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  1. brian says:

    “Tammy Faye took her make up and ran.” No she did not run, she stayed and reached out to those in pain, she also died of that horrid disease cancer. She did not run, she walked the talk. I put this here so we remember as the vultures circle and the power grabs come with Mr. Coy’s “fall”. Tammy Faye had more guts in her little finger then many of those “men of God” ™ have in their whole body. My prayer well I dont have one. Just God help us.

  2. Dusty says:

    Praying for you today big brother.

  3. jtk says:

    I appreciate you all here.

    I usually am just preaching to the lost….but I preaching today.

    I’d appreciate any prayers this morning and beyond.

    A basic salvation message….and how others can preach a basic salvation message.

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dusty.
    Go get ’em jtk…

  5. Scott says:

    The scriptures exhort us to remember. Remember who the Lord is, remember what the Lord has done and to remember what the Lord has promised he will do.

    I have found myself in a phase of life where I’m looking back and remembering who the Lord is as revealed in scripture.

    The mighty acts he has performed in creation, his purpose of fellowship with those he has created in his image and likeness. His promise of redemption in spite mankind’s sin and failures and the outworking of that redemptive mystery throughout history and culminating in Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection.

    These realities give me hope, purpose and proper perspective of just how intricately God has been involved with and in what I have viewed as my own puny and insignificant life at times.

    Remembering the Lord my God by looking back through the lens of faith has convinced me that no matter what I have done through my own sin, poor choices and neglect, no matter what others have done to and against me to cause me harm, God has been at work the whole time reconciling all these things to himself.

    Because of these things, I know that I can trust my present circumstances and future, by faith not in myself, but into his hands, and that he will cause all things to work together for good through Christ Jesus our Lord unto the day of his appearing.

  6. jlo says:

    Praying for Bob Sweat, you are an honorable man. Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. Scott says:

    Since this is a prayer & praise thread, I want to again express my gratitude to the Lord for giving me the desire, will and direction to be connected to a local church after being out on the road for the past several years.

    I am so blessed to be reconnected to the Lord’s church in this way. The people are beautiful, the Spirit is present in word and worship. I have been so encouraged and refreshed. Thank you, Lord!

  8. jtk says:

    This whole church idea seems to be a purty good one……

  9. Daughter of the Most High says:

    Jackie – Hi. When did you visit this church to make such an assessment? See I travel one hour to visit this Bible based church because near me are mosques, catholic churches and seeker friendly churches and false churches. Please tell me what options I have? Can you pray for him and his family? Did the Holy Spirit counsel you on this blog?

  10. If you can pray for one of my vehicles.
    My wife’s car started having problems with something in the electrical system and I don’t have the cash to get it fixed and actually after researching the problem on the internet, it looks like many people have sunk a lot of money in to the same problem with no results. This car is a lemon.
    I am letting my wife use my car right now. I have less of a distance to work.

  11. Michael says:

    Praying, Derek…

  12. Gary says:

    When I’m in a group with my Christian friends and we pray I want to ask for prayer for my situation but the needs and prayers of others seem so much more serious, more important, and I keep silent. People are dying or hurting. So I just take my little situation to the Lord. Can I ask you all to ask the Lord to guide my wife and I? I had 3 part time jobs up until 2 weeks ago. On the same day I was let go from one of my jobs (the one that paid the most) I was also told by my landlord that he had sold our house and we would have to move. He’s a nice guy and he felt bad about having to sell but he is co owner and his sister forced the sale. When we moved here 2 years ago I did my best to save for the move and have something left over to get my wife a house warming gift. She hated moving and I wanted to soften the blow. I ran out of money. Well, it looks like it’s happening again. I’m making less than I was 2 years ago but I’m still doing my best to save some money. I’m ready to just drive away. Or walk. I know I won’t but every day is a battle. Thanks.

    What I remember about Tammy Faye was that she remarried a few years after the scandal and was back on TV. Maybe I should’ve said she took her make up and IT ran. But this is the prayer and praise thread…

    ps I don’t regret getting let go. I worked for this man for over 11 years and he was hard to work for.

  13. Praying, Gary

  14. Please Note says:

    Praying for the petitions listed…

    Especially praying for Michael today…

    Prayers & shout out to Dusty!

    Praying for Scott, Esco, glad you got plugged-in again…

  15. Scott says:

    PN, thank you! We’ll have to catch up some time.

  16. BTW Gary, that kind of stuff can really be a drain on your spirits. I know ’cause I have the t-shirt.
    Make sure to mention it in your group.

