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12 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    Now I don’t know how anyone could read that prayer and think that Manning is not now in the presence of Lord Jesus.
    What a beautiful prayer. I say “Amen! Yes, Lord! me too!”

  2. david sloane says:

    AMEN so let it be.

    Spiritual Reality.
    Trust Worthy.

    Qualities and attributes that are so lacking in our leadership these days.

  3. Lutheran says:

    I agree, Nonnie. What a wonderful prayer.

    Doesn’t really matter what any of us think anyway. God in Christ has the Final Word!

  4. Bob Sweat says:

    Beautiful prayer, thank you for posting it!

  5. Good morning Phx Friends,
    Please pray for me. I’ve taken the morning off and am going to try and get an appointment with my pain specialist. Everything from my temples to my toes, especially my left knee, is killing me, and I’m exhausted. Thanks

  6. Michael says:

    Praying for you, my friend.

  7. Linnea says:

    Praying, CK…. I’m so sorry you’re in pain.

    Could you keep my father, who’s now had a couple mini-strokes in your prayers and is still recovering from surgery? Please pray for my parents’ salvation as well. Thanks 🙂

  8. jlo says:

    praying Kevin

  9. John Duncan DNW says:

    This is really humiliating to be is such need and to have to resort to begging for help. But I have no choice. Then I have to be demanding about that help I get. This is not an easy thing to do

    The cardiologist made it pretty clear that I need to have surgery on my heart to put in a defibrillator pace maker. I will be laid up for 6 weeks. I will need help myself at first. I guess if I want to keep living much longer I need to do this, the surgery itself is not bad, but they do have to cut and create a space for the device to go, the healing has to complete before I can resume any lifting, at first they don’t even want to get out of bed without help. The danger is the device getting torn out of place and wires torn loose or breaking resulting in major surgery to fix, so minor surgery can turn into a major surgery and a much longer recovery time etc etc , which would mean doing the whole thing over again. So I cannot be left alone with Debbie at all. I need someone here 24/7

    Please think this through and be sure you can do it. If people bail out after they commit then I’ve had it. I need whoever does this to be totally committed.

    If possible I need someone trained to care for Debbie 24. It takes time to train someone to care for Debbie. In this case you would need to commit to a couple of days training to take her to the bathroom and get her whatever she needs. Most nights Debbie gets to bed about midnight then sleeps through the night. So most of your time spent her is just in case. I cannot be alone with her at all for at least 6 weeks. It would be really easy on all involved if one or two people could just stop their lives and help me, but reality means I need enough people to spend the whole night and Sat and Sun day and night. If I can’t line up help I will have to cancel surgery any women even if you offered in the past I need to hear from you so if you can do all night a few nights or Saturday or Sunday let me know. Be sure you can follow through my life will depend on you keeping your commitment… Please if you are going to help you need to start training now .. Message me with your phone number if u can help or text me at 951-805-7455

    I have daytime help 40 hours a week right now. Monday — Friday days but that leaves the other 128 hours a week. Who ever is here for nights would have to help Debbie go to the bathroom and put Debbie in bed and get her food — that’s all. National average cost for home health care  $29—$50 an hour so just the night shift and weekends would cost about $23,000 I don’t have it. So it’s not an option, and as far as putting her somewhere that would cost more, so I really need help and I need a list like in the next few days in order to commit to the doctor. if they can come and get some training that would be great but if someone who has a high degree of confidence that they can transfer a small woman to the toilet.. This old tent is pretty messed up and it hurts all the time but I need to stay in this tent a while longer, my wife needs me here, and from what the doctor said if I want to stay alive I have to do this, if not my days here will be shortened

    pray – thanks — air fare is nothing compared to the agency 30+ an hour so if you are have an able body and some experience to transfer someone from a wheel chair to a toilet lets talk text 951-805-7455 or call after 10am west coast time at 951-674-4476

  10. Nonnie says:

    Praying for you and Debbie.

  11. John Duncan says:

    I’ll pay the airfare for someone who has a strong back and is confident they can learn to transfer Debbie — I know a round trip airfare to beautiful Lake Elsinore is not exactly exciting. If any takers I would need weekends and nights. you would be free a few whole days but for the most part I need someone who can sleep on our sofa or a bed made up on the floor . Please anyone ??

  12. erunner says:

    My son will finish college in about a month. He gets up at 4:a.m. and comes home after 7pm as he works and studies. Lots of stress heading down the stretch. Today while in the library they had to evacuate. Turns out a student left their backpack in the library. Our world has changed so much.

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