Participation Required: Best Bands Ever!

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  1. Bands right, not individuals? Just off the Top of my Head…
    RUSH, U2, The Cure, Journey, Foreigner, The Police.

  2. Reuben says:

    Well, I should have specified that as well. Alison Krauss is a person/band if that makes sense. BTW, she goes on my list as well.

  3. erunner says:




    Peter. Paul, and Mary

    Simon & Garfunkle

    The Carpenters

    Diana Ross & The Supremes


  4. erunner says:

    I’ll wait until someone can even dare approach my list!! :mrgreen:

  5. jtk says:

    Without a doubt, Fishbone.

    Ridiculous. They made such energetic, eclectic music.
    Best concert I’ve ever been to. Crowd surfing was a blast.

    The Dead Milkmen at a little warehouse for us teenage punks in S AZ were amazing.

    Doubt anyone else is with me up in here……ha ha

  6. Gary says:

    Blood Sweat and Tears
    Jimi Hendrix Experience

  7. Glen says:

    That’s a pretty good list for the last century πŸ™‚
    How about Mustard Seed Faith……

    Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver
    The Whites
    Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives
    Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder

    I just downloaded the latest from Dailey and Vincent and have listened to it about 5 or 6 times in the last 24 hours. Great album called “Brothers of the Highway”

    The Charlie Daniels Band
    The Byrds

  8. GW says:

    The BuenO Park 5

  9. jtk says:

    I wonder if, at the end of this thread, we will understand a little better why so many churches have strife within them over music….

    …like my childhood church that has 3 separate services: 8am–traditional, 9:30am–blended, 11:00am–contemporary.

    Not that strife need be the result….

  10. Glen says:

    I forgot a couple,

    Riders in the Sky

    The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

  11. Jtk – I loved Fishbone all the way up to “Give a Monkey a Brain”. It’s been downhill since then.

  12. Babylon's Dread says:

    Led Zepplin

    Grand Funk

    Dave Matthews


    Allman Brother’s Band

  13. Gary says:

    Groups to wander aimlessly in the wilderness of life by: Moody Blues, The Who, Young Rascals

    Groups to get your life’s philosophy and worldview by: Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane.

    Groups to have sex by: Moody Blues, Crosby Stills, and Nash, CCR, Vanilla Fudge, Spencer Davis Group/Traffic, Cream

    Groups that make you bang your head against the wall: Jackson 5, Monkees, Santana

  14. DavidM says:

    Ten Years After
    Beach Boys
    Chicago, in the early years
    The Band
    Procol Harum
    Allman Brothers

    . . . . and many more.

  15. DavidM says:

    Forgot to explain why . . . I can’t. I simply like their music, and it is all the soundtrack of my life.

  16. My favorite band is the Christian heavy metal band As I Lay Dying

    I hear they have a killer lead guy πŸ™‚

  17. Nonnie says:

    The Eagles
    Travelling Wilburys (because I love Roy Orbison )
    The Four Tops
    The Kinks

  18. Nonnie says:

    I forgot:
    Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Super Tramp
    Procol Harem

  19. Ixtlan says:

    Mustard Seed Faith – One of the most underated bands of the Jesus Movement. They had a powerful impact.

    Wing and A Prayer – great musicians, great vocals…. they just didn’t stay together long enough. same with The Road Home.

    The Eagles – I could almost astral project out into the desert while listening to their music.

    Los Lobos – loved their sound, almost made me miss the ‘hood….. almost…

    Carlos Santana – loved his used of dorian modes

    Robin Trower – Incredible guitarist that made my highs even higher.

    Merle Haggard – He made my lows even lower

    Jackson Brown – He brought out the left winger in me.

    Alice in Chains – gave me a different look at nihilism after sobriety

    Dave Stamey – He makes me wanna be a cowboy.

    Richie Furay – Makes me wanna buy a ranch in Colorado

    Jason Aldean – great sound for driving my pickup through all the back country, even if his lyrics are a bit juvenile.

    Pink Floyd – I only have Dark Side of the Moon these days, its a nice look back.

    Brian Doerksen – its a great look back and a great look forward.

    Danny Daniels – great brother, the king of christian blues.