  17. Gary says:

    Thanks Derek.

  18. dusty says:

    Laura Scott, your request showed up on my phone but I can’t find it on the blog….YES I will be praying. ((((hugs)))) sis

  19. dusty says:

    Praying for the Coy family and the CCFTL attendees.

  20. Dusty says:

    Father God, be with us this day and help us to remember your Son. Help us to choose our words wisely and yet boldly gentle as lambs. for you told us “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and … Therefore be as shrewd as serpents and as harmless as doves.

  21. Sarah says:

    Hey all…I am so sorry that I have not updated the list before today. I told Michael offline I’ve been praying for him..but we’ve had some things going on here that have kept me slightly overwhelmed. Our church family had a suicide, a son who murdered his father and our former church family had a beautiful young mother pass away from the flu and sudden toxic shock syndrome…leaving behind a 2 year old and 9 month old. This was all last week. We also have some friends with a newborn in NICU, and our Baby Ted, for those who remember my nephew is going in to have his tonsils taken out this morning (which is a slightly more serious issue for a Down’s child…just any surgery is). Whew. So…I apologize for the delay in bringing the prayer request list back up-to-date and participating around here this week!

    Prayer Requests: April 7-12

    CCFTL, Coy Family Pray for all involved in this situation. There is so much tied up in this, so many who are hurting, so many who are in need of prayer. Hard to summarize on this list…pray for mercy, for grace, for redemption, for courage and for Gospel. For Bob to walk in the Truth that he has taught and for Gospel to walked out before us.

    Paigemom’s Daughter and Son-in-law Eric and Sarah S. “My son in law has been out of work for months. He is a sweet, faith filled, hard worker with many skills and education. He is also struggling with depression and severe self doubt. My daughter works part time. Both are ‘hanging in there’ by faith, but both are weary and wonder if they have been ‘cut off’ from God’s care. Eric and Sarah S.”

    Derek Car trouble! Pray for a solution to his wife’s car issues, with the least amount of expense.

    Gary He has been let go from one of his jobs, which provided the most finances, and has also found out he has to move. Please pray for a solid job opportunity and something to come quickly for housing. Also, just for some encouragement during this frustrating time.

    Scott Praise for all that God has done and prayer during this time of transition.

    Erunner’s Cousin John He contacted Erunner concerned about his salvation, and E talked with him. He also is in need of practical physical help. E thought he had a good conversation with him about his spiritual state, and talked with E’s brother-in-law, a pastor, about setting up a place for John to stay. John has not contacted E again, but a place is ready for him. Pray that John will follow up, and that the conversation they had will bear fruit.

    Erunner’s Mom She is beginning to show more signs of her dementia. Continue to pray for Erunner and his family as they deal with her progression in this (her mother and aunt both died in advanced stages of dementia). Pray for wisdom and grace and mercy, and pray for his mother as she is at this terribly difficult stage of knowing that she is slipping into this loss of her mental abilities.

    Erunner’s Wife Belinda She is having elbow replacement surgery, most likely in May.

    Michael Needs a job and income. Now.

    J2thePerson In the process of filing their disability application online and hoping to have it expedited…if it is not, there is a 5-6 month wait. They have a great case worker, so praying she is able to help them and have this done quickly.

    Chile Continue praying for their family member who was given just two years to live.

    Ryan Prayers for him as he is dealing with loneliness and a desire for true friendship.

    Derek Be praying for his friend Dennis who served two tours with Derek and is possibly PTSD, continued prayers for mercy for this man.

    London Continue praying for her eyes.

    Sarah’s Nephew-in-Law Blake Serving 9 months in Afghanistan. Pray for safety.

    Pastor Saeed FREEDOM

  22. Michael says:

    Thank you, Sarah!
    Praying with and for you as you navigate all those matters.

    I have a job interview tomorrow…

  23. sarahkwolfe says:

    Praying for that interview, Michael!!

  24. Paigemom says:

    Praying for the interview!!! My son in law has been out of work for months. He is a sweet, faith filled, hard worker with many skills and education. He is also struggling with depression and severe self doubt. My daughter works part time. Both are ‘hanging in there’ by faith, but both are weary and wonder if they have been ‘cut off’ from God’s care. Eric and Sarah S.

  25. Michael says:

    Thank you, Paigemom!
    We’ll keep your family in our prayers as well.

  26. Praying for your interview!

  27. Sarah says:

    Praying for your interview today, Michael.

  28. Sarah says:

    Paige…praying for your kiddos, and adding them to the list.

  29. Michael says:

    Final interview Saturday @ 4

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