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  1. filbertz says:

    As my family and I grieve Drew’s death, we have become acutely more aware of the suffering others live with daily. There is so much hurt around us. Some have only revealed their pain since they know of ours–and trust us more so. Perhaps our posing that all is ‘fine’ is simply living dishonestly with each other and a denial of God’s healing presence.

  2. Michael says:


    Well said and true…our prayers still are with you and yours, my friend.

  3. Mr Jesperson says:

    Very good Michael, I whole heartedly agree. It is much easier to talk like we are fully trusting God in every area than to actually live that way.

  4. Josh the Baptist says:

    fil – Glad to see you here. May the healing continue to flow in your life.

  5. Ms, ODM says:

    I sense some hurt – just don’t know what the source of the pain is.

  6. AA says:

    Good reminder Michael, sometimes the old wounds though healed have the underlying pain. Though there’s not a visible injury One touched there’s that tenderness still.

    Praying for you Fil.

  7. Cash says:

    I wonder if we could all see the invisible wounds we all carry each day if we would be more compassionate and empathetic toward others. We truly have no idea what a person has suffered in their life unless of course, they wish to share it with us. That’s why it’s such a foolish thing to judge others because there are so many things we don’t know about.

    Fil, I am very sorry for your loss and you and your family are in my prayers.

  8. Em again says:

    i confess that i would love to have visited the land of the Bible… with a good teacher and a lot of time to ponder… the fact that there is an actual geographic location, actual dirt where the blood the the Lamb stained the ground – blessing and cursing meeting… i don’t know how our God views that stain – He has said that Able’s blood cried out to Him… no wonder this earth trembles from time to time

    praying for the wounds, including Miss Kitty and for the sorrows, too… thank God for His comfort and also for the loving kindness of those who love Him

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