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  1. from this corner says:

    the mode i web-browse in (Google incognito)) doesn’t seem to want to let me “like” this one, but i do … it speaks to me of how much i depend upon the immutableness of the God, Who has dispatched goodness and mercy to follow all the days of my life … His good mercies – how this self-centered, foolish woman has imposed on them and how i’ve depended on them – love draws us and grace keeps us

    unless God intervenes otherwise, my house will become another lady’s house in 3 weeks and i will move into the mountains where, for awhile i will have to drive down to the general store to access the internet – so i’ll be gone from here – i am so grateful that folks here give prayer cover to all who ask – God keep

  2. Nonnie says:

    Please pray for a friend of mine who is confined to a wheelchair, in almost constant pain, suffering kidney failure and her husband is threatening to leave her. I can’t imagine the pain she is going through in every way. She is new believer and the pastor and his wife are giving her lots of TLC and also taking time speaking with the husband (not a believer). Of course we are all praying that the Lord will do a healing work in many, many ways, in their lives. Lord have mercy.

  3. jlo says:

    Nonnie, praying for your friend.

  4. catherine says:


  5. from this corner says:

    praying here also

  6. Nene says:

    Praying for both at this moment…

  7. Nene is here! 🙂

  8. Michael says:

    from this corner,

    I will miss you much…you have my email address…

  9. Michael says:

    Nene! 🙂

  10. from this corner says:

    Michael i appreciate that so much – i have enjoyed being indulged on the Phxp, allowed to interrupt deep discussions on the threads with pontifications 😀

    but until i hand over the keys to the front door and garage remotes, there is always that chance that God will put the kibosh on this transaction … He’s done it before … it will have to be an act of God, however, as the buyer is in lust with this place (and that’s good, a local old-timer and knows she what she wants)

  11. from this corner says:

    has nene been lurking? she’s been popping into my mind this past week in all the chaos of deal closing, even

    you folk are always coming to mind and in my prayers

  12. Alex says:

    You’ll be missed FTC, I have always enjoyed your input, even when you’re not happy with me 🙂 Good to see Nonnie and prayers for her friend. Good to hear the pastor in that situation is helping.

  13. Paigemom says:

    May indeed the Lord have mercies on Nonnie’s friend…..

    Seasons of prolonged difficulties have been interrupted in my life in the last week, with showers of blessings on several levels…. things that encourage my heart & spirit.
    This thread is for both Prayers and Praise…and I would like to give Praise and many Thanks to God today for His mercies and the glimmers of brighter times in my life & answered prayers. I’m humbled and grateful. Thank You, Lord, for Your mercies.

  14. Nonnie says:

    FTC, you are so loved here. I will miss you. May God bless you in your mountain “retreat” and we will look forward to having some “cafe” chats with you now and then.

    Praying for you all here.

  15. sarahkwolfe says:

    Praying for Nonnie’s friend…and for FTC. I add my thanks for your presence here and hope that we will see you more than you might expect. Praying that the move to the mountains is the least stressful as possible.

    Nene! Good to see your name here as well!!!

  16. jlo says:

    off to work, for my first day on my new job.

  17. FTC, sure hope you’ll be able to pop in once in a while. I enjoy your pontificating. 🙂

  18. from this corner says:

    CK and all – thanks – the deal just got signed all the way around today, so it’s a done deal and i’ve got 2 1/2 weeks to pack and get out … ‘course i kinda sorta know that they can’t kick me out … but it’s doable and i will spend the week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday just thinking about what a beautiful God we have

  19. jlo says:

    God is beautiful, and ftc, you are a reflection of Him. I hope you will be able to pop in here from time to time.

  20. erunner says:

    ftc, I do hope you find a way to stay in touch. I hope your move goes smoothly and your new home will be a true sanctuary for you.

    jlo, I’m so happy for you. Hope your new job works out perfectly.

  21. from this corner says:

    somebody’s praying 😀 monsters pop up and disappear – does feel a little bit like Disneyland right now … i am definitely too old for Disneyland …

    e, my “sanctuary” will be the land of cougars and bears and wolves (yes, got pictures) and marauding deer and maniacal deer hunters and their “target practice” and an occasional moose – but it will be a true sanctuary of river and trees and sky none-the-less

    thank you all for thots and prayers – bacatcha

  22. j2theperson says:

    I guess I have a prayer request. My husband’s health, as always, is very crappy. He can’t work right now. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to work in any sort of consistent way. He feels like crap. And I’m very stressed out, but I can’t even really talk about stuff to anybody because my best friend lives in Missouri, but my husband is home all the time so I don’t have any privacy to talk to her.

  23. Reuben says:

    Will do J2

  24. from this corner says:

    j2, praying … ask any woman who’s husband has retired, they definitely become something that interrupts the routine in unexpected ways … hope baby is thriving – you’ll be on my list from here at prayer time

  25. jlo says:

    praying J2

  26. j2theperson says:

    The baby is doing well, but I’m worried I’m not focusing on her enough because I’m taking classes so I can get some credentials and get a job so I can take care of all of us. I really wanted to only take 2 classes next semester instead of 3, but given how bad my husband is I’m thinking I’m probably going to have to take 3. I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure he would even be able to take care of her the way he is right now, and he would prefer to be working than to be a stay and home dad, just like I would rather take care of her than work. But, I’m feeling more and more like I’m going to have to go get a job so we have enough money.

  27. from this corner says:

    j2, i hope you can keep this prayer thread in the loop as you face what life is throwing at you now – i’ve only got a few more days connected to the internet, but your family will be on my prayer list none the less – along with many others from the Phxp – i’ll have lots of time as i can’t do any writing without my internet searches (love to think of your little girl someday reading the book that her mommy wrote and illustrated waay back before she was born)
    God keep

  28. jlo says:

    Praise, long week learning new things on the job, tired but in a good way.

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