Prayer & Praise: 03/12/2023

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7 Responses

  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Amen. Love this prayer.

  2. Captain Kevin says:

    Amen. I love this prayer.

  3. dusty says:

    I keep seeing Captain Kevin’s name under recent comments on the prayer thread, but when i come to the prayer thread his comment is not here.

    Regardless, Dear brother, you are always in my prayers.

  4. dusty says:

    Ha, my post is not here either. lol

    Big brother, you are also sill and always in my prayers.

  5. Michael says:


    The site is having issues. It won’t refresh unless you’re logged in…and other issues.
    Fixing as I’m able…

  6. Captain Kevin says:

    No wonder none of my posts are showing up.

  7. Michael says:

    They show up..the site is just really erratic right now. Working on it…

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