PFM Survivors: Alert! Meeting Called by Rozell

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6 Responses

  1. The Scriptures say to withdraw from an unruly brother.

  2. ChattyKathy says:

    After reading all of the stories from former interns it sounds like he is real good at calling meetings. He needs to step aside. No more meetings.

  3. JM says:

    In some cases, cults or pseudo cults can operate in predictable ways.
    Here are some possibilities:
    If he is not ready to repent–he will likely follow the pattern of entrenchment. He will impose his own paranoia upon his underlings and expect even greater demonstrations of loyalty from everyone to show they haven’t been contaminated by the World (or whatever enemy he made up) . They will be told they are “being persecuted for righteousness sake” and not to listen to what anyone else says. Any criticism will be characterized as from the devil. People in the group will be afraid to ask questions because of the great fear of being “exposed” as not being one of the “faithful”.

    I pray none of that happens. If it does, however–I hope people are ready. Often things get much worse before they get better.

  4. thereislifeoutsidepfm says:

    JM, wise words. I have seen this before with this ministry and fear it may happen again.

    PFM has been the center of the universe for many of these people. There are employees that started out with PFM in their youth, and have turned it into a lifelong commitment. I fear that these particular people are especially at risk for “doubling down”. It’s hard to admit you are wrong when you feel you have nothing else or nowhere to turn. Starting over is scary! I get it!

    …But it’s not the end.

    You can be “all in” for Jesus without this narcissistic sociopath in your life.

  5. m says:

    It would be infinitely helpful if someone had a recording of that meeting……..

  6. JM says:

    there is life outside pfm–

    I bow to your words. I think your words will give hope. If you feel so inspired to give these battered brethren even more hope with words like that–I hope you will do so. Other survivors who are more recovered can help in the same way by proclaiming that there is light and life at the end of this tunnel.

    I have my own story of an unrelated situation, but it is old now. I can attest that God does give clarity and does heal wounds over time. If one perseveres– they will be surprised at how strong they can become, how precious they really are (despite the lies to the contrary by the controlling entity) and how their experiences can be redeemed in ways not imagined. It will take a long time to process what has happened, but fellow victims can encourage one another and they can all make it.

    The biggest temptation will be to avoid the root of bitterness. It is normal and proper to have extreme anger and grief at first. No one should be made to feel guilty for that. The grieving and venting must occur. I just pray that, over time, if discovered, these wounded people will fight against any sort of deeper bitterness. It would be a burden upon them that would hurt them. They don’t deserve that either.

    May God send His Holy Spirit upon us all to pray well, speak well and comfort well.

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