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101 Responses

  1. PP Vet says:

    Red Eye
    Mike and Mike
    Morning Joe

  2. Linnea says:

    Downton Abbey
    Andy Griffith
    Star Trek
    New Amsterdam (ran on 1 season, but was a great show!)
    Bones (at least the original series)

  3. mike says:

    The Mentalist
    Star Trek: TNG
    Law and Order (any of the myriad series)
    Holmes on Homes
    House Hunters International

    And yes, I know I will probably “go straight to Hell, do not collect Eternal Life” but I gotta say

    … Will and Grace

  4. CrucifiED says:

    The Office
    The Middle
    Modern Family
    King Of Queens
    Northern Exposure
    Arrested Development
    Everybody Loves Raymond

  5. Kildar & Casey

  6. Andy Griffith
    Good Times
    The Jeffersons
    The Office

  7. Jtk says:

    Burn Notice
    Seinfeld (started season 1 a year ago, watching in order, ALMOST done!)

    And a few notches down:
    Shark Tank

    And I want to taser anyone and everyone involved with “Lost” after that finale…..

  8. Jtk says:

    Sooooo glad I don’t have (can’t afford) cable. I go on vacation and EVERYBODY has it wherever I stay, and all of a sudden I watch 8 hours of tv in a row! Deadliest Warrior, Whale Wars, How It’s Made……all kinds of “reality shows”.

    Ohhh, and those “True Hollywood Stories”

  9. Andrew says:


  10. Babylon's Dread says:

    Breaking Bad
    West Wing
    Little House on the Prairie

  11. Dodgers’ Baseball

  12. PP Vet says:

    “How It’s Made” – what fun that is

  13. Preston says:


  14. David Sloane says:

    Initially we had no remote control and we were constantly adjusting “Rabbit Ears” so they pointed in the right position while turning dials to stop the vertical roll. And if that did not work often times a good smack on the side of the TV did the trick. All shows were in faded black and white…no true couch potato, we were up and down adjusting the big box and turning the channel constantly…

    Favorite TV shows? I liked them all as did all of my friends. We would talk about what we saw the night before when we were at school every day.

    Arthur Godfrey And Friends
    The Howdy Doody Show
    Captain Kangaroo
    The Flint Stone
    The Jack Benny Show
    Father Knows Best
    My Three Sons
    Mr. Ed
    My Favorite Martian
    Alfred Hitchock Presents
    Wagon Train
    The Honey Mooners
    Sky King
    Ozzie And Harriet
    Leave It To Beaver
    Rat Patrol
    Man From U.N.C.L.E
    Outer Limits
    The Prisoner
    Gun Smoke
    Mission Impossible
    I Spy
    The Avengers
    The Mod Squad
    Ben Casey
    Dr. Kildare
    I Love Lucy
    Dick Van Dyke
    Lost in Space
    Star Trek
    The Monkees
    Beverly Hillbillys
    Car 54 Where Are You
    Brady Bunch
    Donna Reed
    Dobie Gillis
    Doris Day
    Dennis The Menace

    There were so many more. But we watched them all. TV was our joyful addiction. And then along came the computer and the internet and here you are…

  15. Jtk says:

    I can’t think of a GOOD father/husband (or even leading man) on tv since Bill Cosby…..tell me they haven’t been systematically wiped out

  16. In no particular order:

    Start Trek: The Next Generation
    Bill Cosby
    Picket Fences
    I Love Lucy
    Gilligan’s Island
    Superman (w/ George Reeve)
    Dick Van Dyke
    Bear and the Big Blue House
    The Koala Brothers
    Almost everything that David Sloane mentioned
    Criminal Minds
    The Waltons
    Whale Wars
    Deadliest Catch
    River Monsters
    Sesame Street (older episodes)

  17. Jtk, OK, I won’t tell you…but…

  18. erunner says:

    Battlestar Galactiaca
    Pushing Daisies
    SG Atlantis
    Kung Fu
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Bob Newhart bothe series
    All In The Family
    Star Trek Next Generation
    Star Trek
    Andy Griffith
    Beverly Hillbillies
    Cosby Show
    The Waltons
    Little House On The Prairie

  19. Everything that’s ever been broadcast on TBN. 😉

  20. Becky says:

    Grimm, Once Upon A Time, The New Doctor Who (David Tennant On), Criminal Minds, Downton Abby, The Walking Dead, Falling Skys, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Kitchen Nightmares, Bones, Law and Order (all svu, criiminal intent, etc..) Torchwood, Vampire Diaries, Parent Hood, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Friends, Merlin, Super Natural, The Cosby Show, Little House on the Prairie, Lost, Alphas, and many more I can’t think of.

