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  1. Zzyyxx says:

    Totally off the wall but check this out Michael:

  2. Linda Pappas says:

    Just spent the last 6 hours trying figure out why printer wasn’t working. Finally, I typed out a short prayer asking our Father in heaven to fix it for me.

    Suddenly, the printer started spitting out all the print jobs that I had cancelled. Some really important stuff that had to do with life and being able to survive. I began doing a dance while sitting in my chair and clapping my hands holding them up towards the heavens for Him to see. Now, I am sharing it here as a Praise to Him report.

    Thanks again, heavenly Father. You are so awesome!!!

  3. Linda Pappas says:

    Correction: “that I had NOT cancelled.”

  4. mike says:

    God freed up your printer?

  5. jlo says:

    Linda, that is very cool. I love it when God blesses us with the little things. I mean something that on the surface seems Inconsequential, but makes our day easier. God is good.

  6. brian says:

    Thanks all for your prayers, I still have an eyeball. Last week that was still up in the air. Most likely I will not regain my sight in that eye but I can still hope. again thanks all, it has been a rough few weeks. Another prayer request, that I find a good spiritual home, I really like this Lutheran Church, they are far more liberal than I am but it seems like a good community. Thanks all, I wish you all the best. brian

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