  20. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Brand Nubian
    Mobb Deep
    Eric B and Rakim

  21. Tim says:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.

    I think I can stop there. πŸ™‚

  22. Xenia says:

    No particular favorites but I often listen to my Pandora station that plays Celtic music. That and Pandora’s Old Time Southern Gospel station. (Does the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra count as a band? The Monks of Valaam Monastery? No?)

    No longer a fan of rock music. It takes me back to a place where I don’t want to go.

  23. Gary says:

    My favorite Jesus movement group was Children of the Day. Great harmonies.

  24. Ixtlan says:

    I have a Gregorian chant channel on Pandora that I listen to…..

  25. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Can’t forget Men At Work

  26. Reuben says:

    Tim, that is so you.

    He is by far one of the best blues rock guitar players that ever lived.

    Ixtlan, my only bro on the Pink Floyd scene, if ever you want everything, and I mean everything, mail me. Alice In Chains is so outstanding from that whole era of Seattle grunge, and I think history will record them as such.

  27. Papias says:

    Here’s a nice list of 100 bands…

    I don’t neccesarily agree with some of the rankings, but their system seems pretty balanced.

    But I cannot find Megadeth, and that bugs me… πŸ˜‰

  28. Years ago, late 90’s, touring with a band, we came up with a scientific method for rating much like the one that Papias links. Our criteria wasn’t as heavy on sales, but we had a bunch of categories, including technical skill, classic songs, duration, and lasting influence. I do remember that Led Zep scored the highest on our scale, too. The top 10 were something like:
    The Who
    Hendrix Experience
    Van Halen
    Greatful Dead

    We scored hundreds of bands and spent months doing this. Passed the time while driving.

  29. Tim says:

    @26 – πŸ™‚

  30. U2, Smiths, Cult, Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Cold Play, INXS, Joy Division, New Order, Cure, Church, Alarm, Depeche Mode, Petshop Boys, Erasure, Janes Addiction, Chris Isaak, Cranberries, Nirvana, Sarah McLachlan, Adele, Jars of Clay, Morrissey, Enya, Metallica, Queensryche, Korn, Drowning Pool, Eminem, Lecrae, Steve Miller Band, Styx, Kinks, Elvis, Johnny Cash.

    Why? Good question, it’s like asking why a person likes a particular painting or why they like a particular sculpture. Each of the above has some part of their body of work that has resonated with me and induces some sort of spiritual/emotional connection with a particular song.

  31. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Soft Cell is another group I like

  32. Steve Wright says:

    Most of my favorite bands would not make a list of “best” bands (with a couple obvious exceptions).

    I think most would make a list of underrated and unappreciated bands though.. πŸ™‚

    Also, right around the time of MTV some great bands sort of jumped the shark. Bands that had really good initial and secondary albums. Maybe the creative juices just dried up, and in some cases a key member of the band died or quit.

  33. Gary says:

    Oingo Boingo is my favorite Christian group.

  34. Mark says:

    This is simple and indisputable:
    Led Zeppelin
    Rolling Stones

  35. Mark says:

    Of course he’s not a band but the greatest of all is BRUUUUUUUUUCE!!!

  36. Steve Wright says:

    Bruce wouldn’t be Bruce without the E Street Band. (Nebraska album as the clear exception)

  37. Mark says:

    The Hall of Fame would beg to differ as they did not induct E Street Band. Probably because Bruce has never given a songwriting credit to anyone in the band, and considers them “hired hands” (at least accoridng to the multiple books I’ve read). Its obvious, though, after seeing Bruce touring w/o E Street and playing E Street era tunes, that its a whole diferent ballgame with E Street.

  38. Steve Wright says:

    Did not know that, Mark. That really is a shame. Bruce should have objected. They are (were in Clarence’s case) some of the best musicians around.

    I remember reading how Jim Morrison was fiercely loyal to The Doors’ other members, as all the execs kept trying to get him to toss them for session artists so he could get all the money and fame.