    They need to come up with a new Lassie series, or something.

  21. Gary says:

    We went without a TV for a year. We have one now but we don’t watch it. Lost was a great show but the end was STOO-PID! The one and only Dr Who that was good was Tom Baker. When he looked at the camera he was saying “This is so hokey. Play Along. Jelly babies?”
    Here are some faves in order most recent to oldest:

    Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Bret
    Law and Order with Vincent D’nofrio
    Cosby show
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    Wonder Years
    Home Improvement
    the first 3 years of The Waltons
    Leave It To Beaver

  22. Of course we NEVER watch TV … we are much too busy and our lives are too important and it is all beneath us.

  23. Gary says:

    I like snark. Bring it on. Right after these important messages from our sponsor… Friends, this is Ralph Spoilsport of Ralph Spoilsport Motors here in the city of Fine Used…

  24. j2theperson says:

    Shows I Legitimately Love:

    Star Trek
    Star Trek DS9
    Batman (the Adam West one)
    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Shows I Love Because They’re So Bad

    CSI Miami
    I’ve only seen the 1st season of 24. It’s totally the sort of show that would suck me in with its hilarious awfulness but I just don’t have the time right now.
    Anything on the History Channel or one of its affiliates presenting the beliefs of Ancient Astronaut Theorists.

  25. Michael says:

    I watch very little TV…not because I’m too busy or too holy, but because it bores me to tears.
    Same with movies.
    I’m weird.
    I watch some sports and Trey and I will watch some of those shows on wilderness survival.
    That’s about it.

  26. Gary says:

    That’s a good idea for a topic- shows that were so bad they were good. All in theFamily

  27. Gary says:

    I thought Babs-a-lot’s Dread’s comment was aimed at me. If you didn’t watch too much TV you’re missing out on a lot of near humor and pseudo thought. In other words, you’re not missing out on much. Nothing that would commend you to God. imho

  28. Crowned1 says:

    Best TV show ever? That’s a really tough one.

    Dr. Who is very high on my list…but so is Andy Griffith, Twilight Zone, & I Love Lucy.

  29. Crowned1 says:

    I’m with you Michael that most TV bores me to death. If I removed sports…I probably watch 2 – 3 hours a week.

  30. Reuben says:

    Tom Baker was the best Doctor. By far. My wife, as we saw, is only into the pretty boy era.

  31. Xenia says:

    I don’t watch much TV because most of it is alien to my world view. Sometimes when I have a knitting project that I need to finish in a hurry I will put on a detective program, NCIS or Criminal Minds. I think most of TV is totally worthless and I don’t care how arrogant that sounds.

  32. erunner says:

    Reuben, and the search for the next doctor is now underway!

  33. Anyone ever see the BBC Narnia series that5 had Tom BAker as Puddleglum? That was awesome.

  34. Gary says:

    Tom Baker was a very good Puddleglum.

  35. I’ve got those on DVD. My kids watch them all the time.

  36. Glen says:

    Agree with Reuben and Gary about Tom Baker being the best Doctor Who. It really was hokey with sonic screwdrivers, robotic dog and Tardis…….exterminate, exterminate……..
    My list would be most of David Sloane’s, plus most of Captain Kevin’s and erunner’s with a few more added –
    Wanted Dead or Alive
    Maverick (original with James Garner)
    The Rockford Files
    The High Chapparal (favorite character was Buck Cannon)
    Murder She Wrote
    Gidget (one season original with Sally Fields)
    Wagon Train
    Wild Wild West
    Petticoat Junction
    Hee Haw

  37. PP Vet says:

    1967 is the magic year for some reason.

    Just about any TV show before that date: You can sit and watch it comfortably with your family.

    Beverly Hillbillies, Get Smart – we have about all the DVDs.

    After 1967 you are taking your chances.

