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  1. “If you do not have the freedom to be an ass, then you don’t have the freedom to be a saint either.”

    au contraire, you have freedom, and the free market will determine the outcome

  2. em says:


    the rainbow hijack – does it offend God? i wonder

  3. London says:

    This is a well written piece of op-Ed.

  4. JoelG says:

    Thank you for a thoughtful post. I’m a Seahawks fan and I’m offended by Seahawks fans (band wagoners).

  5. Pineapple Head says:

    I too have just 2 symbols on my truck. The logo of the Utah Jazz and the mountain goat logo for

  6. Andrew says:

    Not sure how or why the homosexual community choose the rainbow for their symbol but it doesn’t change a thing for me. I love the symbol and every time I see it I am reminded that God has promised to never destroy the Earth by a flood again. This is good news even for the homosexual community. In other words they can’t hijack they symbol even if they wanted to.

  7. Laura Scott says:

    Rock on, Michael. Rock on.

    This Rams-loving Mac-using sister in the faith rejoices at your freedom to be offended.

    Long may we enjoy it in the arms of our Savior.

  8. em says:

    i missed most of the eulogy that President Obama just gave for Pinkney and the Charleston martyrs … it was worth hearing him sing a bit of “Amazing Grace,” confessing that he is, like the rest of us, a wretch in need of saving… that is what is going to be lost to the national mentality as a whole with rulings such as the U.S. Supreme Court made today… IMHO

    good, good comments on this thread… really food for thinking on

  9. em says:

    Laura, those aren’t the real Rams… the real Rams played in the L.A. Colosseum (Tom Fears, Elroy Hirsch, Bob Waterfield, Deacon Dan Towler, Glenn Davis, Norm Van Brocklin…) – then the uniforms went to St. Louis 🙂 (but i love my iMacs, too)

  10. Pamela Kulwiec says:

    With a nod to Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride, “You keep using that rainbow. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  11. Paul A. Lytton says:

    I concede to the fact that the latest Supreme Court decision is not the first time such a worldly defiance of God’s ways has happened. But it no doubt adds too the previous atrocities. Remember there were many after the first, but there will also be a last straw that breaks the camels back. Therefore I personally will not rely on the end to not come, just because such things (and worse) have happened in the past. Consider the happenings which have been in-between the first and last to be the method of deceiving you and unknowingly accept the arrival of the final doom.

  12. Laura Scott says:


    I would put the Youngbloods, John Cappelletti, and Rosie Grier in that list too. I did not see any of the gentlemen you mentioned play but my Dad sure did. I came by my Rams-mania honestly. 🙂

  13. Linnea says:

    MIchael…I couldn’t help thinking about Orwell’s 1984:

    “Big Brother is Watching You” and “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

    Sadly, we’re firmly in the arena of doublespeak.

  14. Xenia says:

    Our country has sunk even further into darkness. It may not be the ultimate act of defiance against God before the country crashes but it is a significant act. This has been carefully orchestrated by the Evil One and while he will not ultimately win, he can wreck a lot of lives before he he reaches his own end.

    The devil doesn’t care who sleeps with who. His main interest is destroying the Church. His enemies are the Lord Jesus Christ and His people. He will lose but he will keep trying until his final defeat.

    In Russia in the year 1916 people were going about their business, buying and selling, going to parties, and the Christians were going to church. In the year 1918, all of this changed. The unthinkable happened almost over night (although there were warning signs.)

    Don’t think that can’t happen here. There is nothing special about America that will keep her immune from the catastrophes that have befallen other nations.

    Truth will eventually triumph over the Lie, even if the Lie is temporarily made into a law.

    All it takes for a culture to self-destruct is the following:

    1. The people don’t believe their culture’s religion anymore.
    2. The people mock their own traditions.
    3. The birthrate drops to below replacement level.
    4. So-called personal freedom becomes the most cherished value, surpassing concern for the rest of the people of one’s country. “Fun” b ecomes greater than responsibility for one’s countrymen.

  15. em says:

    hmm… i was just thinking about how few people – even church goers – really believe in an, all powerful and to be answered to, God today… and Xenia’s #14 reminds me that even less really believe in the Evil One… we give them lip service and then make them as relevant to the real world as the Easter Bunny is… or so it seems to me … today

  16. dusty says:

    Good thoughts big brother. ..always giving us things to ponder.

  17. dusty says:

    I wonder the same about the rainbow hijack

  18. Reuben says:

    Anyone who calls themself Christian who believes for even a split second that god is pissed over the events of this day, John 4:7-30, in its proper hostorical context, repent of your evil, and unfriend me on Facebook now.

  19. dusty says:

    How do we pray?

    In the Spirit. when we don’t know what or how to pray the Spirit guides us.

  20. dusty says:

    Hi Reuben how are you?

  21. Xenia says:

    I unfriended you long ago, Reuben.

  22. dusty says:

    Xenia hi sweet lady

  23. Xenia says:

    Hello Dusty 🙂

  24. Reuben says:

    Hi Dusty! I am a heathen now. Other than that, quite well.

  25. dusty says:

    Reuben why do you call yourself that?

  26. dusty says:

    I cant keep up with who is good and who is bad and who is truthful and who is not 🙁

  27. dusty says:

    Xenia you are good and true

  28. dusty says:

    Michael, I will have to have you tell me who is the sheep and who is wolf.

  29. dusty says:

    Talking to myself again 🙁

    I will try to keep up more. For the most part it has been good for thinking about.

  30. Xenia says:

    Dusty, I am a big talker, that’s all I am.

    But you are very kind.

  31. dusty says:

    Sleep well everyone. Still praying for you ((((hugs)))))

  32. Xenia says:

    When Dusty drops by it is like flowers in the springtime.

  33. The Dude says:

    A christian nation America is not.

  34. Muff Potter says:

    “A christian nation America is not.”

    You’re right about that one Dude, but she’s still the best act to ever hit the world stage hands down. Why do you think the downstrata of the third world risk life, limb, and everything they have to get here?

  35. Paul A. Lytton says:

    “….but she’s still the best act to ever hit the world stage hands down.”

    True, but she has decade much, even over just the last 50 years.

    “Why do you think the downstrata of the third world risk life, limb, and everything they have to get here?”

    To partake in that “best act” prior to the decay, but they brought the third world with them expecting us to accept their chosen third world ways, which had a lot to do with the last 50 year decay.

    We may still be the best act of the pile of s**t but we are stinking more rapidly.

    “A christian nation America is not” BUT a Christian nation America WAS.

  36. Jtk says:

    I blame Michael for my current mindset from today’s news….

    He kept pushing and pushing and pushing…..

    Check out these online resources, like RTS on iTunes. I’m halfway through Fortner’s Christian History.

    And came across this, from after the fall of Rome, and how the church fared (and fared well, it did):
    “CHRISTIANS were SHOCKED that God allowed pagans to take over

    CHRISTIANS had a definite and systematic scheme to care for the old, sick, orphans, widows–a type of care unknown to the Roman world!

    Christianity proves it can outlast cultures!
    –renewed vigor, the church profited, had a long series of fresh, creative movements”

    I should say CREDIT Michael for pointing me there. I don’t pretend to know what will happen, but the church will survive and THRIVE!

    Bring it on!

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