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2 Responses

  1. sisterchristian says:

    Heavenly Father

    Thank you ever so much for your word that guides us , for your Spirit that leads us…

    Purify us, strengthen us
    So that we may boldly walk in paths of righteousness for your names sake…

    Thank you for those who walk with integrity , who encourage us , who exhort us in your word and in your ways

    Thank you for those who stand up for righteousness, who love mercy and who will not bow to the idols of commercialism , celebrity-itis,

    Help us to be people who reach out with truth infused with love
    Who live in compassion and action towards relieving those who are suffering whether emotionally spiritually physically or materially

    Dear Lord
    Teach us your ways in greater measure…
    Teach us to truly love so that the world will know we are your disciples
    Light our imaginations and creativity in such a way that the light you have placed in us burns so brightly that others will see and Glorify you…

    We cannot do this alone
    We seek you to work in us to both will and to do your good pleasure

    Pull us out of the miry pit of complacency , set out feet on the solid rock, light a fire that burns bright in your children to bring glory to your name

  2. Linda Pappas says:

    Standing in agreement, Lord with sisterchristian.

    Pour your Holy Spirit fresh anew upon us and within us. Speak to our souls that we can neither deny nor run away from that which You have ordained even before We surrendered our whole hearts to You. Equip us and strengthen us, fill us with Your wisdom and help us to know what is and what is not of You. Pour us out, Lord so that we would walk uprightly and not be swayed or compromised by that which would feed the flesh. Unto You, may all things that we think and do be placed through the filters of Your Holy Word and not by that which comes from man and the ego that drives them. May we be holy as You are holy —— not by power, nor my might, but by the Spirit which You have sent to enabled us to follow You, with our whole heart, mind, body, strength and soul. In Him, Amen

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