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  1. Duane Arnold says:


    Ascetic theology has always taught that we reach towards holiness through the small things. Through regular prayer, through acts of mercy, through the study of scripture and the related areas of spirituality, history and the examples of the lives of the saints, that is, those who have gone before us on the same road. Like you I am alternately outraged and saddened by much what I see in society, but I find very little of the culture warrior in either scripture or tradition…

  2. Michael says:


    As you know, it’s my nature to fight.
    I love brawling of diverse kinds.
    God is trying to change my nature…and I don’t think I’m alone…

  3. brian says:

    Even from an evolutionary perspective religious faith is a transcendent hope of our species to survive. Im a strange person when I want to increase my faith I listen to my version of the God Delusion. Well written yet stupid even from Dawkins perspective. Why do I hold to the faith, because I want to see all people restored. That is the unpardonable sin in evangelicalism and with Dawkins he could care less people do what they do. I think the second point offers far more grace. From evangelicalism I learned I should not need grace or any other help. I am an island unto my self, an individual, independent, self sufficient, alone, separate, an overcomer, perfect, I deal with it, I move on, I get over it, I, me, alone, always and for all of eternity. That is what I learned at Church. Basically God loathes anyone who actually needs Him.

    A humble suggestion, this is not good news, it never has been. I do hope for the good news.

  4. Linn says:

    This is how one bishop dealt with societal despair in the 1000s in England. I find the current culture discouraging. Yet, the Scripture calls believers to spiritual growth and positive participation in society. I have found this a good way to battle my own discouragement and to engage with those I find difficult, both in and outside of the church. I’m sure many find me difficult! But, focusing on what God wants to do within me and how to deal with others really helps my perspective.

  5. Owen says:

    Good words, Michael. Thank you for these reminders, they are often necessary.

    Something else mirrors do, at least for me – they tend to point out what’s important (read:eternal) and what’s not…..

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