Potters Field Lawyer Denies “Child Abuse”…They Were All Adults…

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11 Responses

  1. J.M. says:

    I was 17! Just saying.

    Also, I’m glad someone is acknowledging there WAS abuse lol

  2. Em says:

    A sad bit of very dirty laundry – seems kind of clear these folk do not believe in a holy God or a judgement day… sigh

  3. Kenadie says:

    I was 17, turned 18 during training. Abuse doesn’t have an age limit. To think that it does is the only true case of “victim shaming” I’ve ever seen and is a truly disgusting way of excusing abuse.

  4. Mike Ehrmantrout says:

    Lawyers…pssshht! Wow…even if she were correct, which she obviously isn’t…I guess spiritual and emotional abuse is ok as long as it isn’t a child being abused? Wrong!

  5. Em says:

    Amen, Mike, amen ! ! !

  6. I question her wisdom or common sense on even commenting at all. And is she charging for each post she makes? Where did her retainer come from?

  7. Michael says:

    TNV…good questions…

  8. Micah Clark says:

    Haha, no child abuse… like abusing 18 year olds is wayyyy better. Not even upset, that’s comedy gold though.

  9. Barbara DeFazio says:

    There were many young adults under the age of 18. I’m so angry. I can’t even it a sentence together

  10. Barbara DeFazio says:

    I can’t even put a sentence together

  11. Chris Roberts says:

    An intern under my guidance as well as three others were 17…. I’d be more than happy to corroborate all the details with that!

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