  39. filbertz says:

    Dire Straits
    Led Zeppelin
    Chick Corea/Return to Forever
    Johnny Cash
    Patsy Cline
    Stanley Clarke
    Alan Parsons Project
    Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
    Eric Clapton in all his manifestations
    Rick Wakeman

    …that’s a start…

  40. Rob Murphy says:

    I’ve always thought that good music or storytelling comes down to ‘Did you hit what you aimed at?’, so I tend toward what many folks call ear candy. I tend to break down by decades as well. I like Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Journey (Neal Schon, eh wot!), Van Halen, U2, Stevie Ray Vaughan …. but lately I really like to hear more melodies and harmonies and so I like the country-ish stuff of Little Big Town, Lady A, Band Perry, and the Zac Brown Band. The new John Elefante album ‘On My Way to the Sun’ makes me all sorts of happy for the super melodious prog rockish wall of harmonies sounds.

  41. Zeppelin to be sure, Jimi Hendrix is another. They became pioneers after which others followed. I had a born again expereince listening to Crosby Still and Nash’s first album. Where I had always listened to music before, they touched my soul. It was as if I came alive to music for the first time and wanted to be in it (if that makes sense. I think Reuben knows what I am talking about)

    A lot of bands were effected by Buffalo Springfield. Several of you guys listed U2. They chartered new territory in music.

    There was a little known known band I used to listen to that at least deserves honorable mention in my book: Batdorf and Rodney. Any body remember them?

  42. Have to say the comment about Oingo Boingo being the best ever Christian band got me and made me laugh

  43. Lutheran says:

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse (can’t believe I’m the first)

    Sam Phillips

    Bruce and E Street Band


    Dave Matthews Band (fave album: “Live at Luther College, ” natch :))

    Bruce Hornsby and the Range

    Gerry Rafferty and Stealers Wheel


    Rosanne Cash

    Ricky Skaggs

  44. Reuben says:


    I am a huge fan of CSNY, and Young on his own. I have been getting more into him in the last year or so.

    Dave was live at Luther with Tim Reynolds, right? Just the two of them on acoustic? If that is the show I am thinking of, superb. Dave and Neil did Cortez The Killer together at Bridge School. Best version of that song ever.

  45. Reuben says:

    I was a huge fan of Bruce Hornsby and the Range for many years, although it was painful to admit it. When I found numerous Grateful Dead shows that featured Bruce on piano, I was again a huge fan. He is such a good piano player.

  46. filbertz says:

    …have to add Dixie Dreggs–great regional band from deep South.

  47. Lutheran says:


    Yes, it was Dave and Tim, live at Luther.

    I’m glad you’re getting into Neil Young. I’ve been following his music since around 1970.

    I love Crazy Horse, too. David Crosby once said that onstage, they look like they just staggered out of bed! And he wonders why Young likes them so much, ’cause they’re pretty ragged and pretty unpolished. But that’s Neil for ya.

  48. Reuben says:


    Buffalo Springfield did inspire a number of bands. Names like The Eagles. I don’t know why Buffalo Springfield never really made it super big, but they were huge in my book.

  49. Ixtlan says:

    My favorite Neil Young album was Harvest. I don’t feel like he has ever matched that effort. CSNY really spoke to me as a young wanna be hippy and they brought out the left winger in me as well. But then again, so does Todd Snider.

  50. erunner says:

    I forgot a few bands….

    Eric Burdon & The Animals The Byrds The Bee Gees Paul McCartney & Wings

    10,000 Maniacs Herman’s Hermits Steppenwolf The Mamas & Papas

    The Beach Boys

  51. mike says:

    Was that a BRUUCCEE!!! I heard before? Sounds like an Iron Maiden fan

  52. 10 bands in no order of importance and no solo singers:

    Led Zeppelin
    Alice in Chains
    Pearl Jam
    Pink Floyd
    Beastie Boys
    Red Hot Chili Pepperrs

  53. Reuben says:


  54. david sloane says:

    When in my early teens we used to all pile into Tony Meston’s VW van and go to the Shrine Auditorium in LA in the 60’s. The Exposition hall was two story, had 54000 square feet of space, with Airport type strobe lights on each of the 4 corners of the upper balcony level. Big screens were set up with “Light Shows” and black and white movie clips.

    There were two stages that the bands played on.

    I recall Pink Floyd coming through the hugh doors riding on elephants. They had a very tall turbaned man hit a large hanging brass gong on stage and the side doors opened, then the elephants came in with the band members riding them. Pink Floyd always put on a great show.

