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  1. Paige says:


    Was there really ever ‘harmony and peace on the earth”? That would be lovely….

    As for me, I have deep thankfulness for the family miracle that has occurred in my life…
    and I continue to pray for my sons to be saved….

    For now, however, my heart is broken and soul grieved for the suffering in Haiti –again– Dear Lord have mercy on the hard pressed people of Haiti who have been pressed out beyond measure, time and again. Give them hope in Your unfailing love and give them practical help for their day to day, moment by moment needs… safety, shelter, water to drink, food to eat, water to bathe, clothing to cover and a bed to sleep in… Have mercy on the many people and animals that have been flooded out of their place and are suffering beyond imagination. Dear Lord, have mercy.

  2. Nonnie says:

    Amen, Paige, amen.

  3. Em ... again says:

    and amen again
    praying for so many here who visit the PhxP with burdens also

  4. dusty says:

    Praying for you Michael

    Praying for paige and her boys

    Praying for Erunner and his mom

    Praying for linnea and her sister and friend

    Praying for nonnie and her grandbaby

  5. Erunner says:

    Dusty, thank you so much for praying. I talked with my family member as far as my mom and medication is concerned and everything is all good. My mom is in physical therapy and a balancing class and she thinks it’s helping her. A visit to the cardiologist is upcoming.

    It seems I have neuropathy in my feet. I’ve seen two podiatrists about this. The problem is I am having trouble walking as my feet and the lower part of my ankles are in constant pain and I’m limping around. Not sure yet as to how I’ll address this. Having orthotics made and have had one cortisone shot. I’ll have my A1c checked tomorrow to get an idea of how my diabetes is doing as neuropathy is typical for many diabetics. Prayers appreciated for my mom and me.

  6. Em ... again says:

    Erunner, didn’t realize that you were diabetic – the grandmother who raised me was an insulin dependent diabetic from her mid 40s – after a number of years the circulation in her feet was a problem… hopefully medicine has advanced since the 1940s – prayer continues

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