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30 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    I love this one. Two natures, eh? Where did you come up with that? 🙂

    On a more serious note, that dog is lucky he/she didn’t lose an eye. Cats claws are lightning fast.

  2. Xenia says:

    I like dogs much better than cats.

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you, Jean.
    I read that “two natures” bit somewhere… 🙂

    Chester doesn’t claw like most cats …he goes straight to the kill.
    I’ve been known to do likewise…

  4. Michael says:


    I think most of my readers like dogs over cats.
    If I’d written three dog books I’d be retired by now…but I always have to be the rebel… 🙂

  5. AA says:

    Yep, I went on a rant to the guy who cut into the Costco gas line. Not exactly winning them for the kingdom.

  6. Xenia says:

    I told you about the time Mr. Noodles tied me to the chair?

  7. Michael says:


    LOL! 🙂

  8. JoelG says:

    I hear you AA. Sometimes I am glad I don’t have one of those Christian fish things on the back of my truck when someone cuts me off In traffic or tailgates me. Yikes.

  9. Captain Kevin says:

    I’m a dog lover, but still very much enjoy your cat stories. This one scared me. I think that might be a good thing.

  10. John 20:29 says:

    can’t pass up a comment on this… as a dog lover (of sorts), gotta say YAY for Chester!!!

    and FWIW, Michael can be somewhat excused for a short temper, can he not? He doesn’t feel too good now

  11. Captain Kevin says:

    AA and Joel, same here. No Jesus juke bumper stickers on my car.

  12. Michael says:

    John 20:29,

    I don’t feel well, but I was still a jerk when I did…thank you, though. 🙂

  13. DavidH says:

    When you have a cat in your home you have allowed a crazed killer to live in your midst. At any moment they can go into fits of rage, and do great harm. On the other hand they can be very loving in a Tsarist kind of way. They are fine and cuddly until you cross them, and then they will attempt to tear you apart.

    We had a black cat named Cosmo. Cosmo was very attached to our son, Caleb. When Caleb was about four years old a black Labrador snapped at his face. Cosmo ascended onto the back of the dog’s head and made every effort to rip the dog’s eyes out. Years later Cosmo attacked a Pit Bull, also trying to rip it’s eyes out. After the dog went screaming home, Cosmo went up to my wife and rubbed her legs, and seemingly bragged about his success against the intruder.

    By the way, I love cats.

  14. London says:

    Trey has the wisdom of a Jedi

  15. Linnea says:

    London @14…great comment!

    A great word, Michael. Rush hour traffic has been horrific around here the last few days. I find myself determined to not let someone cut me off and am emotionally invested way too much in getting home a few minutes earlier. It makes my blood pressure rise, the muttering under my breath increase, and my spirit get dampened. Why?

    We have a new puppy at our place and it didn’t take our cat, Spaz, very long to train him that she wasn’t interested in playing with him. Cats can be very efficient!

  16. Surfer51 says:

    Is it just me?

    After I read some of these cat thingys I am simply awestruck by the fact of how someone’s for real life happenings translates into such perfect messages that get behind my shields.

    I am left reading them over a few times and sort of arrested for the time being as I deeply ponder what comes across to me and how it always has life application.

    My thoughts always are, “How does he write this, it’s pure gold?”

    Michael certainly has been given a powerful gift that surpasses some of the writings of supposedly learned men in so many ways.

    There is a lot of value in each and every cat thingy that comes along here.

    I even look forward to the next one like I used to watch for the next Star Trek episode back in the day.

    So is it just me or can anyone else relate?

  17. AA says:

    Always good to have some cat theology for Friday. Something to ponder over the weekend.

  18. AA says:

    I didn’t have a sticker on my truck as I left the Costco pump, fortunately.

  19. JoelG says:

    Who can’t relate to ol’ Chester. 🙂 TGIF is the highlight of the week!

  20. Michael says:

    Surfer 51,

    You’re too kind…and even if you’re the only one it touches, it’s enough to keep the cats busy and me writing.

  21. Michael says:

    Thanks AA, thanks Joel…they both want fed right now…

  22. filbertz says:

    Those little dog-wanna-be’s are rodents in sheep clothing. Chester acquitted himself quite well in thumping the vermin’s #&*@$%%. 😉


  23. Xenia says:

    Well, my chihuahua might have saved our house from burning down. I left a pan cooking on the stove, fell asleep in a back room, and the pup came and woke me up like a regular Lassie. Kitchen was full of smoke and the pan was about to ignite.

  24. Captain Kevin says:

    Woe, Xenia, that’s remarkable!! Praise God you got to it in time!!!

  25. Surfer51 says:


    Oh man. My wife did just that the other day.

    The pan was smoking with the burner still on.

    The kitchen smoke detector went off.

    You should install one Xenia.

  26. Xenia says:

    We have one but for some reason, it didn’t go off.

  27. Xenia says:

    Actually, I remember we disconnected it because it went off whenever we lit the fireplace.

  28. Ms. ODM says:

    Your application is applicable. Love it!!

  29. Siggy the Terrible says:

    So what you’re saying is, I should let my pitbull eat the yippie dogs that crap on my lawn. 😉

    Surprisingly social animals, pitbulls…

  30. Jean says:


    I came across this gem:

    “The old creature resides, but Christ alone presides.”

    – Victor Shepherd

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