    Then there was on the other stage a little known local band called “Iron Butterfly.” For $3.50 we would usually get a great evening of two bands. Iron Butterfly had a young 17 year old lead guitarist who rocked.

    We saw “Blue Cheer,” “Stephen Wolf,” “Canned Heat,” “Greatful Dead,” “Big Brother And The Holding Company,” “Arthur Lee and Love,” “Strawberry Alarm Clock,” “Procal
    : Harum and Chicago ,” “The Animals,” “Country Joe and The Fish,” “The Jefferson Airplane,” “Quicksilver Messenger Service,” “Moby Grape,” ” Eric Burdon And The Animals,” “The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Electric Flag,” “Paul Butterfield Blues Band,” “Traffic,” “Vanilla Fudge,” “Spirit,” and a lot of other bands for just a few bucks on weekends.

    Can’t do that today, just look at what the Rolling Stones just charged for their recent LA concert. We were in the right place at the right time, I would not change it for anything. The most fun anyone of us had when we talk about it today…us young hippie kids had it made.

    There was a large dance space where everyone freely danced to the music all night long.. The next day we literally had sunburns from the intensity of the strobe lights.

    Since it was the 60’s the air was always smokey from all the numbers lit up around the place. We were all very young and always had a great time when we would go there.

    When I got home my ears were ringing from the loud music, we didn’t even think about hearing loss.

    The best bands? Hard to say because there were so many great bands that I have seen.

    Crosby Stills and Nash with Neil Young would top my list.

    The Music of today sucks! Rap sucks.

    Here in Orange County we have a small non profit local radio station that only plays the music of my youth. 101.5 KOCI, you can find it on the net.

  55. DH says:

    Larry Carleton
    Robben Ford
    Lee Ritenour
    Duane Allman

    Great musicians not really bands per say but awesome

  56. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Rolling Stones (pre Ronnie Woods)
    Bruce Springsteen
    David Bowie
    Mott the Hoople
    Jeff Beck
    Leon Redbone
    Procol Harem
    Steve Lawrence
    Neil Young

  57. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    David Sloan

    Hollywood Palladium
    Santa Monica Civic
    Anaheim Conv. ctr

  58. suggested post/discussion topic:

    “How has your taste in music or your listening habits changed over the years you have been a christian, both before and after and during the time you have been a follower of Jesus?”

    any takers?
    -mike (‘The Artist’ formerly known as MIC)

  59. DH says:

    Jeff @ 57
    The Golden Bear at the HB pier

  60. Saw Kenny Rankin at the Golden Bear!

  61. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Mike and Brandy

    It’s You Tubes fault as all the bootleg stuff is being republished or available on it. In direct response, as I left legalistic Christianity, I broke out my old collection and seeing Jeff Beck 2 1/2 years ago at 4th and B sealed the deal

  62. Jeff

    God Bless Youtube !!

  63. “…Run for the Hills, Run for your Life…”


  64. sorry… “run TO the hills”

  65. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Bruuuuce – Growing Up verbal riff. Love when Bruce did his Schlick. 10th Avenue Freezeout verbal riff on putting the band together

    I could go on and on

  66. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Mike and Bruce

    Did you get the compilation on Darkness re release that had the 1978 epic show, previously rarely out on cassette and cd boots, but on DVD? Every high school kid should have to see it in history class.

  67. erunner says:

    Mike @ 58…. My tastes haven’t changed in the 37 years I’ve been a believer. Unfortunately I was in a church environment that believed if the music didn’t glorify God it was a bad thing. So I got rid of all of my albums and tried listening to just Christian music which I really liked.

    The problem was I still liked the stuff I got rid of. I went to see Walter Martin during those times and asked him about secular music. He stated he used a lyrics test with his kids and if it wasn’t something terrible they could own it. That freed me up and through the years I saw what bondage I was in.

    There are secular songs from my youth that actually softened my heart towards God and I found myself thinking about him often. As things turned out I was saved at a Saturday night concert at CCCM.

    I’ve changed from a rock and roll young person to a man who is drawn to praise and worship music and a lot of the oldies from my youth. When I exercise I listen to upbeat oldies and rock to get my blood pumping!

