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  1. from this corner says:

    amen, amen, amen, Lord Jesus Christ supply us daily with Your mind thru all this chaos

  2. London says:

    Love this one.

  3. erunner says:

    Yesterday I spent a long time with a former pastor. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other. He’s waiting for a kidney transplant as his diabetes has taken a tough toll on him. We had a nice time visiting.

    He showed interest in the green smoothies I’m not making to help my diabetes and general health so I sent him what I know this a.m. He then responded stating he thought it would be a good thing if Belinda and I came back to his church. This is the pastor who I had a falling out with because of some very harsh things he shared with me re my panic disorder.

    The reality for us is we’ve not been able to plug into a church since we left his. He asked me to stay the day I let him know we were no longer able to stay based on what he believed about mental illness and some personal stuff he stated about me.

    The thought hasn’t crossed my radar since we left. He stated he felt led to tell me this prior to me showing up yesterday. I have learned to never think I’ve got things down perfectly so I’m now wondering…… of course there would have to be a huge heart to heart before I could consider going back. I really would benefit from some perspectives from folks here. Thank you.

  4. Bob Sweat says:


    I remember our conversations on the phone when this happened several years ago. What I told you then would still hold today unless this pastor has a true change of heart regarding mental health issues.

    Please be careful!

  5. from this corner says:

    have to say amen to #4 – praying with

  6. erunner says:

    Bob, The last thing on my mind was ever going back there. If his views haven’t changed then the conversation ends immediately. As I left him in the restaurant years ago when I told him we were leaving the church he told me at that moment his church was the best place for me. Thanks Bob.

  7. Steve Wright says:

    E – just curious. Did you guys bump into each other randomly or did one of you seek the other out yesterday?

  8. erunner says:

    Steve, After we left the church I sought him out to ask forgiveness of him as my thoughts towards him were becoming ugly. I recently contacted him and we got together yesterday. This morning he responded to the stuff I sent him regarding green smoothies and he closed by asking us about coming back. I responded and explained how hurtful our parting was based on comments he made about me and if his views haven’t changed I couldn’t even consider his offer. He just responded saying he no longer makes statements as he did then as he’s not qualified so he leaves it to the experts.

  9. jlo says:

    E, praying. Caution would seem to be the word for today, first thing that popped into my head when reading your number 3. Second thing that popped into my head, was perhaps he is experiencing some depression due to his health issues.

  10. Bob Sweat says:


    Please delete my #10. I will repost.

  11. Bob Sweat says:

    Trying once more!

    Two things. Not making statements anymore does not mean his opinion is any different. Second, what he said to you before was hurtful and wrong. IMO, he needs to own that.

  12. erunner says:

    Thank you jlo. I am being very cautious and will need to speak with my wife.

    Bob, if he considers the experts to be CC folks then that would present a huge problem. I believe he apologized but I am not sure. Brains a bit fuzzy!

  13. Steve Wright says:

    E – I believe there are certain mental health conditions that are physical and thus a physical remedy (like prescription drugs) is the proper and only real treatment.

    I’m sure you agree.

    Seems like a simple point-blank statement to ask him as well. Yes or no.

    Not that we don’t pray, just like I would pray for someone receiving chemo.But issues of sin, spiritual maturity or whatever are not the INITIAL focus.

    I always ask someone when they start talking about depression or other issues (from a spiritual perspective) “When was your last doctor’s physical”

    And since I’m not a doctor, I don’t go much further than to advise they go get checked out if it has been awhile. THEN come back and talk to me.

  14. sarahkwolfe says:

    E…praying for you along with the others. Praying for peace especially.

  15. ( |o )====::: says:

    “He stated he felt led to tell me this prior to me showing up yesterday.”
    My, how convenient for him.

    When someone is callous toward you then suddenly plays the “I felt led” card, best to either run the other way or know you’re in for some class A manipulation if you pick back up on that relationship. If the guy has to say, “I was thinking” by using Christianese it’s a big clue that he will lay it on thick and keep on ’til he gets his way with you.

    Sorry to be so cynical but I would encourage you to press on and discover better quality relationships. You deserve better.

  16. covered says:

    E, I’m very curious as to if you two prayed together yesterday? If you did, who initiated that prayer? Also, not speaking one’s mind is usually not an apology or a change of mind, it’s just a bit of maturity and self control.

  17. erunner says:

    Steve, The topic of mental health is in such disarray as it pertains to the church here in the USA. Sadly many churches are still in the dark ages refusing to accept what science has clearly proven to be true through studies of the brain. So mental illness for the most part is seen as a failing. Thankfully many in the church understand there are times when medication and/or professional counseling is necessary. Simply asking about a doctor’s visit can be invaluable especially if there’s an underlying physical component at play.

    Thank you sarah!

    grendal, the word he used was “impressed” as opposed to “led.” We had re-established our friendship some time ago but his illness and the fact he was overseas for a time interrupted things. I admit I am bad when it comes to reading people. I tend to believe what comes from a person’s mouth at the wrong times. Yet I believe that God may be up to something I have no clue about and that is what keeps me from keeping a door shut for good.

    covered, No, we didn’t pray. His wife came home and needed help bringing things into the house so I told him it was time for me to go. I’m not quite sure what you mean by your last sentence. If you return maybe you could elaborate for me. Thank you.

  18. jlo says:

    A bit of praise and prayer. I accepted a job offer today doing admin work for a major company in the logistics field. The pay is by no means adequate, but the benefits are outstanding.

    So instead of being unemployed, now I’m underemployed, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

  19. from this corner says:

    prayer request and, perhaps a praise also …
    i finally have two offers on my house to consider now – one from an elderly woman, who is just coming off of the ordeal of losing her husband to Alzheimers and the other from a state highway patrol officer – both are way under what an appraiser doing work for the county just told me
    more than likely one or the other will come together – this is a nice house, pray with me that the Lord’s choice prevails here

    jlo benefits do help and praying you’ll move up to better wages soon

  20. covered says:

    Hi E, my comment was based on the following sentence;
    “He just responded saying he no longer makes statements as he did then as he’s not qualified so he leaves it to the experts.”

    I think that I was pointing out that this statement is not an apology and not an indication that he has had a change of heart. All this says to me is that he has learned to keep his opinions to himself. This could be exercising self control or maybe I’m missing something.

    Btw, I think that I used to live somewhere near you. I grew up in the OC and know that MLD, Steve W, Grendal and perhaps a couple other from here are from OC as well. I would love to know where you are from.

    jlo, I hope that this job is a blessing to you. I like that you see a blessing in being “underemployed” 🙂

    from this corner, congratulations!

  21. erunner says:

    covered, When he and I get together again I’ll be able to get more specific with him. Who his experts are would be a question to ask him. There’s so much more to all of this…..

    I was the person who arranged the E Fests we had for four years here in the OC. A lot of folks from the blog attended and it was always a great time. MLD and Grendal were two of those who attended. I’ve been in Buena Park for the past 25years right off the 91 freeway.

  22. covered says:

    E, thanks for the heads up. I grew up in Orange and then moved to south OC for many years. I checked out your web page. Good work E! God is using you.

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