Scholarship: Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD

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  1. Michael says:

    Reading good scholarship is work.
    We are in an age when one can grasp just enough from internet sources to pass as someone with real knowledge…and I think we’ll suffer for this shallow approach for a long time to come.

  2. Josh the Baptist says:

    Not everyone can read scholarly work. It is beyond the grasp of many…depending on the subject, it is beyond the grasp of most. Everyone can understand a picture with a few snarky words attached.

    I think there is a call for some scholars to learn how to communicate in meme language.

  3. Duane Arnold says:


    Check out John Romer and Diarmaid MacCulloch… there is good scholarship out there and it is increasingly accessible.

  4. Duane Arnold says:


    Back in the day when I was teaching, I had the “Three question rule”… that is, with three questions you could almost always discover how much someone actually knew.

  5. Josh the Baptist says:

    Awesome! The history videos look amazing! Can’t wait to dig in.

  6. Duane Arnold says:

    Additional for Church History is John Romer’s ‘Byzantium, The Lost Empire’…

  7. Captain Kevin says:

    Wikipedia is my go-to site for scholarly work. 🤪

  8. Duane Arnold says:


    Oh my….😩

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    I’ve heard that many people that post to Facebook have done their research…


    Ok, but seriously now…

    In my field of work (Meteorology), scientific journals articles can be a real bear to read through. Peer-reviewed articles of course. Most of the articles are heavily infused with mathematics and statistics, even well above my pay grade despite having taken some advanced mathematical courses.

  10. Duane Arnold says:


    Peer reviewed articles are a bear to read… and even worse to write! Nonetheless, there have always been a cadre of folk who span the gap between “popular” and “scholarly”. NT Wright is one, Raymond Brown is another, as are Romer and MacCulloch. It’s worth seeking out these folk. They have much to offer…

  11. Dan from Georgia says:

    Thanks Duane! They are a bear. I was looking for a specific word when I was typing the post above but couldn’t think of it at that time: trudge.

    I have some Monographs also (collections of scholarly articles about a specific topic) and I remember one that I trudged through was in regards to severe thunderstorms in the tropics, and it was over 100 pages long. Took quite a while to go through that one. I try to get some take-aways from these articles that I can apply in my job.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  12. Duane Arnold says:

    Another documentary recommendation by Adam Nicolson, author of God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible,

  13. Shawn says:

    One of my favorite authors is Martin Hengel. His book on crucifixion is invaluable. Many of the pages contain more footnotes than actual text. He does a wonderful job bridging the gap between scholarship and practicality, still probably too Scholastic for most folks, but at 80 pages it is a manageable read for something that will illuminate the historical, cultural, and political aspects of this subject. When he uses Latin, Greek, German texts and more he always provides an English translation which helps accessibility for people like me.

    Needless to say I walked away enlightened and forever changed. I think I will pick it back up as I’m probably spending too much time watching/listening to content about music and stuff to help/motivate me regarding our eBay business.

    Good article BTW. Inspired me to read something Scholastic like another book I have by Hengel.

  14. Duane Arnold says:


    Martin Hengel was a giant in the field. Very good choice!

  15. Josh the Baptist says:

    Re: Church history scholarship – a good list to begin with:

  16. Josh the Baptist says:

    Weird – I can’t post 🙂

  17. Josh the Baptist says:

    Must have been rejecting my link. I was just pointing back to a link of essentials that Duane listed on the topic of church history in 2017. It is a great place to start.

  18. Duane Arnold says:


    Many thanks! Looking at the list of “essentials” I would agree, a great place to start…

  19. Duane Arnold says:

    As we mentioned him above, here is an interview with Martin Hengel on the historical value of the four Gospels…

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