  68. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Sorry. The 1978 Houston show

  69. Good Times…. those were the days (i can’t remember…) πŸ™‚


  70. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    ERunners test, I think is a good one……except sometimes the lyrics were obscured by the weed, hash, acd, Quaaludes…well you get the idea. Only regrets I now have is the out of pocket to buy hearing aids

  71. Linnea says:

    Haven’t read the list, I’m sorry to say, but will contribute the following:

    Allison Krause and Union Station (double love Bluegrass)
    Big & Rich (listen to the 8th of November and hear the veteran’s heart)
    Fernando Ortega (enough said)
    John Michael Talbot (Would you Crucify Him?)
    Angela DiPrima (just about everything she does)
    The soundtrack from Oh Brother Where Art Thou, the Peasall Sisters and the whole roots music movement.
    I’m a Beatles gal and play their music on the piano.
    I know he’s a Muslim, but also play Cat Steven’s music before he converted.
    Mustard Seed Faith–love their music
    Keith Green

    Ok, that says a lot about me– I’m done.. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the thread Rueben!

  72. Bob says:

    Buddy Rich
    Maynard Ferguson
    Paul Wilbur
    Keith Green

    (sorry last two are solos)

    Why is it a “band” has to be rock or pop?

    There’s no doubt at all the last 60 years ranks historically as the most abundant time ever for music and the performing arts. Maybe that’s why our churches have devolved into a show.

  73. my sister in WA would like to submitt the Wilson sisters AKA “Heart” for the approbation of the assembly…

  74. Scott says:

    Kansas, anyone?

  75. Reuben says:

    mike and brandy @58,

    I went down the road of “that devil music will send you straight to hell”

    I burned, trashed, and otherwise sold all my stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I repented for selling stuff, because it was like I condemned others to hell fire. I switched Pantera and Metallica to Stryper and Petra. Did my time with DC Talk and Switchfoot too.

    In time, I saw that Christian music was for the most part emulative garbage, most of the time produced by the same labels as their secular counterparts. It was a marketable product, and the industry needed to keep its foot in the door, even if it was selling out to Jesus.

    My theology shifted pretty dramatically at the end of my days in CC. I saw that it was silly to attempt to please God with the music I listened to, which I never really liked to begin with.

    So now, a backslidden reformed calvinist wretch, hailed as a heretic by my former comrades in arms, almost 20 years later, it started with Phish, and all went down hill from there.

    I would pay millions to see the remaining members of Pink Floyd perform The Wall. I think Syd Barrett changed music forever. I think David Gilmour and Roger Waters are two of the most musically brilliant humans that God ever created. I would not pay ten cents for the latest Petra, if those dudes are even alive, let alone anything top 40 in the Christian music scene. The stuff, when I am forced to hear it, makes my stomach turn. Jesus is my girlfriend, touch me, hold me, paint my nails, by my bro, Jesus take the wheel, crap. I have not listened to anything Christian by choice in probably 2 years, aside from an occasional fling with Mississippi Mass, because they still got it. Most of the worship songs these days are so hideously egocentric, and contrary to worship… Hillsong making millions off of lyrics like, “You’ll come to us, let your glory fall as you respond to us…”

    Holy mother of God in heaven, it makes me furious! I can honestly say, I despise Christian music.

  76. PP Vet says:

    The Band
    Jethro Tull
    Grand Funk
    Canned Heat
    Iron Butterfly
    Procol Harum
    Ten Years After
    Incredible String Band
    New Riders of the Purple Sage

    All seen in concert. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wish I’d been in church.

  77. Reuben says:

    Pink Floyd, because they changed everything. They were, and are, nothing short of musical excellence.

    Phish, because they are distinct, true musicians, in love with what they do, and are the very definition of “jam band”, able to create spontaneously, and make it seem like it was planned that way. They have skills, talent, and will never be appreciated enough.

    Widespread Panic, because they have put such a gritty and real feel to everything they ever did, even cover songs.

    Grateful Dead, need I even explain why? Jerry Garcia was amazing, even when he was high as a kite.

    Leftover Salmon, Tea Leaf Green, String Cheese Incident, Gov’t Mule, Railroad Earth, Umphrey’s McGee, even The Samples, these people love music, and they love to play music, and the live experience is what separates them from the crowds. Music for the sake of music. It is a beautiful thing.

