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  1. John 20:29 says:

    Body of Christ – Amen, St. Pat, amen indeed

  2. Duane Arnold says:

    St. Patrick’s Breastplate, indeed…

  3. em ... again says:

    ah yes, Christ is our righteousness… what a gift!
    to go a step further, this wonderful declaration of faith in Christ makes a powerful shield, too
    at least it does for me… it’s on my desktop now

    still praying here for God to keep all close and comforted in searching out these treasures of absolute grace and truth

  4. Erunner says:

    Our daughter Erin has been hospitalized since Friday due to her pregnancy. They did a lot to try and induce labor but today they did an emergency c-section as the baby was in distress. He was born within about the last hour and all appears well. His name is Cooper Thomas Acosta. Thanking God for this little guy after such an up and down experience. Thank you for praying!

  5. Michael says:

    Congratulations to you and yours, Erunner…

  6. Erunner says:

    Thank you Michael. It’s been an emotional week.

  7. mk says:

    Congratulations, Erunner!

  8. dusty says:

    Remember in prayer

    Scooter Jones- son is suicidal , not doing well

    Lurkie Loo -I have a dear friend who was just diagnosed on Valentine’s day with inoperable Stage 4 glioblastoma (brain cancer). She is 44.

    Captain Kevin – a childhood friend who unfriended me on FB for my conservative views. This was after referring to me and some of my friends as scum of the earth along with other names I wouldn’t repeat here. I appealed on the basis of an almost lifelong friendship and that I not only respected him for holding well-reasoned views but that we had much more in common than not. He would have none of it. I grieve over a lost friendship as well as my part in the destruction.

    Captain Kevin – Strep, sinus infection, inflamed ear canal, and the pain that comes when the fibromyalgia flares up in response.

    surfer51 (david) “stage four” prostate cancer.

    John 20:29 – cousin Jerry has prostate cancer

    Erunner- mom has blocked arteries and asthma

    Michael- upcoming surgery, tumor on his thyroid and spot on his lung, very ill,

    Nene- dad passed away

    Lennea- sister salvation and cancer My sister has asked me to not contact her anymore as I brought her information about a pending lawsuit against her (from the school district she teaches in). I pray that she would draw near to the Lord and confess her own sins.

    filbertz – nephew’s 16-year-old son who evidently accidentally shot himself new year’s eve, still in pain over drew’s death.

    JD – young step nephew shot himself in the head the day after Christmas 2016.

    Linnea – Dannie, hit a tree , home from the hospital yesterday and has a year of rehabilitation. Your prayers for her and her family, including their financial situation, are coveted… Thank you!

    Mk- mom has passed away

    Erunner- wife RA

    Paige- 4 boys to be pleasing to God

    Captain kevin – new direction for he and hit wife, work load, health

    Dan -new direction for he and wife

    E munro- sadness,concern and confusion over major changes at cccm and seemingly lack of concern on pastors part

    UnCCed- still hurting over treatment from her church

    Luisa- hurt by church

    the least of these-hurt by church

    Disillusioned-hurt by church

    Bart- hurt by church

    Cc boise…

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