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  1. Please pray for my father-in-law, Al. He lives in Washington DC and had a triple bypass about 4 days ago. He is 84 years old. I do not know for sure if he is born again. He is a life-long Catholic, and from what he has said, he believes in Jesus as His Savior.

  2. Michael says:


    Will do.

  3. Michael says:

    Prayers requested…I’m about as beat up and beat down as I’ve ever been.
    That’s about all I can say.

  4. Praying for CK’s father-in-law and for Michael.

  5. jlo says:


  6. Catherine says:

    Praying for you..

  7. Michael, heading in to the throne room now.

  8. Reuben says:

    Hey folks. I destroyed my back last Thursday. Have not been able to get comfortable or sleep in a while.

  9. jlo says:

    R, praying.

  10. Lutheran says:

    Praying for Michael and Reuben

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks for the prayers…will be praying for the rest of you as well.

  12. Nonnie says:

    Praying for these requests

  13. brian says:

    I offer my prayers for all requested, I have gotten an opportunity to teach some folks in citizenship so have been studying the INS policies and requirements. I want to help these people so I spent basically the last bazillion hours looking over about 2000 pages of info to help these folks and do heartily unto the Lord for this opportunity.

  14. brian, what a great opportunity! Blessings.

  15. Reuby, and aren’t you into your 10 days off now? Praying you get to enjoy time off without the pain.

  16. crownedone1 says:

    Having read today’s article (When Doves Cry), I’d like to offer up a prayer request for the sheep & clergy at calvary chapel. May they continually work out their own salvations, in fear and trembling, no matter which way the ‘movement’ sways/splits upon Mr. Smith’s passing.

    Should the movement crash, never to sail again, may it beach on the Rock of Christ while new ships are constructed and sent forth into perilous waters.

  17. I like that prayer crownedone1.
    Praying for Reuben’s back.

  18. Just saw a report from Syria where rebels were telling Christians to convert to Islam or be beheaded.
    Pray for peace in Syria, but also pray that the Christians there will stand and endure even to the end, if it comes to that.

  19. Reuben says:

    CK, yup, on a vacation. Much needed. The pain was not overload today. We replaced our old Subaru in a short time period. Not too much chair sitting. Short work on the papers. I appreciate the prayers. My job is almost all physical. No back, no bucks.

  20. Folks, please pray for a girl named Katie-Beth. She is in Girl Scout’s with my daughters. Last night, she passed out at a school function, and when she came to, she said her arms and legs felt heavy. Her mother took her to the ER, but they released her when things seemed stable. This morning, Katie is running a fever and her mom hasn’t been able to get it below 102 for several hours. Back to the doctor. Needless to say, the mom is pretty frantic.

  21. Reuben says:

    Thanks for prayers for my back. It is feeling 100% better.

    New request, the city I work in (Boulder CO) is being destroyed by floods. I am on vacation, but I would not be able to get there if I was on call. Most roads have been closed. Some have been washed out. Deaths have been reported. Watching the news this morning, surreal. 🙁

  22. Reuben says:

    Just heard from one of my buildings, boiler systems in basements are under 7 feet of water. A total loss.

  23. London says:

    I have family in Boulder County 🙁

    This weekend I’m volunteering at NM Mission of Mercy. A HUGE dental clinic that lasts 3 days.
    There are already people lined up for treatment that starts at 5am.
    There’s a pretty good chance of rain.
    There’s thousands of people involved
    Please keep everyone prayed.

  24. Michael says:


    Praying for you and Reuben.

  25. London says:

    It’s raining so hard now it will likely flood.
    Flooded two days ago and people here are saying its worse today.

  26. Reuben says:

    National Weather Service just issued warnings using the term “rainfall and flooding of biblical proportions”

    We are in serious trouble here. Entire cities shut off, or cut in half by rivers, neighboring areas in need of rescue, cannot get national guard into areas, total catastrophic event.

  27. Chile says:

    Good to see you are on high ground, Reuben. This is unreal! I have people stuck up in Estes, they just watched a building on their land float away. We were just in Lyons last weekend, and the TV footage shows where we were is under feet of water. I-225, 34, 36, 7 and more are all closed. Major thoroughfares through Denver are closed. Stay high, Reuben! (I suppose I should qualify that since we are in Colorado.) 😉

  28. Chile says:

    We have the Coast Guard here in a land-locked state! Praying for wisdom and safety as it is supposed to rain much more this evening.

  29. London says:

    Wow Reuben.
    Stay safe!
    Have you heard anything about the Longmont area?

  30. Reuben says:

    Hey Chile,

    Glad to hear you are ok.

    Just got an update from the county. Lyons, Estes, Jamestown, half of Longmont, total isolation. We cant leave our area, unless we go further east. Almost every road is closed. Aurora is getting pounded. Boulder is still in end of the world mode. What a mess.

  31. Chile says:

    Longmont is seriously flooded. National Guard is there now. Any area east of the canyons flowing down from flooded Estes Park are in danger of the wall of water that comes down. Last report the wall was 20 feet high.

  32. Reuben says:

    Longmont has been cut in half by Left Hand and St Vrain. There is zero travel north to south in Longmont. Areas are being fragmented like that everywhere.

  33. Chile says:

    Hi Reuben! I saw people being rescued by rubber boats from neighborhoods and thought of you immediately. Good to know you are fine. We are on high ground, no danger. But Tech Center flooded, I-225 closed, Peoria closed, Aurora pounded, major intersections with a foot of water … and of course the firemen whose truck washed away in Jamestown are stuck on a high point they climbed to. Castle Rock is flooded, and of course the fire areas are really bad. I think I heard that Manitou lost another person in a slide? Did you see the foot of water running down Mainstreet in Estes? All the stores are flooded.

  34. Xenia says:

    Any body know how conditions are in Colorado Springs?

  35. Chile says:

    Reuben, did you see the CU students were tubing down the rapids over the steps of their campus? The police been chasing them out not only because of the danger, but because the water has sewage in it now.

  36. Praying for Katie Beth, CK.
    Praying for all those in CO.

  37. Chile says:

    Springs has flooding, but they have a lot more high points. But ever since the two big fires, those areas (Manitou Springs and Black Forest) have severe mud slides with every rain that are taking out buildings and have killed a few people. We aren’t hearing much about it on TV right now, though. Right now, the highways that are still open are really backing up and they are focusing on that.

  38. Chile says:

    Schools in Denver are closing.

    Reuben, the water in Left Hand Creek in Lyons is now 15 feet higher than normal.

    Wow, just Wow!

  39. Chile says:

    Xenia, all roads to Manitou Springs are cut off. I think you might be more interested in the Black Forest, Monument area, but I don’t see any info on it, yet.

  40. Chile says:

    Thanks for the prayers, Derek, on behalf of all those in the way of the water.

  41. Reuben says:

    I put up a thread. Updates for those effected appreciated.

  42. London says:

    My family is in Longmont area
    Thanks for updates.

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