    They all owe something to Pink Floyd, who put psychedelic jam sessions on records, and sold millions. Pink Floyd was the first jam band. They nailed story telling. They sustained themes, and always made things pink.

  78. Lutheran says:


    I was always intrigued by the pilgrimmage of Sam (formerly Leslie) Phillips. She was a Xn pop music star in the 80s. But she saw through all the hype, moneygrubbing, lack of talent/art and true spirituality that was the Christian “music industry.” She’s had a quite successful career since she made the switch.

    It’s ironic that fundagelicals will bloviate about the evils of “worldly” “secular” music. Truth is, there’s a lot of great art coming from secular musicians. This is what Sam Phillips has done, and I’m sure there are others.

    My sons are believers in their 20s through and through, but they find much truth about God in the secular music world. They can’t stand Christian radio and music. I think a lot of their generation finds it self serving and with all the spiritual nourishment of cotton candy.

    Of course, YMMV.

  79. Reuben says:


    T-Bone Burnett produced her. He is one of the most brilliant producers ever.

  80. Lutheran says:


    Yes. They were also marriage partners.

  81. Gary says:

    Mothers of Invention
    the Fugs
    Art of Noise
    Biff Rose
    Tiny Tim
    I could say anything. lol

  82. Gary says:

    Michael found Alex and told him, “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wroteβ€”Chuck Smith.”

    “Orange County? Can anything good come from there?” Alex asked. “Just kidding,” said Michael.

  83. London says:

    Rubber band
    Contra band
    Hat band
    Band of brothers
    Band wagon
    Band together
    And my favorite band-ana except that they’ve disband

  84. brian says:

    Great bands

    The absolute best concert filmed ever was the Last Waltz and the Band, true heart and soul. A few of my favorite songs up on cripple creek, Ophelia, and the Weight.


    Peter Paul and Mary
    Simon and Garfunkel
    Cat Stevens
    Jim croche
    The Beatles to some degree
    Elton John
    David Bowie
    Queen to some degree
    I know gag but Journey
    John Denver, by far the best concert I have ever seen, just one guy with his guitar and piano.
    The Who and Stones two concerts I wont really forget
    My very favorite concert was Handel Messiah so much truth caught in music I weep every time I hear it (I know gag finger in mouth).

    Rod Stewart for just having fun singing and knowing he is not the best and not caring.
    The beegees

    Larry Norman, I saw him sing his heart out in my first “Christian concert”, it was before I caught onto the Modern Christian music industry stuff.

    Rich Mullins for being who he was at the time, I remember they day he died, people actually said that God took him out so he would not convert to the RCC. How sick is that?

    Keith Green had other things to add but he sang his heart out. Sad about the accident.

    The Carpenters what a wonderful voice she had, and she died because she could not come to grips with her image. If that is not gospel material I dont know what is. I loved her voice.

    That is only a few of the many I loved, musical favorites change so quickly but also imprint on us. Music is a powerful force. I love to sing, some say I have a nice voice. There was a time that I started to sing at church but it was necessary to rip that thought from my worthless soul and was ridden into silence. I will never sing in a church again, if God Himself appeared to me in full glory and asked. Yes at times some of the weaker pieces of human filth like myself are thin skinned and we admit it. Even in singing I had some type of satanic motive. You cant win in this religion which I dont mind, but you cant even brake even.

  85. Rueben #75

    Totally feel you there… the last few years out of the CC’Bubble’ has seen my theology, philosophy, and even my Eschatology shift so much it feels like I’ve fallen into one of those Tilt-a-Whirls I used to love at the State Fair.

    And Scott @74, I would definitely count Kansas as one of my Favs. Everything up to and including Vinyl Confessions. Kerry Livgren carried on after the breakup with AD (Seeds of Change even had two songs with Ronnie James Dio of all people).

    … oh yeah that reminds me…

    Dio !!


  86. Reuben says:


    How did I not know that? I guess I dont pay any attention to things…

  87. Scott says:

    Reuben #75 & M&B #75, I once read a Kerry Livgren quote that went something like “Many times I have been moved by the work of someone who was given a great gift, but does not know the One who gave them that gift.” (bad paraphrase, I’m sure.). There was more spiritual in site in most of his work before he found Christ than anything played on “Christian” radio today.

