will encourage the use of our gifts to be shared and to bring honor and glory to you. In the precious name of our Savior, Jesus===Amen.

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