  38. PP Vet says:

    Yes, Rockford Files – totally awesome

  39. Nonnie says:

    *Call the Midwife (Such an excellent show, Christians in the show are portrayed honestly and the show doesn’t mock God. Some of the characters in the series are some dedicated midwife/nuns in a poverty stricken area of London in the 1960’s. They are portrayed as real, vulnerable, spiritual and sinners) It is an excellent show.
    *Downton Abbey
    *Modern Family (these 2 are just so funny)
    *The Middle
    *Big Bang
    *Breaking Bad (Like a Greek tragedy, where the protagonist is caught in the web of his own making)
    I Love Lucy
    Rockford Files

  40. Neo. says:

    In order: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Rome, Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy.

  41. Neo. says:

    For Old Times: The A Team.

  42. Steve Wright says:

    My wife and I have enjoyed watching The Little Couple as they have been adopting a special needs baby from China.

    I think every pastor should watch, Intervention

    Breaking Bad might have been the greatest series ever if they had not come back for the final year (I won’t put in any spoilers from what was supposed to be the last season). Last summer was good in its own right, but the writers are going to really have to come up with something special to end the series any better than it was supposed to end.

    Spongebob is truly classic comedy….(don’t judge me) 🙂

    And if you let yourself not analyze the clock issues too much (when did anyone go to the bathroom) – 24 was excellent and a very creative idea. I only saw about half the seasons though…

  43. Bob Sweat says:

    Down and Out In BuenO Park

  44. My top ten list

    1. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    2. The Pretender (For those who never watched it, you need to.)
    3. The Office
    4. The Big Bang Theory
    5. Outsourced (for it’s single season)
    6. Babylon 5
    7. The Walking Dead
    8. The Outer Limits
    9. Get Smart
    10. All the other Star Trek Series (my wife prefers DS9, I prefer to call it by it’s real name, Star Trek: The Soap Opera).

  45. Bob Sweat says:

    Never heard of Dr. Who

  46. My comment was aimed at WE … I frankly don’t care who watches or however much they watch. I love far more than I admit

  47. Reuben says:

    Bob has never heard of Doctor Who…

    I have seen everything now.

  48. 1. Dr. Who. Prefer the older series. Started watching it in 1989 on WKNO, the PBS affiliate in Memphis, with the 4th Doctor. My wife and I have a lot of Classic Dr. Who on DVD and VHS. Now Doctors in order of preference:
    a. Tom Baker -4
    b. Sylvester McCoy -7
    c. Jon Pertwee -3
    d. William Hartnell -1
    e. Peter Davison -5
    f. Patrick Troughton -2
    g. David Tennant- 10
    h. Matt Smith – 11
    i. Christopher Eccleston – 9
    j. Paul McGann – 8
    k. Colin Baker – 6

    2. Any Star Trek Series.
    3. The Walking Dead
    4. X-Files
    5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    6. Downton Abbey
    7. Last of the Summerwine
    8. Duck Dynasty
    9. Battlestar Galactice
    10. Game of Thrones. Might catch flack over it, but I have been reading he books for years and I love seeing the books come to life.

  49. London says:

    Starsky and Hutch
    Welcome Back Kotter
    Brady Bunch
    Once upon a Time
    Little House
    High Chaparral
    Doc Martin
    Doctor Who (David Tennant)
    General Hospital

  50. London says:

    Oh yeah and
    Get Smart
    And CSI NY but only the parts with Gary Sinise

  51. Lutheran says:

    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Craig Ferguson Show (especially with the revelation that Geoff Peterson the gay robot and Secretariat the horse are Lutherans)
    Leave it to Beaver

  52. j2theperson says:

    I’m with London–I love CSI: NY but only the parts with Gary Sinise. But, if I’m honest, I just really love him because he looks like Dr. McCoy.

    And, since everyone is talking about Dr. Who. My fave Doctor was Christopher Eccleston.

  53. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    White Shadow
    Sanford and Son
    Family Guy

  54. BrianD says:

    NCIS: Los Angeles
    CSI: Miami
    The Office (early seasons)
    Star Trek: Next Generation
    Battlestar Galactica (the 2000s remake)
    Rizzoli & Isles
    The West Wing
    Law and Order: SVU

    I’m also watching Continuum on Netflix and may give Criminal Minds a shot.