  88. scott, agreed.

  89. I like bands with place names: Kansas, Boston, Chicago (not because of the names, I just like their sound).

    Dave Matthews Band
    Loggins and Messina
    Lady Antebellum
    Casting Crowns
    Herman’s Hermits
    Kerry Livgren and AD
    Building 429
    Everybody Duck
    A band made up of Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett, Phil Keaggy and Buck Storm
    The New York Philharmonic Orchestra

  90. Forgot to mention Sweet Comfort Band

  91. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    I like all kinds of music such as old schol Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Country etc. The only genre of music I can’t stand is that Depressed Seattle grunge music. The sound is so melancholy and depressing. It seems made for the EMO generation of kids that hate life.

  92. Reuben says:


    I went through a pretty heavy Boston phase myself.

    Are you feelin satisfied…

  93. DavidH says:

    At this point today, this list could change later today. In no particular order, except for the Stones.

    The Rolling Stones
    The Beatles
    Johnny Cash
    Merle Haggard
    Redd Volkaert
    Johnny Winter
    Led Zeppelin
    Iron Maiden
    Third Day
    Doyle Dykes

    Are just a few.

    The present state of “Christian” music is not very good (I’m being kind). “God made all music – it’s melody, harmony, and rhythm.”

  94. Reuben says:

    David H,

    Doyle Dykes is the man. I love acoustic ninjas. Of course the original, Michael Hedges, Alex DiGrassi, Justin King, David Wilcox, Preston Reed, Don Ross, Antoine DuFour, and my personal most inspirational guitar player, Will Ackerman.

  95. mrtundraman says:

    The Call
    Rich Mullins
    Tom Petty
    Neil Diamond
    Suzi Quattro
    The Who

  96. DavidH says:


    I neglected to mention one of my favorite acoustic players – Jorma Kaukonen.

  97. Some possibly Interesting notes on some of the fav bands posted…

    This Thursday I am playing with the former drummer of Heart ( the Wilsons) Denny Carmasi. He is believer. He also played with Montrose

    Re Sweet Comfort…I was quad mates in college with Brian Duncan

    Re Reubens not so favorite group Petra…my brother designed and painted the album covers for “This Means War” and ” Petra Means Praise”. The original of the former is hanging in our church

    Interesting to me at least

  98. Hadley Hockensmith, guitarist with the Christian jazz-fusion group “Koinonia,” has been playing in Neil Diamond’s band for almost 20 years now.

  99. Reuben

    I want to make a clarification to this statement made in your #75… “So now, a backslidden reformed calvinist wretch, hailed as a heretic by my former comrades in arms…”

    If I am considered one of those “comrades in arms” I don’t think of you as a heretic…neither do a lot of other guys….we are all doing our best to put the pieces to the theological puzzle together. The basics are clear…how you get there is sometimes not so clear. The true heretic is the one who thinks he has it all figured out .

  100. Thats just my opinion of course…but I’ve been doing this Christian thing since October of 1969… Got a few experiences under my belt to corroborate me as an expert witness πŸ™‚

  101. Any of you guys remember the band Level 42?

  102. Level 42 – Yes. Cool bassist. Ummm. Mark King, I think? (going to google)

    Hehe, I was right. Yeah, they were cool.

  103. They created a groove so big you could drive a truck thru it

  104. Yeah, they were a band that bass players loved, that weren’t as huge with the general audience. Tower of Power is another band like that. Minutemen, too.

  105. Reuben says:

    Bass players love Kings X, which is another all time favorite.

  106. True Reuben. Kings X had a whole different cult following too. I guess they were kinda a Christian band that could actually play. Ethnic looking singer / bassist. All of those things have their own little sub-following.

  107. Rob Murphy says:

    interesting that the addition of Allen Holdsworth really didn’t shake the music world for Level 42. I was always disappointed in that collaboration.

  108. filbertz says:

    I knew Suzi Quattro before she made it big…

    She was known as Susie Tres. πŸ˜‰

  109. I’m listening to carolina songwriter Ryan Adams today. He is beyond great.

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