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  1. erunner says:

    I shared this past week that my cousin had been in contact with me concerned about his salvation. I thought we had productive conversations and I moved into his practical side of life. He’s pretty much destitute and I let him know I’d call my brother -in-law who is a pastor to see if they had a place for them in their mens home. He seemed excited and said he’d call back that evening. Four days later and no word from him. Not sure what to think but my BIL let me know there’s a place for him if he needs it in the future.

    Today my mother visited and as she was getting ready to leave couldn’t find her car keys. I went with her outside and she had left them in the ignition with the car running. This is the second time I know of this happening and suspect it’s happened without her telling me. Someone told me about the other time. My mother has early dementia which her mother and aunt died from in the midst of the advanced stages.

    My wife will be having elbow replacement surgery I suspect in May.

    If you would please pray for my cousin John, my wife, and my mother.

    Thank you.

  2. EricL says:

    Praying for you erunner. My father suffered from some dementia in his last few years- tough stuff. Also praying for wisdom for you and your wife on when to have the talk with Mom about no longer driving. Its not fun when we as children have to switch roles and start being the “parent” to our parents.

  3. Sarah says:

    E…praying for you.

    Sorry that I was off last week and did not get the prayer requests up. We have been swamped and I am feeling more than slightly overwhelmed. Trying to figure out the right balance of time. I play Tetris to think…I can focus while I play and plan the week in my head and I only have until the energy runs out 😉 We have another month with sports practices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and two games every Saturday. Church on Sunday mornings and youth group in the afternoon and Home Groups every other Wednesday. It is an insane season and I am thankful for the hecticness and that it is short…and that we do nothing for summer.

    Thanks for letting me vent…and now I’ll update the prayer list! Back in a minute!

  4. Sarah says:

    Prayer Requests: April 1-5

    Erunner’s Cousin John He contacted Erunner concerned about his salvation, and E talked with him. He also is in need of practical physical help. E thought he had a good conversation with him about his spiritual state, and talked with E’s brother-in-law, a pastor, about setting up a place for John to stay. John has not contacted E again, but a place is ready for him. Pray that John will follow up, and that the conversation they had will bear fruit.

    Erunner’s Mom She is beginning to show more signs of her dementia. Continue to pray for Erunner and his family as they deal with her progression in this (her mother and aunt both died in advanced stages of dementia). Pray for wisdom and grace and mercy, and pray for his mother as she is at this terribly difficult stage of knowing that she is slipping into this loss of her mental abilities.

    Erunner’s Wife Belinda She is having elbow replacement surgery, most likely in May.

    Michael Needs a job and income. Now.

    J2thePerson In the process of filing their disability application online and hoping to have it expedited…if it is not, there is a 5-6 month wait. They have a great case worker, so praying she is able to help them and have this done quickly.

    Chile Continue praying for their family member who was given just two years to live.

    Ryan Prayers for him as he is dealing with loneliness and a desire for true friendship.

    Derek Be praying for his friend Dennis who served two tours with Derek and is possibly PTSD, continued prayers for mercy for this man.

    London Continue praying for her eyes.

    Sarah’s Nephew-in-Law Blake Serving 9 months in Afghanistan. Pray for safety.

    Pastor Saeed FREEDOM

  5. erunner says:

    Thank you Eric and Sarah. Praying for those who are listed.

  6. jlo says:

    tough stuff E, praying

  7. Praying for you E and the list.

  8. Ryan Ashton says:

    Thank you, guys! Praying as well…

  9. Erunner,

    You are going to have to take away her freedom to drive eventually. A hard choice but one you will one day have to make.

    We had to do it for my mom. The day might come when she forgets a red light is the indicator to stop. Or she may get lost and drive to Mexico or some other far off place. It happens.

    My father in law, before he passed on from dementia, went to a baseball game, where he had locked his car with the keys in it and the engine running. When he came back from the game he could not get in his car.

  10. Nonnie says:


  11. j2theperson says:

    David is right. My grandmother had dementia. She was prone to wandering, and absolutely would have used her car to wander if my parents had not taken it away. Even before her dementia got bad you could definitely see her driving abilities decline. She had a habit of never fully stopping at red lights, but just kind of rolling slowly into the intersection, believing that the light was just about to turn green. It was dangerous. I believe it was a good thing that my parents took her car away from her before her dementia became severe.

  12. erunner says:

    Thank you David and j2. I know that day is coming and I’m not looking forward to it. Driving is the last bit of independence a senior has and I know my mother will take it terribly when the day comes. She’s gone as far to tell me life wouldn’t be worth living if she can’t drive. I always envisioned old age as a reward for the life you had lived raising your kids and so on. Sadly that isn’t always the case.

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