  55. Neo. says:

    BrianD sighting!!!!!!

  56. Ricky Bobby says:

    Faves of all-time in no particular order:

    Monday Night Football
    Carol Burnett
    Saturday Night Live (older days and some in the 90’s)
    In Living Color
    Chapelle’s Show
    Hogan’s Heroes
    Andy Griffith
    I Love Lucy
    Daniel Boone
    Quantum Leap
    The Shield
    Battlestar Gallactica (old one)
    Happy Days
    Apprentice (first season)
    Survivor (first season)

    Faves current:

    Duck Dynasty
    Pawn Stars
    Hard Core Pawn
    Storage Wars
    Iron Chef America
    Top Shot
    Red Eye
    Reno 9-11
    Daily Show
    Colbert Report
    Breaking Bad

  57. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Soupy Sales
    The Prisoner
    gong Show

  58. Michael says:

    Sheck…The Gong Show was my favorite show…ever.

  59. Babylon's Dread says:

    Some choices from LONG AGO

    The Man From UNCLE
    Dark Shadows
    The Rockford Files
    Walt Disney
    The Ed Sullivan Show
    Amos n Andy

  60. Amos n Andy was AWESOME and especially because it would offend everyone today.

  61. Gary says:

    All these old shows I’ve long since forgotten about. So many I liked… all 3 of Jeff’s, Can You Top This, Who’s Line is it, TW3 (That Was The Week That was), Monty Python, Monday Night Football, Benny Hill, Andy Griffith, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies. So much fun.

  62. jlo says:

    The gong show was the bomb.

    How about E.R.?

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was another good one.

    Hill Street Blues.



    Once upon a Time.

    Greys Anatomy.

    Friends – to go to sleep by.

    Love most of the shows on HGTV.

    Used to love watching Barney Miller with my dad, he cracked up the whole time.

  63. ( |o )====::: says:

    Later… with Jools Holland

  64. Jeff Sheckstein says:
  65. Glen says:


    I loved Amos and Andy, especially Kingfish and Lightning. My favorite quote, “it’s time to proceed with the proceedins’.” It was funny the same way the Beverly Hillbillies was or Duck Dynasty is, but I guess it isn’t pc.

  66. RIght Gary, relegated to You tube

  67. Steve Wright says:

    I was only about 11 or 12 but my older brother and his friends were on the gong show (we lived in Glendale just minutes from where it was filmed) – I only remember what a big deal it was to him when they showed it on TV. I don’t remember the act (I think it was something with dancing trash cans) and I don’t remember if they got gonged or not.

    I’m sure I went back to something baseball related as soon as it was over….

    Will have to call my brother on that….

  68. I haven’t thought of The Gong Show in years. I didn’t care for it.

  69. David sloane says:

    Chuck Barris, of Gong show fame, said that he was a CIA hit man.,9171,404266,00.html

  70. Glen added some good ones:
    The Rockford Files
    Wild Wild West
    Petticoat Junction
    Hee Haw

    I also like M*A*S*H* and Cheers!

  71. Nonnie says:

    Speaking of The Gong Show. Has anyone seen the film about Chuck Barris’ life? He was supposedly a CIA agent. I thought that ridiculous until I saw “Argo” and found out how the CIA has a lot of agents (albeit part time) in show business. Now I wonder if Chuck Barris was telling some truth in his wild story.

  72. Sheck, that was hilarious!

  73. Bob says:

    St. Elsewhere (it made Howie Mandel and Denzel Washington famous).

  74. brian says:

    Pray for me on some issues, thank you

  75. filbertz says:

    H.R. Pufnstuf

  76. filbertz says:

    Regis and KathiLee
    11 O’clock Eye Witness News

  77. Gary says:

    Politically Correct with Bill Mahar
    The McGlaughlin Group

  78. Gary says:

    Ok brian. *Asking the Lord to minister to brian.*

  79. Crowned1 says:

    Steve @ 42

    Breaking Bad should have ended when ‘the book’ was found in the bathroom (imo). Their doing okay dragging the story out though.

    Sponge Bob is great & clean slap stick.

    Kiefer reading a paper on the john while the classic clock ticks would have been epic.

