Prayer & Praise: 09/17/2023

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14 Responses

  1. Captain Kevin says:

    Wasn’t expecting to see Sirach.

  2. Michael says:

    I like to keep us on our toes…

  3. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael 😀

  4. Em says:

    good verses, but who is Sirach????

  5. Michael says:


    It’s a book in the Apocrypha.

  6. Captain Kevin says:

    Prayer request: I was recently diagnosed with AFib, and my cardiologist suspects I have a blockage. Going in for an ultrasound tomorrow and a follow-up on Friday.

    Also, this is comparatively minor, but the med he started me on two weeks ago, although it definitely is calming my heart rate, is doing a number on my vocal cords. As a voice teacher, this puts a strain on my daily life.

  7. Em says:

    thanks, Michael
    praying, CK, praying as I do every night for you, Michael and others

  8. Michael says:


    Praying for you.

    Heart issues can thin out your voice…been there…

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    Thank you Em and Michael.

  10. Muff Potter says:

    I remember way back, when I was in the Calvary Chapel cult, The Apocrypha were almost verboten.

  11. JD says:

    Fortunately my deuterocanonical dabblings were before my CC days when they became unmentionable.
    CK- I can identify with you. I have to wear a Holter monitor in some coming weeks, want to wait until I feel a little better as I have enough trouble sleeping still. Keeping you all in prayer and appreciate your prayers as well.

  12. Captain Kevin says:

    JD, I wore a Holter monitor for 2 weeks. After the first day, the only time I remembered that I had it on was when my heart started racing. Praying for you.

  13. Officerhoppy says:

    To my oak CK

    I have a fib. Had to ablations. Now it’s controlled by taking Flecanide. Doing ok now and have for years.

    Keep us posted, please, on the condition of your heart

  14. Captain Kevin says:

    Hoppy, I’m an oak? Like a tree?

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