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  1. uriahisaliveandwell says:


  2. Paige says:

    This is in my heart and mind today: Fernando Ortega Praise To The Lord, The All Mighty.

  3. Em says:

    praise Him, our hope and salvation – praise Him indeed, the God of creation IS our hope and salvation

    amen, Paige

  4. Em says:

    a dear cousin has just been taken off of life support – prayer for him and his family would be so appreciated

  5. London says:

    Praying Em

  6. Em says:

    thank you, London … he passed last night … remembering his sister in your prayers today – they were very close – would be a blessing to us

    come soon, Lord Jesus

  7. Em says:

    i must thank God everywhere that i can do so today
    we’ve just come off an incredible, drenching, ground saturating episode of rain and snow – we live in tall timber – the wind blew all around us yesterday, clocked at 137mph on the ridge just south of us and yet here we got no wind whatsoever and all the big old fir and pine are still standing – wish i could underline the no wind whatsoever – God’s pocket of miracle
    it is good to hear the river across the road running high and full again as i am standing with one foot in gratitude to God for yesterday and the other trying to stand in faith for protection in the coming winter’s weather

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