  80. Gary says:

    Every time I see that pic of the tardis, the theme song comes to mind. One of the best theme songs ever.

  81. DavidH says:

    I don’t watch much TV now. All my favorites are old.

    Addams Family
    Get Smart
    Green Acres
    Hogan’s Heroes
    Rat Patrol

  82. erunner says:

    Pee Wee’s Playhouse
    Hobo Kelly
    Sheriff John
    Captain Kangaroo
    Engineer Bill

    CPO Sharkey
    Hill Street Blues
    Burn Notice

    Funniest close to a series ever. At the end of the second Newhart show when Bob wakes up next to Suzzanne Pleshette.

  83. Gary says:

    erunner grew up in southern California. Red light green light, ya little mischief maker. Put another candle on your birthday cake. I grew up in Santa Ana.

  84. erunner says:

    Gary, So we were doing the same thing at the same time some 50 years ago….. I guess we have a special bond now!! 🙂

  85. Glen says:

    Gary and erunner,
    I grew up in Covina and watched those shows in front of a Packard Bell console. It was black and white with mono phono and am radio. Lunch was with Sheriff John and dinner was with Engineer Bill. KFI was big and Vin Scully announcing the Dodger games was the best……….

  86. erunner says:

    Glen, I sat in front of our black and white television imagining I could see colors as I watched. I remember hearing Vin Scully and Jerry Dogget as a ten year old. My gosh! Me and Vinnie have been together longer than me and my wife!! 🙂

  87. Gary says:

    Is your computer digital or analog?

    Joe Pyne Art Linkletter Lloyd Thaxton Ninth Street West Roller Derby

  88. Gary says:

    Did you drink your milk with Engineer Bill?

  89. erunner says:

    Gary, My computer is an HP. I drank with the Engineer and believe I beat him regularly!

  90. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Hey! What about Romper Room? “I’m looking through the Magic Mirror and I see some boys and girls who are celebrating their birthday today.”

    She was my first crush until Ann Margaret in Bye Bye Birdie

  91. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Fright Night with Seeeeeeemour and Banjo Billie

  92. Gary says:

    Sharry Lewis and Lamb Chop. She was my crush.

  93. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Sonia Hurwitz, née Shari Lewis was a 3rd cousin to me. My great grandparents name in Russia was Hurwitz. Gary, it’s nice you had an eye for a nice, Jewish girl.

  94. Gary says:

    are you the sheck of iheartsheck?

  95. Glen says:

    erunner, Gary and Jeff,
    Those were the days and I did drink my milk with red light green light on Engineer Bill.
    Crushes – Angela Cartwright, Patty Duke, Sally Fields………..

  96. Gary says:

    Angela Cartwright was a cutie on Lost in Space but she was a brat on the Danny Thomas show.

  97. erunner says:

    Glen, My crushes Angela Cartwright from Lost In Space and Elinore Donahue from Father Knows Best.

  98. Glen says:

    erunner, yes, Angela in Lost in Space (not Make Room For Daddy) and Elinore also in season one of The Andy Griffith Show was a favorite. I just remembered Shelly Fabares on Donna Reed Show, too. The things we old guys remember……..
    Good wholesome programming back then…….

  99. gomergirl says:

    How did I miss a discussion on Doctor who? Those who are friends on FB will not be surprised….

    here is my list:

    Doctor Who… ( I can list my favs in order, but will leave it as 5 and 10 are the best!!)
    Firefly… come on I didn’t see this on other lists…
    Buffy the Vampire slayer
    How its MAde
    Red Dwarf
    Keen Eddy
    The real Top Gear
    Big Bang Theory
    Grimm…. cause it is all about Portland
    All the stuff they show on Masterpiece and Mystery
    Heart of Dixie

    Anything on the BBC

  100. Jeff Sheckstein says:


    No. I think I Heart Sheck was a person who maybe liked my posts back in the early days over at CCA. People called me Sheck as a nickname for my Pseudonym.

  101. OK, since some have mentioned crushes. Stephanie Zimbalist from Remington Steele. Wrote to her once and she sent me an autographed picture. What you couldn’t tell from the TV, but that was very clear in her picture, was that she is a freckle-face. So cute!

    Also had crushes on Patty Duke and Haley Mills, and Jan Brady.

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