Praying For The Lusko Family

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13 Responses

  1. erunner says:

    I join in prayer for the Lusko’s. What they have experienced is heartbreaking. May God hold and keep them during this painful time.

  2. brian says:

    My deepest sympathies to all the family. May God be with you all.

  3. Chile says:

    My heart goes out to the family. No words are sufficient.

  4. nomans says:

    Oh no… No words. Praying now.

  5. Em says:


  6. Sarah says:

    Father God. The news of this struck me today as almost too much. Maybe, though, through this grief that we have witnessed and joined over the past week, we get a glimpse of just how broken is our world.

    Not broken in the sense of an explanation of why bad things happen. Not broken so that our sin shows through sometimes and we recognize our need for You…but so deeply wounded by the mark of sin. So deeply broken.

    Little Lenya was not taken by some evil that has a face and we can lash out against…she was taken simply by this deep brokenness that we bear. This marred creation that aches and groans with each sorrow.

    This is not how it should be. Our hearts are weary when they should be light with celebration of Your coming.

    Maybe, though, we should not be merry and light. Maybe the reality of Your coming should be celebrated with more sobriety as we realize how deep, how unquenchable by anything but You, is our need. How overwhelming our brokenness.

    Father…make new, we beg You. Heal these hearts that are so filled with sorrow this season. The hearts of the Luskos….Lord, bind up their hearts. May Your Spirit truly be their Comforter in this season where there is no logic and when their faith must be shouting against the reality in their presence of a missing little image bearer.

    Father…weep with them and be present. Be gracious in this moment and be Incarnate to them in their deep brokenness at this moment. Protect them, Father, with the space and the ability to grieve. Be Incarnate with them through the hands and feet and words and embraces and tears of those who are near them.

    Father, we need You and the sorrows that we hear seemingly moment by moment remind us. The mar of sin on our world and our hearts and in our presence is so deep…may Your redemption and the reality of Advent minister this season. Somehow, beyond our words may You hear the ache of our hearts…be with this family. Be with those in CT, be with the many who are nameless but bear great suffering and sorrow tonight as well.

    Be present. Incarnate. Gracious and merciful and present.

  7. Michael says:

    Amen and amen…

  8. jlo says:


  9. Paigemom says:

    Heart breaking……life’s worst…… adding my prayers.

  10. Nonnie says:

    Whispered prayers here for the Lusko family.

  11. Worst news you could hear…

  12. His Kid says:

    Agreeing with Sarah…and praying…

  13. Papias says:

    Prayers for the Lusko family during this time.

    Father be near.

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