Prayer & Praise: 01/21/2024

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2 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Maybe here is a peaceful place to lay some thoughts. Maybe there is no such place. These beautiful texts that call the soul to submit ourselves to the greater One.

    No accusing, no excusing just hearing and obeying. No assertion of rights but taking up obligations. No despair but the melody of hope like a river in a desert. Sand divided by sound.

    My sigh does not abate. A box of ashes forbids triviality. How can the vanity of life be again submerged by hope? How can the shoot from Jesse’s stump portend imminent help? How can covenant love prevail against the hard reality of darkness?

    Out of the depths I cry lest I should partner with the accuser. And rising again I leave the nets. But this time it is with stumbling steps and deep repentance for my previous following seems to have been from a distance.

    My prayer was answered too late. Today I will pray again.

  2. Michael says:


    “Out of the depths I cry lest I should partner with the accuser.”

    I have been wrestling with this since I heard you speak it at the memorial.

    It may be the most profound observation I have heard since I heard the Gospel…snakes are everywhere.

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